Physics Mod Version 1.18.2, 1.17.1→1.16.5: Implementing Real World Physics into Minecraft

Minecraft Physics Mod 1.18.2, 1.17.1→1.16.5 is an independent mod that implements into Minecraft a physics system that has invariably been an imperative aspect of our “real life world”, with the goal to create a more realistic environment for players. Physics in the real world is quite rigid and precise, though it can be quite goofy at times; such as when you see blocks floating through the air without any foundation (or ground). Physics Mod 1.18.2, 1.17.1 attempts to replicate these rules within Minecraft, creating a more immersive experience for gamers.

The Physics Mod is a crazy, fun way to experience how blocks and mobs behave once they’ve been broken or killed. Blocks will break apart into several chunks before disappearing with the trailblazing feature of physics! This makes it perfect for those who want an excellent coding experience as well as bringing on the commencement from one world into another.


These chunks will also react with liquids by carrying pieces along the currents, which actually seems a bit more realistic in a Minecraft sort of way. And breaking blocks or plants under water will cause the pieces to float up to the surface.

Physics Mod

Trees will also break entirely, which is an added bonus with this mod, but watching the entire trunk and leaves simply explode and collapse is also entertaining.

Physics Mod

The Physics Mod is a really cool way to experience the difference in behavior between blocks and mobs. TNT makes for much more exciting explosions since it launches many chunks everywhere!

Physics Mod


  • Literal Physics was implemented into the game.

Physics Mod Physics Mod

How to install:

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Launcher Vanilla
  2. Download and Install Fabric Installer for Vanilla Launcher
  3. Run recently downloaded .jar file, choose the version you want and press “Install.”
  4. Run Minecraft, select the profile with Fabric installed and press Play
  5. Press Start on Desktop
  6. Choose Run
  7. Type %appdata% onto Run and press Enter.
  8. Goes into Roaming/.minecraft/mods
  9. Put the jar. Files onto the mod folder and run Minecraft.

Physics Mod Version 1.18.2, 1.17.1→1.16.5 Download Links:

Minecraft Game version 1.18.2:

Forge version: download


Fabric version:download

Minecraft Game version 1.18

Fabric version:download

Minecraft Game version 1.16.5

Forge version Link Download : download btn


Fabric version Download From Server : download

Minecraft Game version 1.17

Fabric version Download From Server : download

Minecraft Game version 1.17.1

Forge version Download From Server : download


Fabric version Download From Server : download

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