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Wyrmroost mod 1.16.5 β†’ 1.15.2 for the game Minecraft that adds new creatures, biomes, and gameplay mechanics centered around dragons and other mythical creatures. The mod was created by a team of developers called “Wyrmroost Team” and is available for download on various mod hosting websites.

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  • New dragon and creature types, such as the Forest and Desert dragons, as well as new creatures like the Gorgon and the Stymphalian Bird.
  • New biomes to explore, including the Dragon Lair biome and the Dragon Roost biome.
  • New structures to discover, such as the Dragon Roost and the Dragon Cave.
  • New items and materials to craft, including dragon scales, claws, and breath weapons.
  • New gameplay mechanics, such as dragon riding and the ability to hatch and raise dragon eggs.

The Wyrmroost mod adds several new items and materials to the game, many of which are related to dragons and other mythical creatures. Here are some examples of the new items and materials that you can find in the Wyrmroost mod:

  1. Dragon Scales – These are dropped by dragons when you defeat them, and can be used to craft dragon armor and weapons.
  2. Dragon Claws – These are also dropped by dragons and can be used to craft weapons and tools.
  3. Dragon Bones – These can be found in dragon lairs and used to craft bone blocks, bone meal, and dragon bone tools.
  4. Dragonsteel – This is a new material that can be crafted by combining dragon bones and iron ingots. It can be used to make powerful weapons and armor.
  5. Dragon Eggs – These are rare items that can be found in dragon nests and caves. You can hatch them using a Dragon Egg Incubator and raise them into your own pet dragon.
  6. Gorgon Head – This is a rare drop from the Gorgon creature, and can be used to create a statue of the Gorgon that can turn creatures to stone.
  7. Hydra Scales – These are dropped by the Hydra creature and can be used to craft Hydra armor and weapons.

Dragon Types

Before we started this mod we developers thought that it was a shame how there are so many types of dragons in the world yet so few ever make it into media in general let alone minecraft mods. Even the dragons that did make it into media and mods tended… to be the classic representations of them. With Wyrmroost we wanted to do both the lesser known types of dragons and our own takes on classic dragons.


“What did this type of dragon evolve from? Some walk on their wings while others slither. Some have even been seen to breath fire…are they related to Wingwalkers? or is this a form of convergent evolution?”- J.E

These dragons are the only type of dragon in the mod who only ever have their limbs be wings and nothing else. They are very serpentine by nature but can be bird like in some cases. Even having some feathers on their wings.

Some species are capable of having breath weapons but that is not the only type of defence and attack that they have been known to develop. Stories of them emiting lightning and sound have been heard. Some have even been seen to pin their prey with their wings while they coil around them tightly.

Another thing to be noted is that there are two main ways of motion found among the species of this kind of dragon. The most common way is slithering like a snake while keeping their wings tucked tightly to their bodies. The second less common way is that they use their wings in the same way that wingwalkers do.

Low tier: Bamphee (TBA)

Common: Honking bluetail (TBA)

Apex: Strikefire Amphithere (TBA



“It really is just amazing to see dragons with such odds stacked against them thrive here. Is there something in their skin, which buffers the more nasty breath attacks?”- J.E

By nature Drakes are terrestrial dragons who are unable to fly. They also do not have any breath weapons to speak of, however as a result they have developed more sturdy bodys and skins, in order to withstand attacks from other dragons.

Not all Drakes have four limbs some ancestral species of Drake have six and can be seen as a direct link to how six limbed kinds of dragons came into existance. Some of these six limbed drakes have their third pair of limbs as vestigial wings.

Another thing to note is that it seems that these kinds of dragons seem to be either heard animals or opportunistic loners. When in heards there have been stories of the entire herd working together to fend off an attacker.

Low tier: Roost Stalker, Dragonfruit drake

Common: Overworld Drake

Apex: Crowned Drake (TBA)

Behemoth: Crystaline Drake (TBA)


“If allowed to take its course would evolution eventually allow these dragons to develop thumbs?”- J.E

Hexapods are our name for the classice six limbed western dragon. Typically they are just called dragons but that would be like calling a specific type of dog, dog so naming them after the amount of limbs they have seemed to be the most logical way to go about it.

To be this kind of dragon by this mods standards one of the pairs of limbs must be wings. How they walk varies depending on species with some being bipedal and others being quadrupedal. There are even some species that have been observed doing both forms of motion depending on the situation.

These species of dragons have been observed to not only be able to evolve different types of breath weapon but also venom and other stranger and more unique defences as well. They seem to be the most varied kind of dragon in both biology and body type.

