Minecraft “Jumping” Mods: 8 of the Best!

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Hello, my name is and I love video games. More specifically, I love movement mechanics in video games. They are one of the core aspects that make up the gameplay experience. And they can affect the game in both obvious and subtle ways.

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you some of the best movement mods for Minecraft. These mods will give you a fresh new way to experience this classic game.

1. Squake

If you love FPS games, you’ll love this mod. It was primarily inspired by Fortress Forever and Team Fortress Classic. And it brings the movement mechanics found in these games (and often, in other FPS games too) into Minecraft.

This includes the common ones like bunnyhopping to the exclusive ones like Fortress Forever’s trimp mechanic. This mechanic allows you to turn your horizontal speed into vertical speed, allowing you to launch yourself into the air.

Imagine if this was a thing in real life. You’d see Usain Bolt running like a cheetah on the track and then suddenly flying straight up because he misclicked

2. Armor Movement Mod

If you’re looking for a way to make working out more fun, look no further than this mod. It offers an array of new wearable items, designed to make moving around as enjoyable as possible. From grappling hooks and spring boots to heelys, there’s something for everyone. Plus, there are bananas for snacks – what could be better?

3. Movement Plus

Movement Plus is a highly configurable movement mod that includes several new movement mechanics, most notably the ability to jump midair and coyote time.

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Coyote time isn’t some were-coyote feature where you turn into a coyote every full moon. It’s a movement mechanic!

Essentially, when you run off a block, you have a small grace period where you can jump again.

By default, coyote time is very short and therefore subtle. Since there’s an entire dimension filled with lava though, you’re better safe than sorry!

4. Move-Plus

Move-Plus is a mod that adds new movement techniques to the game, making it easier for you to outmaneuver your enemies. This mod also includes dodging abilities, so you can easily avoid taking damage. And even though these changes are small, they make movement feel much smoother in the game. For example, Movement at low speeds has been improved, making it easier to get around without having to worry about your food bar. So if you’re looking for an edge in combat, be sure to try out Move-Plus!

5. Smart Moving

If you were to judge Minecraft characters by how they move, you’d probably judge them as being not very smart.

You know those toys for toddlers where they try to fit the shape in the right hole? That’s what watching Minecraft characters navigate the environment feels like sometimes. Like, come on Steve, is it really that hard to crawl through a 1×1 hole?

Smart Moving combines the movement of our greatest athletes with the brains of our greatest minds to enact revolutionary movement techniques such as… sliding.

I’m honestly surprised vanilla Minecraft doesn’t have some of these!

This is a great add-on to make the game’s movements smoother and more fun.

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6. Iron Jetpacks

Iron Jetpacks is a great mod if you want to fly, but don’t just want the abilities handed to you.

There’s also fuel so you can’t just fly forever. After all, not even birds can do that, so why should you be able to?

This mod doesn’t only offer one jetpack – it offers six (five are obtainable in survival). You’ll be switching through jetpacks like they’re clothes!

7. Wall-Jump!

When he was younger, Timmy loved to play video games. He especially enjoyed platformers, where wall-jumping was an iconic ability. With Minecraft having so many parkourers, it made sense that someone made a mod for wall-jumping. Timmy could do some really cool parkour with this!

But it’s not just wall-jumping that Timmy loves. He can also double jump and cling to walls like a spider monkey! This comes in handy when he’s trying to escape from his bullies.

8. Jasons Fly Mod

This mod allows you to do just that. It’s great for the new, the builders, and the lazy. Maybe you got stuck in a big hole? Maybe you want to build something really tall? Maybe you just don’t feel like walking? Whatever your problem is, flying is the perfect solution.


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