Sophisticated Backpacks Mod 1.17.1: A New Means of Storage

Sophisticated Backpacks Mod 1.17 adds new backpacks that can be used as storage for your valuable commodities, and even puts them down by shift right-click! The mod also offers decoration in the form of an item you pick up when needed again; it’s like having two items all rolled into one!

Sophisticated Backpacks Mod


  • A Plethora of Backpacks along with its upgrades are added into the game.

Sophisticated Backpacks Mod 111

Furthermore, a plethora of upgrades is also added to please those who want to create the ultimate backpacks. The upgrades include the abilities to magnetize surrounding items, automatically feed players with the edibles and many more.

Sophisticated Backpacks Mod Screenshots 5 Sophisticated Backpacks Mod Screenshots 4 Sophisticated Backpacks Mod Screenshots 3 Sophisticated Backpacks Mod Screenshots 2 Sophisticated Backpacks Mod Screenshots 1

Backpack in its item form

  • Can be accessed using a key press (by default B)
  • Renders on player when put in their chest slot
  • Curios compatibility makes it possible to wear and render the backpack when put in “Back” slot

Backpack can also be placed in world

  • Shift right clicking the backpack on the ground puts it down
  • When in world player can use it the same way they would use a chest
  • Backpacks can also have items piped in/out using hoppers or any kind of modded pipes, external storage access, …
  • Shift right clicking the backpack on the ground with empty hand picks it back up or it can also be brokend and picked up as any other item

Backpacks can be upgraded

  • 5 tiers – leather, iron, gold, diamond, netherite
  • Each of the tiers adds more storage slots and more upgrade slots

Loot / Mob Spawning

  • Occasionally backpacks and some upgrades can be found in loot chests
  • And even though rare, mobs can also spawn with backpacks on them sometimes with a bit of loot in those and sometimes they would even play a tune


There is a lot of things you can change through mod’s config

  • Number of inventory and upgrade slots of each backpack tier
  • Number of filter slots in many of the upgrades
  • Range, speed and some additional features of different upgrades
  • And if an backpack/upgrade doesn’t fit a theme of your modpack you can disable them in the config to disable recipes and hide them from creative menu / jei

Crafting Recipes:

soft bits resource pack crafting 3 soft bits resource pack crafting 2 soft bits resource pack crafting 1 Sophisticated Backpacks Mod Screenshots 5 1

How to install a Minecraft mod?

Make sure you have installed the API which is recommended with the mod. This is indicated in the download links. Then download mod, then find your .minecraft folder :

• Windows: Go to the Start menu , then go to Run . Otherwise, do Windows Key + R. Then type % appdata% in the search bar and then go to the .minecraft folder .
• Linux: Press ALT + F2 at the same time. You should normally have your .minecraft .
If you don’t see it, activate hidden folders with the CTRL + H combination.
• Mac: Your minecraft folder is located in User> Library> Application Support. If you can’t find Application Support, do Finder> Menu Bar: Go + Hold ALT> Library.

Then drag your mod’s .jar file into the mods folder , which is located in your .minecraft .
Launch the game, and have fun!

If you want more details on the installation procedure, check out our guide that explains in detail how to install a Mod on Minecraft

How To Download and Install Minecraft Forge (Modding API)?

Minecraft Forge is a free, open-source server that allows players to install and run Minecraft mods. 4 steps to install forge for windows, mac, Linux

1. Download Minecraft Forge at the website, select the version of Minecraft you want to run, then download the installer using your browser.

2. Open the .jar file you just downloaded (Run installer as Administrator), make sure Java is installed on your operating system

3. Select Install Client or Install Server if you want to install for your server, and click OK. Wait about 2 minutes, and you will see a success message.

install minecraft forge 1 16 5

4. Launch Minecraft and select the Forge profile, then click Play.

5. You will see Minecraft Forge in the lower-left corner and the Mods button under Multiplayer.

install minecraft forge 1 16 5 2

Congratulations on successfully installing Minecraft Forge and experimenting with Sophisticated Backpacks Mod downloaded.If there are errors, please comment on this article.

Sophisticated Backpacks Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.16.4 Download From Server : download


For Minecraft 1.16.5 Download From Server : download


For Minecraft 1.17.1 Download From Server : download


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