Top 20 Minecraft mods for Forge 1.19 2023

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In 2023, I will be presenting new mods that are released for Forge every month. These mods are not specific to any particular version of Minecraft, as the community is divided between different versions. As I introduce each mod, I will indicate which version it is compatible with at the time of the post and include download links below. Each post will cover mods from the previous month, so all the mods featured in this video were released throughout December. As of the posting of this message, we are playing on Minecraft 1.19.

Obscure Tooltips modifies the tooltips that appear when an item is hovered over, and can even display the item as a 3D model. While the default settings provide a new and unique look, users can customize the appearance further by using texture packs.

Unusual Gifts is a Minecraft mod that introduces a new type of storage container, available in six different colors. These containers cannot be placed down like a Chest and only provide one storage slot, intended for storing gifts for other players. Although they cannot be placed down, they can still be displayed inside of item frames. Alternatively, players can sneak and right-click the container to give the gift to another player.

Roamers is a Minecraft mod that introduces non-player characters (NPCs) into the game. These NPCs have different races depending on the biome they’re in. Over time, players can observe them gathering materials and constructing their own homes. They also hunt, cook food, and eventually have their own children. Players can increase their relationship with Roamers by interacting with them, such as giving them food and building materials. In return, Roamers might protect players from hostile mobs or even offer them food when they’re hungry. However, players must be wary of Bandits, which have a chance of spawning near the player and are hostile. These Bandits will steal items from players’ chests, destroy them, and try to kill the player, so it’s important to stay vigilant.

Swashbucklers is a Minecraft mod that introduces four new boats to the game. While the current boats are relatively small in size, the developer plans to add bigger ones in the future, according to comments. The mod includes the Cutter, Raft, Swashbuckler, and Upgraded Swashbuckler, all of which have a unique and cool design. When the boats are damaged, they enter a broken state and become shipwrecks that sink to the bottom of the ocean instead of going into the player’s inventory. The Upgraded Swashbuckler even has a cannon that can be fired by pressing the H key, as long as the player has cannonballs.

Villager Brutes are a type of NPC that serves as a replacement for Iron Golems in Minecraft. They can be found spawning naturally in Villages and Pillager Outposts. Just like Iron Golems, they are tasked with defending the Villages from hostile mobs and can even take down Creepers.

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Towers is an add-on for the Structory mod that can also be installed as a stand-alone mod. The mod currently adds more than 20 different types of towers to Minecraft, which can be found in the Overworld, End, and Nether. The mod does not introduce any new items, blocks, or creatures, making it a perfect complement to the vanilla Minecraft experience. Some of the structures that players can find include Temples, Outposts, Pillars, Towers, and Fire Watchtowers. When exploring these new locations, players will often come across Chests and Barrels containing loot and other useful blocks such as Crafting Tables, Beds, and Furnaces. The mod is compatible with the Waystones mod.

Unwrecked Ships is another structure mod that adds seven different variants of ships that can be found in the oceans of Minecraft. As the name implies, this mod is designed to give players an idea of what the Shipwreck structures would look like if they were still intact. There are only a few minor differences between the ships and the shipwrecks, mainly when it comes to the sails. Like Shipwrecks, players can find chests containing loot inside these ships as well.

Marbled’s Arsenal is a Minecraft mod that introduces new equipment to the game, perfect for those who want to create a zombie apocalypse-themed world. If you’re looking for other mods that fit this theme, you can check out my channel, as I recently covered a video on this topic. Among the new items included in Marbled’s Arsenal are Riot Gear, Hazmat Suits, and weapons like Baseball Bats, Crowbars, and Fire Axes. The mod also features new decorative blocks, such as Medicine Cabinets and Concrete Barriers, and is constantly updated with new items.

Gnumus Settlement is a mod that adds new structures and creatures to Minecraft. These structures range from small ruins and statues to larger camps and settlements, which are inhabited by the Gnumus. These creatures come in different variants, including hunters, workers, and shamans. They are all hostile to the player and have different combat methods, with the shamans being able to inflict weakness on players. When defeated, they drop Gnumus Pouches, which contain various items such as food, coal, Gnumus Skin, and even diamonds. You can use Gnumus Claws to craft a Pickaxe and Cutlass, which have low durability but come with the Fortune and Looting effects, or the Lucky Hat, which grants Luck. In addition, the mod also introduces new mobs such as mice and the Vintage Universal Tool, which can mine any blocks, even in a tunnel.


Another new creature that can be found in Minecraft is the Wasp, and unlike many other hostile mobs, it’s not aggressive towards players. Instead, they can be tamed by feeding them Honeycombs, and once tamed, they’ll follow you on your adventures, attacking your enemies and even inflicting them with poison. Wasps have relatively low health, so it’s important to keep them safe during battles.

