Things Mod (1.19.4 → 1.18.2): Explore the New World of Artifacts

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Take your gaming experience to the next level with a must-have mod for the popular game Minecraft! With ☑️ Things Mod (1.19.4 → 1.18.2), you can acquire unique artifacts that give you powerful abilities – all while going through an amazing adventure!

Things Mod

Things Mod

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1. Understanding the Mod:

The “Things” mod introduces an array of new artifacts and items that add a unique twist to the game. You’ll find items like The Mace of Supremacy, The Frost Maker, The Healing Quartz, The Wind Caller, and many more. Each item carries its own special ability that can be used by holding and pressing the right button on your mouse. The mod also adds new crafting recipes, including items like the Sacred Mold, which are essential to creating certain artifacts.

2. How to Obtain the Artifacts:

Obtaining these artifacts is not an easy task. For instance, to obtain The Mace of Supremacy, a powerful weapon, you must travel to the Nether and defeat the Blaze King. Crafting artifacts like the Automatic Farmer and the Wind Caller requires finding the artifacts’ components, which are scattered throughout the world. To craft the Sacred Mold, you must protect the Mold Keepers and find The Ritual Stone, hidden away in the depths of dangerous caves.

3. Advantages of Using Artifacts:

The unique abilities of these artifacts can help you in various situations, from combat to exploration to building. For example, using The Frost Maker when mining can help you clear out large areas of lava quickly. The Healing Quartz allows you to heal yourself in battle without using up your food bar. The Automatic Farmer artifact will save you time by harvesting crops and tilling the soil automatically.

4. Compatibility with Other Mods:

The “Things” mod is compatible with other Minecraft mods, so you can easily use it alongside other mods you love. You can also adjust the mod settings to suit your preferences by using the mod configuration screen available in the Minecraft main menu.


⭐Diamond Pressure Plate A Pressure Plate made of Diamonds is quite the unusual sight, but useful nonetheless. When constructed like this, it only reacts to players, making it finally a viable option for placing outside your front door.
⭐Gleaming Ore Gleaming Ore is most important in the majority of endeavours aiming to create a Thing. It can be found deep within the bowels of the earth where the stones meet, and will drop some Gleaming Powder if harvested using at least a Diamond Pickaxe. Enchanting this tool with Fortune could prove useful when ore is sparse, although the increase in yield might disappoint.

Some Gleaming Ore in it’s natural habitat. *It glows

⭐Glowstone Fixtures A piece of Glowstone conveniently mounted on a small plate. Glows as bright as Glowstone and has pretty particles.

Pretty neat, huh


⭐Apple Apples are food items that can be eaten by the player.

To eat an apple, press and hold use while it is selected in the hotbar or put it in your face. Eating one restores 4 hunger and 2.4 saturation.

Placing an apple into a composter has a 65% (13⁄20) chance of raising the compost level by 1.

How to correctly install Apple

⭐Bater Wucket Legends tell of an ancient sphere called Reddit, whose inhabitants were supposedly some of the strangest people ever seen. One day, the story goes, the idea of an inverse Water Bucket, dubbed the Bater Wucket, surfaced and struck terror in the minds of everyone forced to witness.

This cursed instrument would be constructed of pure water held together by god-knows-what and be able to dispense virtually infinite amounts of this purest of all substances.

*.. what?

⭐Container Key The Container Key might prove a pretty useful utility to those keen on protecting their belongings. By Shift-Right-Clicking on any container (eg. Chest, Furnace, …) it will be locked and can only be opened again using this one specific key until one chooses to unlock it again. This can be done just as easily by Shift-Right-Clicking with the key again.

One should keep in mind however, that, to those so inclined, overcoming this protection should prove trivial by simply destroying the container in question.

⭐Displacement Tome It turns out that by taking advantage of Glowing Ink’s peculiar properties, an Ender Pearl can be instructed to take the user to a specific location stored on a Displacement Page. These pages are too fragile to be used on their own however, and as such need to be contained in a Displacement Tome. The added bonus is that it allows one to inscribe said pages.

This is achieved by opening the Tome when in possession of one or more Displacement Pages and clicking the + icon, which will create a new entry in the Tome and insert the page. One can edit a page’s content by Right-Clicking, which even allows the user to discard it! The Tome also holds an internal buffer of Ender Pearls, filled by Shift-Right-Clicking it.

⭐Gleaming Materials Gleaming Powder, mined from Gleaming Ore, possesses some pretty useful magical abilities, to the point where some deranged individuals might consider it a primitive form of life. Although useless in and of itself, it does enable the creation of a wide range of utilities and trinkets.

Something else to try is covering a Diamond in it, which results in the even more powerful Gleaming Compound.

⭐Hardening Catalyst Combining a Nether Star with many hard things seems to result in a fluid of all things. This resulting fluid however, possess an interesting property. Pouring it over something with durability in an Anvil will, for some experience cost, make that item unbreakable.
⭐Infernal Scepter Slapping a Lava Bucket onto a Blaze Rod reinforced with a few Netherite Ingots seems like a great idea, doesn’t it? Well, it sure does make for a good weapon! By heating up Fire Charges, the Infernal Scepter makes them go airborne, and thereby potentially deadly. This process is very intense though, and even the incredible toughness of Netherite can not withstand it forever.
⭐Item Magnet The Item Magnet is an invaluable tool for cleaning up litter and/or theft. When Right-Clicked, it casts a ray that, through usage of it’s inbuilt Ender Pearl, teleports all items in it vicinity to the user.

Mild caution is advised when using your item magnet – depleting its charge too far will cause its pickup range and recharge speed to drastically decrease for a while.

