Top 10 Minecraft Mods 1.19.4 (2023)

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Today, I am presenting my top 10 Minecraft mods for version 1.19. As this is my first post on the top 10 mods for 1.19, some mods that you are familiar with will definitely make it onto the list. However, the majority of the mods are ones that I have not previously showcased. I believe I have achieved a balanced mix of both types of mods. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the list. First up is…

Sodium, Iris, Rubidium, Oculus

The first mods I want to show you are Sodium, Iris, Rubidium, and Oculus. These four mods are essential for every Minecraft player, and there’s no reason not to use them. You’ll only need to use two of them at a time, depending on whether you’re using Forge or Fabric. If you’re using Fabric, you should use Sodium and Iris, and if you’re using Forge, you should use Rubidium and Oculus. By installing these mods, you’ll experience significant performance improvements in Minecraft and be able to use shaders. So unless you have compatibility issues with another mod, you should definitely install these mods.

The next mod on the list is called “Eden Ring“, which introduces a new dimension set on the rings of a massive gas giant planet, visible in the distance. This unique setting offers a range of exciting features, including new mobs, variable gravity levels, and new sky and weather effects. Made by the same creator as “Better Nether” and “Better End”, “Eden Ring” is a highly detailed mod and definitely worth checking out.

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Next up, we have the Limited Lives mod, which is an interesting mod that falls between Hardcore and regular Minecraft. With this mod, you can set the exact number of lives you have, instead of losing everything with just one death. For example, you can set it to three lives. By default, your maximum health will decrease every time you die. You can also customize the mod, so when you run out of lives, you are either temporarily or permanently finished.

Our next mod is Biomes O’ Plenty, which has been a top biomod for many years and is still one of the best options available. It adds a wide variety of new biomes to explore, making the game much more rewarding. These biomes blend seamlessly into the vanilla Minecraft experience and could easily be mistaken as part of the original game.

The next mod we have is called Dramatic Doors, and it’s a cool mod that adds three-block-tall versions of every single door in the game. This mod solves the issue in Minecraft where doors are not tall enough for some building designs. Although it’s not a massive mod, many players will appreciate it.

The next mod on our list is Sound Physics Remastered. This mod, or any similar mod, is something that I always keep installed as it greatly improves the experience of exploring caves. The difference between exploring caves with and without sound physics is like night and day. For me, personally, I always like to have this type of mod installed.

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The next mod on our list is Auditory Mod, which changes many of the sounds in Minecraft. It can replace block placing sounds and even add entirely new sounds, bringing much more diversity to the game’s audio experience. I think this mod is well-executed and improves the overall sound quality in Minecraft. To give you an idea of the difference, here’s a quick comparison between the game with and without the mod installed.

Next up, we have YDM’s Weapon Master, a mod that renders your items on your back. Although we have seen similar mods before, none have done it quite like this one. While other mods may only show a few items, this mod displays up to eight items on your character. So pretty much any tool you have in your one through eight hotbar slots will show up on your player. It’s almost overkill with how much you can see, but you can also customize it and choose exactly which slots will display that tool.

And as we near the end, we have the Fishing Overhaul mod. This mod introduces an interesting new mini-game to fishing, where instead of simply catching the fish right away, you have to time your movements just right in order to reel it in. I think this is a cool concept because it adds some difficulty to fishing and definitely spices things up a bit. And finally, the last mod I have to mention is…

the mods I wanted to share with you today. The last one on the list is the Physics Mod, which is still one of the coolest mods available for Minecraft, in my opinion. What I appreciate most about it is how customizable it is – every single setting can be toggled. You can make the mod hardly noticeable by only adding some new 3D particles, or you can have the new physics happening everywhere. This mod adds new physics in so many places – mobs will have ragdolls, blocks will shatter into bits when you break them, and so much more, especially if you get the pro version of the mod. That’s it for the mods I wanted to share with you today.

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This concludes the post, and as usual, if you have any mods that you would recommend, feel free to download any of the mods mentioned.

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