Minecraft 101; A Guide to Mastering the Craft (2024)

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Looking to conquer the unforgiving world of Minecraft? Check out our guide with Minecraft tips & tricks to optimize crafting, exploring, mining, and more!

Minecraft, the blocky survival sandbox game is still an extremely popular game to dive into, and ever since its original debut back in 2009, there’s a lot more that’s been added to the game. 

Whether you’re a Minecraft veteran or if it’s your first time diving into the Nether, there’s a lot you may not know about. So today, we’re giving you a rundown on Minecraft 101; showing you some important things to know, some Minecraft tips to optimize your experience, and more! 

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That said, let’s get straight into it!

The Night Brings Terrors, But Also Loot

One of the most important rules to follow in Minecraft is to not explore the Overworld at night. You’ll find a bunch of crazy things that are out to kill you at night. There is no shortage of Skeleton archers, zombies, creepers, and other terrifying foes! 

At first, you’re probably best off staying in a shelter and just sleeping through the night. 

This helps you avoid any of these crazed monsters trying to cut your adventure early. But on the flip side, it’s not a bad idea to venture out into the night once you’re confident enough to handle the baddies. 

Hunting down Mobs at night is a far more efficient way of getting more EXP, and finding materials like arrows, bones, web, etc. Not to mention that defeating mobs also has a chance of dropping enchanted loot like weapons and armor! 

And once you’re truly an advanced-level adventurer, you can also start hunting for rarer mobs that only spawn in the dark or at night. For example, farming for Endermen and Witches is best done at night since that’s the perfect condition for them to spawn.

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It’s worth your time to explore the Overworld at night, but you still need to remain vigilant to ensure you don’t get caught up in a bad situation and lose your EXP and loot. 

Keep Things Organized

One of the key elements of the Minecraft, as the name suggests, is crafting! But unfortunately, Minecraft crafting can be quite a tedious task if you’re not doing it efficiently. The first thing you should do is create a ‘crafting station’. 

By that, we mean to designate one space in your home purely for crafting. Keep your chests and Minecraft crafting table there, and place them in a way that’s easy to reach and access each chest and crafting table. 

The next thing you should do is pick up any and everything you find. No material in Minecraft is wasted, and there’s always a use even for the most mundane items like dirt blocks which you can use for navigation.

As you progress through the Minecraft game, you’ll end up with a lot of materials required for crafting. 

Segment each material by its type into the chests around your crafting table. 

Keep minerals, ores, and other crafting materials separately. This makes it much easier to find specific crafting materials when you need them, rather than going through every chest just to find a measly Lapiz Lazuli. 

Keep a Bucket O’ Water On Ya!

As surprising as it sounds, a bucket filled with water is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your arsenal. The most basic use of a bucket with water is to put out fires which is useful enough. 

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But pouring a bucket of water on top of lava will create obsidian blocks that you can safely walk on and traverse through the lava pool. Those are simple enough uses that give a good reason to have a bucket of water handy at all times.

However, you can also use a bucket of water to travel around. Yes, you heard that right. 

This is especially helpful when you’re trying to come down a steep height or traverse upwards. When you’re met with a fall that will most definitely kill you, use the bucket of water right before the impact to create a safe landing space. 

Alternatively, you could use the water to climb up surfaces by continuously placing and picking it up while swimming through the waterfall.

A bucket of water can also be used to push away enemies, so it’s great for crowd control in case you find yourself stuck with a mob of enemies swarming towards you. 

Ender Pearls Are Your Friend

Once you’ve got a hang of defeating Endermen, you’ll start building up a stock of Ender Pearls, a useful item that can be used in a few ways. Ender Pearls are a key ingredient to crafting the ‘Eye of Ender’ which is used to locate strongholds underground. 

Eye of Ender is also used to summon the ‘End Portal’ to reach the ‘End’ where you’ll find the Ender Dragon and hordes of Endermen. 

But besides activating the End Portal, Ender Pearls are also a great item for traversal. 

You can use Ender Pearls to quickly teleport to any point the Ender Pearl lands at. This makes it incredibly useful for scaling up cliffs and higher terrain or just zooming around the map quickly.

Sometimes, you may find yourself stuck in lava which leads to a pretty brutal death with no escape. But by quickly throwing an Ender Pearl, you can reach safety much quicker than trying to swim in lava. 

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Mastering the Ender Pearl will allow you to pull off some crazy stunts, so it’s best to start farming for it while you can!

A Few More Minecraft Tips  

Here are a few more quick Minecraft tips that you should try and utilize to master in game.: 

  • Use the Map: You can craft maps that will automatically log the terrain and places you’ve explored. This may seem cumbersome to do at first but will save you a lot of time backtracking. Don’t be stubborn and use the map, it’ll make your life much easier.
  • Mark Your Mining Expeditions: Another key element of Minecraft is mining down underground to find new areas, materials, and diamonds. But it can be tricky to keep track of where you are and where you’re going. Smart use of torches and signs is a great way to have a record of where you came from in case you need to get back to the surface quickly. Plus, getting lost underground is no fun.
  • Have Fun: Minecraft is a complex game with a lot of mechanics and items that can make playing Minecraft cumbersome. But sometimes it’s okay to forget about all that and just enjoy exploring, farming, mining, or building! Don’t get caught up in a race to fight the Ender Dragon or spend your whole time just mining diamonds, it’ll make the game feel more like a chore than a game!

And those are some of our tips for mastering Minecraft, but honestly, we’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s a lot to learn but it’s a process, so keep grinding through and you’ll eventually be a pro! 

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