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Move around and your vision will be impaired.
Cloudy Skies will reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the ground, affecting crop growth
and mob spawning.
Light Rain won’t cause any damage or significant changes, but it will add a nice touch of
atmosphere to the game.
This mod also includes new weather-related items like umbrellas, which can be crafted
to protect you from the rain, and barometers, which allow you to predict the weather.

The Capybara mod, previously only available for Fabric, now has a Forge release as well. Once installed, players can find Capybaras spawning in Jungles, although they are quite rare. These friendly creatures can be tamed using Sugar Cane, bred with Apples, and even made to sit.

Flowery Mooblooms is an extension of the Friends and Foes mod that introduces a variety of new Mooblooms, each corresponding to a different type of flower. This add-on includes around 16 different variants, including Allium, Cornflower, Poppy, and others. The Mooblooms can be sheared to obtain their corresponding flowers.

This mod enables players to upgrade their items by combining them, with currently over 40 different combinations available. This can be done in the Smithing Table, and all available options can be viewed by pressing the Hammer icon, provided you have Just Enough Items installed. These upgrades provide various effects, such as a Diamond Helmet with water breathing, or a Compass upgraded with a Nether Star that turns it into a Recovery Compass, allowing players to quickly teleport to their death point. Applying an Eye of Ender to a Totem of Undying will prevent players from dying in the Void once, and Pickaxes can be given the Dwarven upgrade, which provides a significant increase in breaking speed on stone-type blocks. There are many more interesting upgrades available, making this mod an exciting addition to the game.

Animalistic is a Minecraft mod that introduces a variety of new creatures, each of which must be manually summoned using a new block called the Generator. Currently, there are six creatures available: Blue Bird, Tiger, Duck, Mystic Owl, Alpha Bat, and Red Panda. The modeling, texturing, and animations of these creatures are impressive and resemble those found in Disney movies. Each creature has its unique abilities, such as the Mystic Owl’s ability to jump high, while the Blue Bird can be used to fly through the world.  Ducks have an extra inventory and will follow players around, providing extra storage while on the go. Future updates may include additional animals.

Spelunking Bags adds three loot bags into the game that can be obtained while mining. These bags contain relics that can help players while underground. There are 12 relics in total, including the Sword of the Depths, which displays the player’s height level on the hotbar, making it easier to find Diamonds. The Climbing Axe allows players to grapple and climb up walls to traverse the new cave generation. The Broken Clock acts similarly to the Totem of Undying, but when triggered, players will have 15 seconds of near invincibility before dying, which can be useful for quickly moving items to a safe place. The Bat Talisman can be activated to make nearby monsters glow, among other interesting items.

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Re-implemented Additions is a Minecraft mod that adds content that was previously unused, removed, or never implemented in the game. For example, Fireflies can now be found in Mangroves and Swamps, and fallen trees can be found in Forests. Additionally, the Stonecutter can now be used to change Sandstone into Cut Carved, Tiled, and Fractured variants, and players can combine different types of Wool to create Rainbow Wool in both block and Carpet form. Sculk Jaws can also be obtained, which damages players and mobs and emits vibrations. Other new additions include Bundles, Illusioner Cabins, Bad Luck Potions, and various new Copper blocks.

Higher World Deeper Ocean is a mod that aims to enhance the ocean biome in Minecraft, making it more immersive and distinct from rivers. The mod achieves this by lifting most of the world up by 32 blocks, while keeping the ocean floor at the same level. This creates a greater vertical distance between the surface and the bottom of the ocean, resulting in a more realistic and deeper ocean environment. Players will notice a significant difference in the ocean’s appearance and gameplay with this mod installed.

Alex’s Armoury is a mod that adds a variety of new weapons to the game, with a Vanilla plus style. The weapons range from Daggers, Broadswords, and Battlestaffs to Hammers, Claymores, Glaives, Sickles, Halberds, Cutlasses, and Katanas. Each weapon has unique abilities and effects, such as the Lance dealing more damage while riding a horse and causing it to charge, or the Katana allowing for quick slicing through Vines, Bamboo, and Sugar Cane, as well as performing a double jump. The Hammer can excavate a 3 by 3 area or deal damage in a radius around the player, while the Rapier can be used to dodge attacks by right-clicking. There are many more interesting abilities to be discovered with each weapon.

The last mod I want to mention is a lightweight one called Food Effect Tooltips. This mod allows players to hover over food items and see their exact effects, if any. It’s a client-side mod, meaning it won’t affect gameplay on servers or other players.

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