The world of One Piece Map 1.15.2

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One Piece is one of the most famous manga in the world; what could be more normal than to see his universe reproduced in a map for Minecraft? If you are a Monkey D. Luffy fan, you certainly haven’t missed out on the Mine Mine any Mi mod, which adds devil fruits and their characteristics to Minecraft; this map with the name of One Piece World Project is ideal. To complete it.

The world of One Piece Map

To date, the world is not fully reproduced (75% according to The_Variant its creator), but you can already find many islands, cities, and emblematic places:

    • Fuchsia
    • Alvida base
    • Shell Town
    • Orange Town
    • Shimotsuki
    • Syrup
    • Animals island
    • Baratie
    • Don krieg base
    • Yosaku and Johnny island lost
    • Arlong Park and the archipelago
    • Oykot (where nami born)
    • Logue Town (i’ll make a remake of it)
    • Reverse Mountain
    • Whyskey Peak
    • little garden
    • Drum
    • Alabasta
    • Jaya
    • Heaven Gate
    • Paradise beach
    • Skypiea
    • Long Ring Long Land
    • Ohara
    • Shift station
    • Sea train
    • Water Seven
    • Franky House
    • Enies Lobby
    • Great Gate
    • Thriller Bark
    • Sabaody
    • Red line
    • Amazon Lilly (base)
    • Impel Down (base)
    • Marine Ford (base)
    • Dawn with Goa Kingdom ⇨
    • Wild islands
    • Community island
    • Punk Hazard Base
    • Wano kuni base 

The world of One Piece Map Screenshots:

Install a map on Minecraft Java PC or Mac

Time required to install a Minecraft map:  2 minutes.

The steps to install a Minecraft map.

  1. Start by downloading a Minecraft map.

    You will find a selection of the best maps on our site.

  2. Simultaneously press the WINDOWS  +  R keys  to open the command prompt

    Type  %appdata% in the window that appears and press enter

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Navigate /savesto the root folder  of Minecraft

If you’ve played solo before, there will already be Minecraft worlds inside.

  1. Drag the Minecraft maps you want to install into this folder

    You must of course first have downloaded Minecraft maps.

  2. If the map is still in .zip format, unzip it in this folder

    You absolutely have to unzip the card, otherwise it won’t work.

  3. Launch Minecraft then select the newly installed map

    Enjoy your Minecraft map!

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One Piece Minecraft Map 1.15.2

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