How to Get Ancient Shards in Minecraft: Netherite Tools and More

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In Minecraft update 1.19, Mojang added a new rare mineral called Ancient Debris or ancient shards. These can only be found in the Nether and can be crafted into Netherite tools, the highest level of equipment in the game. Therefore, obtaining ancient fragments to upgrade tools is extremely important. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to get ancient shards in Minecraft!


With ancient shards unable to be destroyed by explosions, players must use TNT and End Crystal mining. You can activate your remotely mined gunpowder for faster farming while still being safe from any obstacles that may arise in their way such as wiring or dangerous monsters hiding beneath ground level 15th Unlock all 22 achievements!

Use the bed

If you’re lazy but don’t mind the danger, exploiting the bed is a good idea. Try sleeping in beds in the Nether, the End and custom spaces. Disable them to explode the surrounding blocks. The explosion has a magnitude of 5, higher than TNT.

First, dig down to Y = 15 because that’s where the largest concentration of ancient debris in the exposed blocks is. Crafting beds when mining a tunnel. Every 16th block, dig 1x2x5 tunnels (1 block in width, 2 blocks in height, and 5 blocks in length) perpendicular to your main tunnel.

Place the bed in the secondary cellar with the headboard facing the main cellar. Activate it, then run as far away as possible to avoid the explosion. The bed has an explosion of 5, so you need to make it with 6 blocks. This method is quite dangerous, so bring protective gear such as Totems of Undying, armor enchanted with explosion-proof and fire-resistant potions.

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Come back later to get all the ancient shard blocks. Repeat the above process until you have the required quantity.

Loot from the inventory

Minecraft players may have luck finding ancient shards in the nether after searching for crates. The first step is locating your target fortresses and clearing them out, which will create four different variations with unique structures loot – including one containing two pieces of this rare material!

Normal Mining

The easiest way to find ancient fragments in Minecraft is by using a diamond pickaxe with Efficiency II or higher. You can immediately mine netherrack once you have found your desired amount and will not be eliminated if interrupted, as long as there isn’t any lava involved! To avoid getting burned while digging attempt at angles which allow for sprinting so that it doesn’t take too long before running out of space again – just keep going until reaching solid ground beneath us .


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