Alloy Forgery Mod (1.19.4 → 1.18.2): Upgrade Your Obsolete Forger | Ability to Create, Adapt & Imitate Objects

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Introducing the Alloy forgery mod 1.19.4 → 1.18.2 – a new utility block with powerful features such as upgrading your obsolete forger into 3 tiers and creating, adapting or imitating objects with the right documents and recipes! Unlock the full potential of your forge with this unique mod!

Alloy Forgery Mod

Alloy Forgery Mod

Alloy Forgery offers a new utility block that functions similarly to the orthodox version but with added features. The primary function of the Alloy Forgery is to melt various items. However, with the right documents and recipes, it introduces the concept of creating, adapting, or even imitating objects. This new feature adds a whole new dimension to the game, allowing players to experiment and create their unique items.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Alloy Forgery Mod is the potential to upgrade it into three tiers, giving your block better capabilities. However, unlike other Forgery Mods, the upgrade process for Alloy Forgery is a bit more complex. Players will have to build an intricate system that allows their Alloy Forgery to thrive and produce better items. This unique approach sets Alloy Forgery apart from other Forgery Mods, and players will find it challenging yet rewarding.

Another unique aspect is that Alloy Forgery requires the documentation to be crafted to make the item. Players will have to research and experiment to find the right recipe for crafting an item in the Alloy Forgery. This mechanic adds a sense of realism to the mod, making it more exciting and challenging.

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The Alloy Forgery Mod adds a new layer of complexity to the Minecraft crafting experience. The ability to craft, adapt, or even imitate objects adds a new level of creativity to the game. The intricate system of upgrading the Alloy Forgery also provides new challenges for players, making it even more rewarding when they unlock better capabilities.

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  • A New Alloy Forgery was introduced.
  • This Alloy Forgery is much more complicated than the regular ones.
  • Players would need to build a complex system to complement them.

All controllers are crafted according to this pattern, with the outer ring of blocks corresponding to that controller’s material. To construct a forge, simply follow the convenient guide above this piece of text using any combination of blocks that forge type supports.

Alloy Forgery Mod

Forge Controller

The Forge controller is crafted from the respective material of the forge tier with a blast furnace in the middle:

Tiers and Materials

Tiers are important for making recipes harder to make, or to make them more efficient. Currently as of 1.3.0 of Alloy Forgery there are 5 different materials for forges:
Bricks and Stone Bricks, which are used for Tier 1 Alloy Forge.
Deepslate and Blackstone, which are used for Tier 2 Alloy Forge.
Endstone, which is used for a Tier 3 Alloy Forge.


A forge can by default be fueled by vanilla materials. Currently they accept the following list:

  • Coal and Blocks of Coal
  • Charcoal
  • Blaze Rods
  • Lava Bucket
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For more information on how to add recipes and fuels,


As of Alloy Forgery 2.0.0 automation has been improved. You can now finally use hoppers to automate alloy forging.

As of Alloy Forgery 2.0.8 hoppers will automatically stop inserting items when it is forging. In larger contraptions, or older versions of the mod, you might want to use redstone in order to automate them more effectively.

Alloy Forgery Mod Screenshots:

Alloy Forgery Mod Alloy Forgery Mod Alloy Forgery Mod

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