⭐Recall Potion Quite possibly a concept as old as Minecraft itself, the Recall Potion allows the user to instantly return to their Spawnpoint by exploiting some subspace shenanigans, whose inner workings we’re still unsure about. This magical brew can be attained by imbuing an Awkward Potion with the powers of an Ender Pearl in a Brewing Stand.
⭐Retribution The Shield is, of course, one of the most advantageous pieces of battle equipment. On the contrary, there seems to be a lack enchantments for it. Retribution is here to fill that gap. A treasure enchantment only obtained through exploration, it can be applied to Shields and bestows 2 seconds of strength onto the user upon successfully blocking an incoming attack.


⭐Agglomeration While building out one’s supply of trinkets, a certain annoyance is often encountered – the need to choose between trinkets which occupy the same slot. Wouldn’t it be truly great to wear two trinkets in a single slot? Luckily, the Agglomeration exists to fill precisely that purpose.

To begin, one must craft themselves an Empty Agglomeration as shown on the

right. This must then be combined with two trinkets of choice in the next step. For obvious reasons, these trinkets must share at least one slot.

It is recommended to take great care when choosing

which trinkets to combine, as historical attempts have shown that separating them afterwards is not possible.

⭐Arm Extender Given that punching foes and rock is apparently one of the most exercised activities in a game of Minecraft, having extended reach would no doubt ease one’s everyday life. Almost like it was purpose-made, the Arm Extender exists to fulfill that job. More-or-less equivalent to strapping a really heavy piston to the end of your arm, it extends your reach by two blocks.
⭐Broken Watch One would be forgiven for assuming that a Broken Watch isn’t of much use. However, preserving one using Gleaming Compound turns out to have a positive outcome for any active Potion Effects. In fact, it extends their duration by 50%. Given the immense force required for breaking a Clock, simply using a Crafting Table is not an option. Instead, throw some Leather, a Clock as well as a piece of

Gleaming Compound onto the ground and crush them with a piston.

⭐Ender Pouch Everyone knows the pain of having to return from an exploring venture early to empty one’s inventory. Now this issue can not be remedied with such simple materials, yet at least the Ender Pouch manages to almost double the time spent adventuring. Effectively being a portable Ender Chest, it provides quick access to the user’s Ender Inventory.
⭐Hades Crystal By applying the Nether’s tainted heat directly to Gleaming Compound, a Hades Crystal is formed. In this new form, the Compound has learned to absorb and neutralize heat, protecting the wearer from all kinds of fire as best it can.
⭐Luck of the Irish To the average Minecrafter, the Poisonous Potato might seem like a wasted opportunity. By crafting and wearing Luck of the Irish though, a great benefit can be extracted from them. The Gleaming Compound contained in it can transmute the poison effect one usually gets afflicted with into Regeneration II by applying knowledge gained from the incorporated Enchanted Golden Apple.
⭐Mining Glove Even though mining is one of Minecraft’s core game mechanics, doing it in bulk can be quite the task. A Mining Glove, however, can help speed this up. By both making the user’s hands more tough and swift, a vast increase in mining speed is achieved.
⭐Monocle Monocles have long been used to provide their wearer with better vision. Taking one and adding some Gleaming Powder onto it’s lens gives it a magical glow that, when worn, grants Night Vision on top of the usual benefits.
⭐Mossy Necklace Patching Wounds is a nasty job, luckily the Mossy Necklace is only too happy to do it for you! Provide it with light, either natural or artificial in nature, and it will begin healing you. The way in which it does this is not entirely hygienic, suffice it to say that moss can grow and wounds can be patched.

*A “natural” band-aid

⭐Placebo Whilst producing mass-amounts of potions is not the most straining task imaginable, saving some would no doubt be useful. The Placebo might just about help with this. It sometimes decides, unbeknownst to you, to replace the potion you’re drinking with a placebo yet somehow preserve the effects

How it accomplishes this is currently unknown, “it just works”

⭐Rabbit Foot Charm Although the average rabbit foot pendant is supposed to bring good luck, sprinkling some Gleaming Powder onto one has a different effect. By stimulating the ingredients usually used in potion-making, the Rabbit’s Foot is coaxed into providing the user with permanent Jump Boost II.
⭐Riot Gauntlet Utilizing Gleaming Compound‘s magical properties and the pure blunt force of two Netherite Ingots to the face, the Riot Gauntlet enhances its wearers strength significantly. Dismembering a lone Zombie proves effortless even without a weapon, making the Gauntlet a warrior’s best friend.
⭐Shock Absorber Everyone knows the pain of smashing one’s head into a wall or feet into the ground at terminal velocity. Conveniently, the Shock Absorber exists to lessen the impact. Being a stylish pair of shoes made mostly of Phantom Membrane and Wool, held together by some Gleaming Compound, it is capable of reducing both fall and kinetic damage by 75%.
⭐Socks Everybody knows that all the cool kids have socks. As such, it is of course possible to obtain a pair for oneself. Easily obtained using some Wool adorned with Gleaming Powder, they provide an instant speed boost. Should there be a need for even greater swiftness, the Socks may be upgraded with a String Potion of Swiftness and some Gleaming Powder.

Similarly, a Rabbit Foot Charm may be integrated, consuming one Gleaming Compound. This will bestow upon the wearer Jump Boost II as well as step-assist. Said Jump Boost may also be toggled by sneaking for one second while sprinting.

⭐Enchanted Wax Gland Strapping a Wax Gland to your feet is actually a great idea. Similar to its paragon in nature, a waxed lower body makes you float. Moreover, the Gleaming Compound mixed into this particular gland bestows upon you great speed in water, turning it a very effective means of transport.

As great as these powers are, heat is their downfall. This could be remedied however, if you were to to wear the gland in conjunction with a Hades Crystal

Things Mod Screenshots:

Things Mod Things Mod Things Mod

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