Low tier: Coin Dragon, False wingwalker (TBA)

Common: The Alpine Dragon, Common dragon (TBA)

Apex: The Royal Red



“Strange, they seem to either be developing wings or losing all of their limbs. I am not sure which it is.”- J.E

Lindwyrms are another ancestral group of dragons. They are ancestors to both Amphitheres and Wyrms (for development purposes Wyrms have been merge into the Lindwyrms). They can have two to four limbs however they will not have front and back legs at the same time. Some species have a second set of limbs as a second pair of front legs nestled between the main ones.

They are another group of dragons who are both unable to fly and unable to breath fire. This, however does not make it so that they can not have other kinds of breath weapons, although all weapons that have found have been seen to be more primitive and less developed then other types of dragons with the same weapon.

Some species have managed to turn the vestigial limbs into a weapon to either defend themselves or help hunt their prey. So far there has been no species that have been seen to further develop these limbs.

Low tier: Lesser desertwyrm

Common: Orbwyrm (TBA)

Apex: The Ralak (TBA)

Behemoth: Greater desertwyrm (TBA)


“Honestly? I am not sure what to even name these dragons. Sea dragons feels far too literal to describe the aquatic evolutions of dragons. Not all of them even live in the sea.”- J.E

Not even the oceans of The Wyrmroost are free from dragons. We decided to use the world Leviathan for our sea dragons because not only does it fit better but it is still technically correct to call them that.

This type of dragon is the one with the least strict requirements to be a part of it. As long as a dragon lives most of it’s life in the water with the adaptations needed for it then it is a Leviathan.

Often Leviathans legs have evolved to have webbing, into fins, flippers or just attrophied to suit their aquatic lifestyle. While some of them do still need to surface to breath air others have fully developed gills so they never need to risk themselves going to the surface.

Low tier

Common: Nebula leviathan (TBA), Luma leviathan (TBA)

Apex: Butterfly leviathan

Behemoth: Stygian aberyth (TBA)


“It seems that these dragons seem to show a more savage and bestial form of intelligence compared to the other dragons of The Wyrmroost.”- J.E

This type of dragons can be considered the most realistic type of dragons in the mod. They only have four limbs and they use their wings to walk and support their weight. They also have on average bigger torsos and hips to support the correct body structure that they need.

Unlike Wyverns, Wingwalkers can have a breath weapon, which can be fire or any other number of evolved weapons not all of which being deadly but can be used to escape from danger. Due to being descendents of Wyverns they can also have venom instead or alongside of their breath weapons. There are also some species that do not have a breath weapon at all.

Low tier: Silver Glider, Scytheray (TBA)


Apex: Demonic Winwalker (TBA)

Behemoth: Aergia wingwalker (TBA)


“No matter how many species I find I have never found any that utilise their breath. Why is that? Are they a more primitive form of dragon? Their inteligence seems to sugest otherwise though.”- J.E

The wyverns of this mod walk on two legs much like birds they also are not able to have a breath weapon of any kind. They also typically have stingers, spikes or something else on the tip of their tails, which they use to inflict venom or do something worse.

Being the most bird like of the dragons it is no surprise that some species of Wyverns have developed feathers on parts of their bodies.

This does not make them any less of a threat then other types of dragon as their venoms can change in effects greatly. Some dragons in colder climates have adapted to make their venom cause a nasty kind of frostbite even in warmer areas.

Low tier: Canari Wyvern,

Common: Cliff hanger (TBA), Glacial skulker (TBA)


Behemoth: Karralis (TBA)


“Is it possible that they use their whiskers as sensory organs to help them during flight? Just how advanced is their spinal cord?”- J.E

Oriental dragons are our take on eastern dragons. We did not want a generic name like eastern dragon for this group of dragons but we also did not want a direct link to a specific country. So we decided that Oriental both sounded like a name suitable for it and did not specify a country.

All oriental dragons will have snake like bodies but they also have at least four limbs (even if vestigial). There have been some orientals to even have wings.

Orientals may be the most unique in terms of both attacking and defending themselves. There have been stories of everything, from them to manipulating the weather all the way to bending light itself.

Low tier: Shiny Dragonlet (TBA), Pikewyrm (TBA)



Behemoth: Celestial skyserpent (TBA)


“This…this kind of thing is something someone gets to see once in their life time. Fortunately this is not my one time.”- J.E

There is only one species of this type of dragon currently planned. For the mod if more are added it will only be after all of the other dragons have been added.

Arketopteryx are a very new type of dragons. To be an Arketopteryx a dragon must have six limbs two pairs of which must serve as wings. Some of these limbs that serve as wings may be able to grab things much like feet can.

What other things they have evolved are a mystery as initially only one species has been found.

Fogwraith (TBA)

Wyrmroost Mod Screenshots:

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