Utility Mobs Mod 1.12.2 and 1.7.10

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Utility Mobs Mod will allow you to create portals dimensions to access three new sizes: blocks like your chest, crafting table, furnace, anvil, etc. Each of these three dimensions offers us tangible things and will be helpful to us for different things. Let’s see what each of these dimensions offers us.

Utility Mobs Mod

Utility Mobs Mod 1.12.2 and 1.7.10 adds additional golems built in the same fashion as vanilla golems, plus turrets, together forming the base of a good defense! Turrets and even certain golems can be upgraded to improve their effectiveness!

Each golem and turret’s building “recipe” can be disabled in the properties file! Also, you also can turn your (non-vanilla) golems and turrets hostile towards you! Build a fortress and try to get past your own defenses!

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Seven new golems:

  • Stone golem
  • Large stone golem
  • Obsidian golem
  • Armor golem
  • Gilded armor golem
  • Scarecrow
  • Bound soul


Stone Golem

The stone golem is the most basic of the most basic ally you can build. Don’t expect it to be very smart or strong, but it can easily be mass produced. It won’t wander or even look around, it just knows when there’s an enemy in range and springs (slowly) into action!

Large Stone Golem

The large stone golem is mostly self-explainatory once you know what the stone golem is. It’s just a stone golem made with twice as much cobblestone that’s a bit tougher! Oh, also, it’s bigger.

Obsidian Golem

The obsidian golem is just like the large stone golem, but nearly indestructable! It has 50 hearts of health and its armor reduces damage by 80%. Just like non-animated obsidian, it’s as annoying as a punch in the face to break, even with diamond tools!

Armor Golem

The armor golem is for the modest golem-spender, being made of only half the iron of an iron golem! These guys, er, things are pretty tough and don’t take up as much space as iron golems.

Gilded Armor Golem

The gilded armor golem is just like your standard armor golem, except that it’s made of gold. As everyone could have guessed, they don’t deal as much damage as iron ones.

They deal half damage, in fact. So what exactly is their claim to fame, you ask? Well, every time they hit a mob, the latent enchantibility of the gold sucks valuable experience orbs out of the mob’s brain! It’s just a single experience point, but it adds up pretty quickly and you don’t have to do anything personally.


The scarecrow is your man with the plan. Your plan, that is. The scarecrow will just follow you around and beat the living tar out of monsters that get near! Just keep in mind that its attack is only as strong as the weapon you give it. Flint and steel and buckets of lava also set mobs on fire! You can always retrieve the weapon from a scarecrow; they don’t even accumulate damage on weapons!

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Bound Soul

The bound soul is made by absorbing souls out of soul sand and bringing them to life with the innate magical properties of a pumpkin, which then takes the form of the spirit captured.

Our scientists say the souls that makeup soul sand consist entirely of your past lives. Like scarecrows, they need weapons to be effective. Unlike scarecrows, they can also be equipped with armor! An army of bow-wielding souls in diamond armor is probably quite intimidating.

Snow Turret

The snow turret is probably an annoyance at best. It’s great for pacifists or for humiliating mobs! The attack is the same as a snow golem’s, but the turret is sturdier, smarter, and stationary. Only ender pearl and feather upgrades apply to this turret.

Stone Brick Turret

The stone brick turret is just a slightly refined version of the stone turret. It shoots arrows twice as fast! The arrows it shoots also deal half damage, but who’s counting?

Obsidian Turret

The obsidian turret is your tough turret that won’t cop out when the heat is on. It has an abnormally high 50 hearts of health and armor that reduces 80% of the damage it takes. However, it is only as effective as a stone turret, offensively. It’s great as a starter turret placed before the map is actually played.

Fire Turret

The fire turret is like a blaze in your pocket, only it’s not in your pocket and it’s not a blaze. The fire turret does, however, shoot fireballs somewhat like a blaze (one at a time, but more often). Thanks to not using arrows, only ender pearl and feather upgrades work on it.

Ghast Turret

The ghast turret gets its name from the big, white flying things called ghasts.

Why? Because it shoots exploding fireballs just like a ghast does! Be careful not to destroy your own base. Only ender pearl and feather upgrades can be used on it.

Sniper Turret

The sniper turret has the same base range as a turret with an ender pearl! It’s practically got an ender pearl built in, but ender pearls still increase the range by 10 blocks! It fires a little bit slower than the standard turret, but it’s very accurate and deals more damage with each arrow!

Shotgun Turret

The shotgun turret’s philosphy is simple: more is more. Instead of shooting one little arrow, it shoots six arrows with each shot! Who needs accuracy? While hitting an enemy with more than one arrow doesn’t increase the damage dealt, the arrows deal more damage than standard arrows. Also, the shotgun turret hates getting confused for a snow turret!

Gatling Turret

The Gatling turret is death on a stick! It rains upon its target with two arrows every second (as opposed to one arrow every three seconds)! Sure, it might only deal half-a-heart of damage per hit, but upgrades work nicely and stuff will definitely get hit.

Killer Turret

The killer turret takes some ideas from the shotgun turret, but it uses magical magic to see everywhere around itself and will shoot an arrow at every single enemy that it can see with each shot. Not only does it attack everything, but its arrows also deal more damage than normal. Every upgrade works to devastating effects when given to a killer turret, be careful with explosives.

