Realism Mats Resource Pack 1.16.4/1.15.2 is a perfect representation

Realism Mats Resource Pack 1.16.4/1.15.2 is a perfect representation of what the realistic Mat and Carpet’s texture pack could achieve in Minecraft. So, what special features does it have? What’s its experience like?

The main features of Realism Mats Resource Pack

From the features of the vanilla Minecraft version, Realism Mats Resource Pack has made more perfect changes.

The differences between bookshelves are night and day

Thanks to the vanilla version of Minecraft, you can easily find the individual bookshelves you love. But when switching to the actual carpet, the bookshelf’s texture will simulate the real-life bookshelf. Different types of books will be randomly placed and books will have different covers.

Minecraft’s nature transforms more realistically

From the original vanilla Minecraft version, the rails, trolleys, Redstone, grass, and trees in the background are all bigger upgrades. From paperback-style rails converted to actual railroad tracks, Redstone has been converted to ropes, leaves on the tree look less blocky, thicker. The grass has been re-engineered to look thinner with different properties.

The interesting experiences of Realism Mats Resource Pack

Realism Mats Resource Pack currently has a very good and outstanding trend, which is a real school. The advantages of the mod are high resolution, detail, and extremely high realism. Realism Mats Resource Pack has been taken care of each wood grain to create a more real feel for the material.

The plywood pieces have a clear distillation path, helping users to think of the parquet pieces in high-end apartments or villas. In general, the style of the pack is a matter of practicality and detail. However, the pack still has some minus points, such as the fact that natural blocks, when placed next to artificial blocks (including ore blocks), cause a partial deviation, but not significantly, causing concussions. strong that the pack brings.



How to install Realism Mats Resource Pack:

  • Make sure you have Optifine installed and working correctly. Requires: BSL Shaders
  • Download the resource pack and leave it archived.
  • Launch Minecraft, go to Settings.
  • In the ‘Resource Packs’ section, select ‘Open resource pack folder ’.
  • The ‘resourcepacks’ folder will open, Paste the file into the resource folder in Minecraft.
  • Go back to Minecraft, the resource pack should now be listed and you can activate it by choosing it and hitting “Done”.

Realism Mats Resource Pack 1.16.4–>1.15.2 Download Links:

Minecraft version 1.16.4-1.15.2:


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