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Dannypan created the enormous continent of Meridea, which is nearly 16 km long and 10 km wide. You can uncover a variety of biomes and places where you can construct whatever you want as you explore the continent. This map was built with the sole purpose of giving creative players a larger, more realistic area to build on or for developers wishing to create an RPG/Adventure in a card that has already been made. Since the map lacks the necessary materials for a full game, as you would have realized, it will regretfully not be possible to play it in survival mode.

The characteristics of Continent of Meridea:

  • A diverse region with forests, jungle, deserts, snowy wasteland, hills, grasslands, deep oceans, rivers and much more.
  • Includes a large mainland and various islands.
  • A large network of caves, including unique hand-crafted caves.
  • Deep oceans that go down to -60.
  • High mountains of up to 320.

Author’s recommendations:

Meridea was created to work with Minecraft Vanilla and only uses vanilla blocks and height limits, but this map was designed with the following texture packs and mods in mind:

  • OptiFine : Greatly improves performance and is required for the recommended texture pack.
  • BetterVanillaBuilding : An excellent texture pack that includes reworked vanilla blocks and connected textures, as well as custom leaf colors in certain biomes.
  • Distant Horizons : Improves your render distance for up to 512 chunks render distance (still in Alpha).
  • Effective : Adds effects to falling water, making waterfalls more realistic.
  • Small Ships : Adds boats to Minecraft and makes traveling on Meridea’s vast river system more enjoyable (still in Alpha).
  • JourneyMap : Adds a world map to your display and a full size map of Meridea.
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Minecraft Game version 1.19.2, 1.18.2

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