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Top 15 Beautiful Minecraft Maps

Minecraft Maps is currently a keyword searched by many people. It gives players many new features as well as many interesting experiences. However, in too many maps, many people will not know which is the best option. Let’s find out about the top 15 Minecraft Maps in 2021 and have the option for yourself. The articles shared below will be essential information for you.

Minecraft Maps gives the other person many choices

Minecraft Maps gives the other person many choices


1. Skyblock V2.1 Minecraft Maps

One of the most popular Minecraft Maps is skyblock. The way for you to understand this map is that you were born on a floating island and have to survive and complete the challenges with the resources available to you.

Since it was released, SkyBlock Map has attracted a lot of players because of its difficult task. In this article, we will provide an overview of it.

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2. Cube survival V1.1 Minecraft Maps

Here you can build yourself a cozy shelter in a cube of your choice, create a pebble generator, have a full set of diamond armor and so much more.

The concept is simple – there are 7 different cube biomes, each containing hidden chests filled with goodies and two obsidian blocks that will allow you to build the Portal to travel to Hell and destroy the Book of the Damned.

3. Parkour school V1.1 Minecraft Maps

This mod will provide players with a new anti-cheat system, things that are difficult to do are also easier to manipulate, but there will also be a lot of work to do behind the map.

Minecraft Maps are the cool things you should choose

Minecraft Maps are the cool things you should choose

4. Future city V4.5 Minecraft Maps

This is also a choice that everyone loves. All operations performed on this map are also very easy. You are completely free to use. Future CITY is in DANGER.

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5. World of Worlds Minecraft Maps

This is also a map to help make your game experience better. Here you can also have more options during gameplay.

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World of Worlds is a Minecraft city map for the player crippled by the unfortunate combination of wanderlust and a lack of funds. Travel the world through Minecraft’s block prism in this map, which features uncannily recreated buildings from 85 cities across the real world.

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6. Deadly Orbit v1.0 Minecraft Maps

This map will be where players have very little chance of survival, mostly living in hostile environments. You can starve to death at any time.In this map you need to make your own weapons to fight and survive, every action must be very careful because the chance of survival is very small.

The food is scarce and you can even die of hunger, you will need to craft weapons to defend yourself and be very conservative with what you find because resources are limited.

7. Last Jump Hero v1.0 Minecraft Maps

This map has 5 worlds to complete, with each world having 5 different levels and you can play with up to 3 people.


You can play this map with up to three players. The current playtime is about 1 hour 30 mins.

There are 5 worlds to complete, with each world having 5 different levels.

World I: Green Forest
World II: Desert Hills
World III: Sea of Lava
World IV: Hell
World V: Into the End

8. Parkour Spiral Minecraft Maps

For this map along the way, you have to beat all kinds of parkour challenges to set your goal of reaching the top of the giant spiral tower.

Download link for Parkour Spiral Map

9. The Lost Potato v1.2.4 Minecraft Maps

The Lost Potato v1.2.4  is seen as a perfect combination of combat, storyline and puzzle, and animal companions.

You find yourself in a prison cell along with a completely innocent piglet that you must save from execution, so you can embark on an adventure after, to find the lost potato!

10. Wild west  Minecraft Maps

Here is a map that will bring you to a western town with enough gold in your pocket to start a new life here.

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You can play it on every difficulty including Peaceful.
Don’t cheat etc… Play it as an average survival map!

11. Jailbreak Minecraft Maps

Jailbreak v2.5 will lead you through the prison through dark tunnels and fight the monsters that live in it and escape or stay on your wall.

12. Project Zearth Minecraft Maps

Project Zearth v14 has focused on detailed content and adventure with a classic concept that has been blended with a modern look to create the best Minecraft experience.

Project Zearth has for many years focused on detail & adventure-driven content. Classic ideas have been mixed with modern looks to create the best Minecraft experience.

As the player, you are given the opportunity to experience a universe filled with creative structures, ideas, locations & lore! A new journey awaits you!

100% furnished with a unique diversity of decoration!

The project has improved in all aspects since 2010. Gradually evolving on all fronts in architecture, style, lore, and much more! The main goal of the project has always stayed true to the same fun and rich experience. Expect diverse cities, towns, villages, and buildings, all separated into 3 official regions: Neon, Cepton & Nova.

13. Metro Post-Apocalypse Minecraft Maps

This is an adventurous adventure with mutant beasts from the surface hunting them down.

This is an adventure map set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans survive underground in the metro tunnels, away from the deadly effects of nuclear radiation. You start the map by choosing a class that can be Hunter, Guard, Merchant, or Doctor. Then you spawn in your home metro station and have to complete several missions around the metro or even go to de surface using a radiation suit.

14. Enlarged Grass Block Survival Minecraft Maps

You are required to prepare many items when using this map. It contains 25 challenges, an expanded grass block, an expanded Nether block, hidden dungeons and limited materials.

The Challenges: (these are listed in a book that you start out with)
1: Make an infinite water source.
2: Build a Cobble Stone generator.
3: Build a House.
4: Build a Zombie Grinder.
5: Craft full Iron Armor and Tools.
6: Visit the Nether.
7: Build a Melon farm.
8: Build a Wheat farm.
9: Build a Carrot farm.
10: Build a Potato farm.
11: Build a Pumpkin farm.
12: Build a Sugarcane farm.
13: Build a Cactus farm.
14: Breed Cows.
15: Breed Chickens.
16: Breed Pigs.
17: Breed Sheep.
18: Craft a Bed.
19: Craft Mushroom Stew.
20: Go fishing.
21: Make a Cocoa Bean farm.
22: Breed Mooshrooms.
23: Make a Snow farm.
24: Make a Nether Wart farm.
25: Brew some Potions.

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15. Extreme Rainbow Road Minecraft Maps

Have you ever played the magical game(s) known as Mario Kart? If not chances are you know someone who has. Personally, I grew up spending my summers obsessed with being the best ever at it. I can remember attempting to memorize every short cut and a little trick to play the game as flawlessly as possible (sadly that never happened lol).

The one map that always put a stop to my “dream” of being the best was the notorious tracks known as Rainbow Road. Rainbow Road is mostly known for being the craziest and hard to control tracks mainly due to its lack of railing along the side. Combine that with extreme speeds makes it very easy to lose control and fly off the road.

Showcase Top 5 Beautiful Minecraft Maps

Above it is the top 15 Minecraft Maps in 2021 that all players can learn.

What are the best Minecraft adventure maps?

This is 1.Cops and Robbers series 2. Witchcraft and Wizardry – The Floo Network 3. The Heist 4. Open World Zombie Apocalypse 5. Drehmal v2: Primordial 6. Toy Story 2 7. Ender Island 8. The Sunken Island 9. The Secret Island 10. Skyland

What are Minecraft maps?

Minecraft maps are custom created worlds that are saved within the Minecraft game. They can be anything from an amazing role playing adventure that immerses you into an epic story, to a challenging puzzle map that tests your problem solving abilities.

What is the most popular map in Minecraft?

Most Popular Minecraft Adventure Maps. Most Popular Minecraft Parkour Maps,Survival Maps,Puzzle Maps,Finding Maps,Horror Maps, Creation Maps. Most Popular Minecraft Mini-Game Maps and PvE Maps.

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