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Cobblemon Mod 1.19.2 is a Pokémon mod designed for everyone who loves Minecraft, the Pixelmon mod, and the Pokémon franchise. The goal of Cobblemon is to provide a seamless experience for players who want to catch, train, and battle their favorite Pokémon in a Minecraft environment. In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about Cobblemon and what makes it stand out from other Pokémon mods.

Cobblemon Mod

Cobblemon Mod

Get ready for an entirely new way to experience the world of Pokémon with Cobblemon, a mod that integrates seamlessly into Minecraft and other modpacks. Our open source code encourages both community contributions and forking.

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How To Install The Fabric Mod Loader After Downloading It

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1. A Customizable Mod for Every Player

Cobblemon allows you to customize your experience, giving you the ability to choose which Pokémon you want to see in the wild, what level they’ll appear at, and how often they’ll spawn. Want to catch a Mewtwo in your first ten minutes of gameplay? No problem! Want to make it extremely rare to encounter legendary Pokémon such as Articuno or Zapdos? You can do that too. The developers of Cobblemon understand that every player wants a different experience, which is why they’ve made the mod so customizable.

2. The Integration of Cobblemon into Minecraft and Other Mods

One of the biggest complaints about Pokémon mods is their lack of integration with the base Minecraft game and other mods. Cobblemon developers have taken this into account and made sure that the mod is compatible with other Minecraft mods so that players can enhance their Minecraft experience even further.

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3. An Open-Source Mod for the Community

Cobblemon’s source code is open for everyone to contribute to, which means that anyone can help contribute to and improve the mod. This open-source approach also allows for forking, which means that if you have a specific vision for Cobblemon that isn’t implemented, you can fork the code and create your own version of the mod.

4. A Growing Community of Cobblemon Fans

Since Cobblemon is a relatively new mod, the community isn’t as large as other established Pokémon mods. However, the player base is growing quickly, and there are already dedicated Cobblemon servers popping up all over the world. As more players discover this fantastic mod, we expect the community to expand even further.

5. A Bright Future for Cobblemon

Cobblemon has made leaps and bounds in the short time it’s been available to players. However, the developers are committed to continuously improving the mod and adding new features to make it even better for everyone. With custom gym battles, unique challenges, and more content planned for the future, Cobblemon is shaping up to be the best Pokémon mod for Minecraft players.


  • Capturing Pokémon to expand your team, battle wild Pokémon to gain experience, level up to unlock new moves, and evolve your Pokémon. Craft a PC and healer as soon as you can!
  • All Pokémon from generation 1, including their later-generation evolutions and pre-evolutions. Some Pokémon from other generations are in the mod as well.
  • Battles using the Pokémon Showdown! engine for competitive battle mechanics. In many cases we haven’t yet implemented the messages that go with certain actions – but the actions work.
  • Some Legends Arceus-style mechanics, such as move relearning, physically running from battle, and evolving your Pokémon when you decide.
  • Toggle free-movement during battles. You can build, break, or fight mobs while in Pokémon battles!
  • Apricorn trees in 7 colors. Harvest Apricorns by right-clicking them, and each harvest has a chance to also drop a seed that can grow a new tree. You can use Bone Meal on Apricorns too!
  • Many animations for each Pokémon that make all of your partners feel alive.
  • Pokémon spawning anywhere you can think of; you’ll have to search all kinds of places if you want to catch ’em all! Supports several major biome mods, including Terralith and Oh The Biomes You’ll Go.
  • Evolution stones can be found anywhere underground, with different stones located in different biomes. They’re more common near the surface.
  • Healers that need time to charge after being placed, but you can pick up and move them at any time.
  • All other Pokémon from generations 1 to 8 can be spawned and battled with, but if they don’t have a model yet then they will display as a Substitute doll.
  • Full support for custom variations and fakemon using data packs and resource packs. You can find out how to do it using our guide!
  • Support for both Fabric and Forge – though we recommend playing on Fabric because it’s faster and better on performance!
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An apricorn is a plant that grows in a variety of colors on apricorn trees. They are used to craft most Poké Balls.


Apricorns can be found growing naturally on apricorn trees. Interacting with one when fully grown will yield a single apricorn item and will leave behind an apricorn bud in its first growth stage.

Apricorn seeds have a 10% chance of dropping when an apricorn is harvested.


Apricorns have 4 stages of growth. During its first stage, the bud is small and black. In its second and third stages, the bud becomes progressively larger and lighter brown. Finally, in its last stage, the Apricorn will grow to its largest size and reflect the color of apricorn that it will yield.

Apricorns take on average 1 minecraft day to go from their first stage to their last stage. Bonemeal can be used on a growing apricorn to automatically progress to the next stage in its growth.

Destroying an apricorn in any stage besides its final stage will yield no items and the apricorn will be destroyed.

Apricorns can be placed on apricorn leaves in Creative Mode to create new buds.


Putting an apricorn in a composter has a 65% chance of raising the compost level by 1.

Crafting Ingredient

As of Cobblemon version 1.2, apricorns are only used for crafting the various kinds of Poké Balls.


Held Items are a series of items to be held by Pokémon. When held, these items will give Pokémon certain buffs or effects in battle.

Evolution Items are a series of items that can be used to evolve Pokémon.

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This page is dedicated to explaining the methods for obtaining each of these items.

The Link Cable is not listed here, and it’s already been given its own page.

Obtainable via Crafting Table

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