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The blockbuster “Alien” or “Aliens vs. Predator mod “ is a hit. And so, downloading this Mod is obvious to you if you are a fan of this sci-fi movie. Aliens vs Predator Mod adds 50 new blocks to the Minecraft world. It gives players a sci-fi adventure look. Besides, this Mod adds 30 new items, including new equipment and an ARSENAL of weapons to the 20 different Mobs around “Alien; Aliens vs. Predator; Prometheus.”

Aliens vs. Predator Mod

Overview of Aliens vs. Predator Mod

Aliens vs. Predator Mod is science fiction, horror, themed Minecraft mod based primarily on the Aliens Vs. Predator franchise. It is also based on the two other franchises, Alien and Predator. Because Prometheus is a part of the Alien franchise, it has also been included in the Mod’s content.

Aliens vs Predator Mod offers a huge variety of new and unique weapons, mobs, items, and blocks. It’s true to say that this alien vs Predator Mod is designed to turn the Minecraft world into a sci-fi horror game and thus, surviving in Minecraft has never been this hard before. On the other hand, new weapons, new enemies are constantly being added

The mod is created to add challenge to the game. In fact, after some time you stick with this game, it starts to lack challenge. The lack of challenge makes Minecraft world boring and you will start to lose interest in it. Once there, you won’t want to play it anymore.

Aliens vs Predator Mod adds three related main species in “Alien; Aliens vs. Predator; Prometheus” as mobs. This mod also adds some species that are essential to the alien life cycle. Even so, you don’t need to be a survival game player to get the most out of the mod. Aliens vs Predator Mod also adds many blocks to the human creative side. In addition, players have also added some items and weapons.

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It feature

– Egg

Protomorphs do not use god. Hence, there is practically no easy way to make Protomorphs eggs. You will have to find an egg or see if an adult produces them.

Like a xenomorph egg, the egg opens and releases a protohugger while the host is alive in close range.

  • Protohugger

Protohugger is simply bigger and stronger than a normal facehugger. In addition, it will implant a protomorphic into the host.

  • Protoburster

Protoburster appears from a host after they are impregnated by a Protohugger. The Protoburster will run away if possible, but attack again if needed.

  • Protomorph

There is no denying that the Protomorph is a very large and very annoying beast. It uses a combination of stealth and relentless attacks to take down its prey.

Neomorph Lineup: Spore pods, baby, and adult

    • If a non Varda Leaves leaf block or plant block (tallgrass, crops, mossy blocks, etc) (though wood and wood-derived blocks do not count) is within say…12 blocks of a black goo block or in the radius of a shattered ampule, there is a certain chance that a spore pod will be spawned either on top of the leaf block/mossy block or at the base of the plant block.
    • Apores will be emitted if a viable host gets within a certain range of a pod, similar to eggs and facehuggers
    • A “sporeCloud” “mob” is then produced, which is nothing but a small hitbox with a mass of particles. The sporeCloud moves randomly, never stopping like normal mobs do, roughly tracking viable hosts.
    • In addition to the main “sporecloud” particles, the sporeCloud mob will also have the vanilla mycelium (“villageaura”) particles surrounding it, with the mycelium particles being more numerous than the sporecloud one.
    • After xx time they get weakness and slowness.
    • After weakness/slowness for xx minutes, the host is killed and a brand-new puppy is born.
  • BABY
    • Unlike xenomorphs and belugamorphs, baby neomorphs, “neobursters” are neutral-agressive. Some will attack on sight, others won’t. Though all will attack back if hit.
    • Unlike xenos and protos, neomorphs do not have acidic blood, and thus produce no acid pools when killed. However, they have a chance to inflict an “acidic bite” which applies a DoT effect, though its not merely a potion effect. As such, it can kill the victim, and milk won’t cure it.
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Deacon Lineup: Baby trilobite, adult trilobite, and the (baby) deacon

    • Trilobites will be “breedable” as in if you breed an animal infected by the goo before it mutates, a baby trilobite will be produced instead of the animal’s typical offspring. The other parent can be either healthy or infected as well, it makes no difference, just at least one parent needs to be infected.
    • its possible a baby trilobite will also emerge from entities infected by goo, tearing out of them, killing them in the process.
    • Trilos will have no overlay, instead the host is rendered under the trilobite, and in the case of players or other similarly-shaped humanoids (marines, villagers/illagers, etc), engineers, and predators, they are positioned at an angle.
    • The trilobite will then send out its smaller tubes to hold the target, and instead of an overlay, you will see the trilo’s egg tube emerge from the trilo’s mouth and go into your mouth.
    • Replaces the current deacon model.

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So what are you waiting for? Download the mod, enter the Aliens Vs Predator universe and start Building a Better World today.


Minecraft Forge 1.12.2, AIRI (For Minecraft 1.7.2-), MDXLib (For Minecraft 1.7.10+)

How to install:

How to Use Forge to Install Minecraft Mods (Client Side)

How To Install The Fabric Mod Loader After Downloading It

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