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Block Golems:

Block golems are helpful guys that follow their owner around. Unlike most golems, block golems will teleport to keep up with you. They all have a GUI that will open when you right click them, assuming you have high enough permissions. The owner can right click while sneaking to tell any block golem to sit or stand up, but block golems will also automatically sit down while someone is using them.

Workbench Golem

The workbench golem is pretty standard, really. What is it, you might ask? Well, it’s basically a workbench with legs and a fashion sense. Requires use permission to be used.

Furnace Golem

The furnace golem will smelt all your things that need smelting, assuming you’re willing to pay the price! The fuel price, of course, it’s the same as a standard furnace. Requires open permission to be used.

Anvil Golem

The anvil golem acts much like an anvil, only it suffers from severe chronic depression! Also, it can walk. Requires use permission to be used.

Chest Golem

The chest golem is great for those who want to carry a lot of stuff around. Just be careful not to let it die! Requires open permission to be used.

Trapped Chest Golem

The trapped chest golem is basically the same as a chest golem, only it’s better at hiding. It tries its best to look just like a chest block when it is told to sit. At some point, it will probably attack players trying to open it without sufficient permissions. Requires open permission to be used.

Ender Chest Golem

The ender chest golem is also like the chest golem, but it uses your ender chest inventory. Also, its use permissions are a bit lighter, since everyone sees their own ender chest inventory. Requires use permission to be used.


Targeting Books:

Don’t like what your turrets do or do not attack? Then you’ll need these books! The books will tell you how to use them, the only thing you need to know is that you can only open them by right clicking a block.

  • Book + Bone -> Player Permissions
  • Book + Rotten Flesh -> Mob Target List


Introducing: manuals! Simply craft a book with a golem “head” to get an informative manual, which lists all the building recipes and goles that can be made with that head, along with a bit of information about those golems.

  • Book + Pumpkin -> Golem Manual
  • Book + Dispenser -> Turret Manual
  • Book + Ender Pearl -> Turret Upgrades Manual
  • Book + Skeleton Skull -> Block Golem Manual



Twelve turrets:

  • Snow turret
  • Stone turret
  • Stone brick turret
  • Obsidian turret
  • Fireball turret
  • Ghast turret
  • Fire turret
  • Sniper turret
  • Shotgun turret
  • Gatling turret
  • Volley turret
  • Killer turret

Turret upgrade system:

All turrets can accept upgrades! Each turret can only have one at a time, but upgrade items are never consumed and can be swapped will.

Standard upgrade items:

  • Diamond
  • Iron ingot
  • Feather
  • Gunpowder
  • Slimeball
  • Ender pearl
  • Spider eye
  • Fireball charge
  • ???

Diamond: Diamond is used in the internal bow-and-arrow system to sharpen arrows as they are shot, increasing the damage they deal.

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Iron Ingot: Iron ingots are used in much the same way as diamond, however it strikes the flint tip of the arrow and sets the arrow on fire, in a similar method to flint and steel, only cooler.

Feather: Ever felt like you needed to move your turret? Well, feathers somehow make them light enough to be pushed around! Just take the feather from them when you’re done to lock them in place again (also to make room for a combat upgrade).

Gunpowder: One little pile of gunpowder is somehow enough to provide unlimited explosions from the applied turret’s arrows. The way is actually works is an ancient family secret.

Slimeball: Slimeballs apply a layer of goop to arrows shot from turrets with slimeballs in them. This goop is not only disgusting, but slows down mobs that hit by it. The slowing effect is 15% speed reduction for a single hit, but stacks up to 75% from multiple hits within a short time. For some reason, entities that use the new AI system are not affected by potions of slowing, so creepers, skeletons, and zombies are currently unaffected by this upgrade.

Ender Pearl: Ender pearls allow turrets to see ten whole blocks further! This increases the average turret to twenty blocks, and the sniper turret to thirty blocks! While it doesn’t offer any accuracy increase with the range, higher level turrets shoot tons of arrows (or are sniper turrets), and make incredible use of this upgrade.

Spider Eye: Spider eyes apply poison to the arrows shot by spider-eye turrets. Mobs hit by their arrows will be poisoned, assuming they aren’t spiders or undead.

Fireball Charge: Fireball charges are possibly the most destructive upgrade available if you consider the word “probably” to mean absolutely. The arrows shot not only explode but set fire to things around the explosions. If they don’t immediately destroy themselves or what they are trying to defend, and you are for some reason immune to fire, they are very effective!

???: Turrets with ??? shoot a very unique kind of arrow. If any mob is hit by one of these arrows, it is instantly “killed” but doesn’t drop anything or provide experience. Oh, and you have to find this one out for yourself. Happy Easter!

When feathers do not suffice, it is possible to dismantle a turret with shears. A simple right-click on a turret will destroy it instantly, greatly improving the drop rate of the turret’s base block based on its remaining health, from 33.3% at zero health up to 83.3% at max health. When killed normally, the turret is generally at zero health, so it will have a measly 33.3% chance to drop its base block.


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