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Use More Pickaxes Mod in Minecraft game.

This mod in the game Minecraft will add many new items such as mods and ore blocks. By exploring different new ores and blocks, you will create new tools that were never seen in Minecraft. Examples are Emerald and Quartz, Carbon Ore, Ignis Ore, Frozen Ore, Titanium Ore, Fire Armor, Ice and Titanium.

Tools: Fire, Frozen, Titanium, and Tricked items. So there are a lot of items that you have to explore.

Mo’ Pickaxes Mod

This mod adds new picks to the game

More Pickaxes Mod is a pickaxe mod for Minecraft collection! So it has some mods as follows:

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Crafting Recipes:

Almost every Pickaxe will be crafted like this:

If the grip is orange, then it needs two blaze rods, light grey two iron bars and grey two cobblestones.

If the grip is orange, then it needs two blaze rods, light grey two iron bars, and grey two cobblestones.


Common Pickaxes

  • Sand Pickaxe
  • Sandstone Pickaxe
  • Gravel Pickaxe
  • Mossy Stone Pickaxe
  • Dirt Pickaxe
  • Grass Pickaxe
  • Clay Pickaxe
  • Bone Pickaxe
  • Flint Pickaxe
  • Leather Pickaxe
  • Coal Pickaxe
  • Wool Pickaxe
  • Cactus Pickaxe
  • Red Mushroom Pickaxe
  • Brown Mushroom Pickaxe
  • Andesite Pickaxe
  • Diorite Pickaxe
  • Granite Pickaxe

Uncommon Pickaxes

  • Apple Pickaxe
  • Melon Pickaxe
  • Cake Pickaxe
  • Cocoabean Pickaxe
  • Bread Pickaxe
  • Mycelium Pickaxe
  • Nether Brick Pickaxe
  • Brick Pickaxe
  • Glass Pickaxe
  • Pumpkin Pickaxe
  • Redstone Pickaxe
  • Glow Stone Pickaxe
  • Soul Sand Pickaxe
  • End Stone Pickaxe
  • Netherrack Pickaxe
  • Sponge Pickaxe
  • Quartz Pickaxe
  • Ice Pickaxe
  • Prismarine Pickaxe
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Rare Pickaxes

  • Golden Apple Pickaxe
  • Obsidian Pickaxe
  • Emerald Pickaxe
  • Mega Pickaxe

Epic Pickaxes

  • Notch Apple Pickaxe
  • Bedrock Pickaxe
  • Nether Star Pickaxe
  • Extreme Pickaxe
  • Anvil Pickaxe

Mythic Pickaxes

  • Lapis Lazuli Pickaxe
  • Magma Pickaxe
  • TNT Pickaxe
  • Ender Pickaxe
  • Snowball Pickaxe
  • Blaze Pickaxe
  • Slime Pickaxe
  • Spider Eye Pickaxe

Some mods from the national collection for Minecraft:

Redstone Tools Mod for MCPE is a cool and innovative mod about tools in Minecraft PE, produced by xCowboysButtsx. With this mod, you will have a variety of new tools made from Redstone, such as armor set, sword weapon, a Redstone pickaxe, ax, and shovel. A sword is even more than diamonds!!! And a Pickaxe for adding a block of water and you can find handcrafted recipes on vanilla blocks.

SpellCraft Mod is a special and interesting mod created by wilco375, talking about crafting in Minecraft PE. This mod adds a new crafting board block for you. Its features can create 13 different spells, each with different abilities such as firing, one bullet explodes, ignites everything and can instantly plant different crops. Start using it by touching the sides of the block (marked in red) to open the chest. Here you place the items needed to create a specific spell (recipes can be found below). Touch the top of the block (marked green) to open the Crafter the spell. Here you choose the spell you want to produce. Touch the magic circle to build it.

Classification of country types

In addition to the mods are classified as above. More Pickaxes Mod also adds more than 38 new types of pickaxes that can enchant the world of Minecraft. It’s very funny.
Ordinary hoes: These hoes are common hoes, so they can mine blocks and can be crafted with sticks and their materials!
Pickaxe: This hoe is only edible, but it can be eaten 3 times, giving food 3 times!
Low durability hoes: These pickaxes do a lot of damage and they are very effective, but they will fail very quickly!
Special pickaxe: This hoe has a special ability.
Special right-click hoes: This hoe has a special ability when you right-click. (By the way, the lapis lazuli pick is the same as the lapis lazuli pickaxe)
Cheating pickaxe: This pickaxe is too overwhelming since you can’t get ingredients in Minecraft, so you have to cheat to get this one!

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Mod Trailer:

How to install:

How to Use Forge to Install Minecraft Mods (Client Side)

How To Install The Fabric Mod Loader After Downloading It

The newest Minecraft Mods are available right now.

Download Links:

Mo’ Pickaxes Mod For Minecraft 1.7.2:download


Mo’ Pickaxes Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10: download


Mo’ Pickaxes Mod For Minecraft 1.8.0: download


Mo’ Pickaxes Mod For Minecraft 1.8.9:download


Mo’ Pickaxes Mod For Minecraft 1.10.2: download


Mo’ Pickaxes Mod For Minecraft 1.11:download


Mo’ Pickaxes Mod For Minecraft 1.11.2:download


Mo’ Pickaxes Mod For Minecraft 1.12.2:download

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