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Players have plenty of time and space to explore the planet and get to know its many hostile and passive species in Minecraft between all the mining and crafting. These include the game’s tamable mobs, which can be used as mounts, guardians, or just as pets.

But controlling a crowd is no easy task. To gain an animal’s trust, players will typically need the appropriate gear plus a dash of luck. Some mobs in Minecraft are exceedingly rare and difficult to locate. The best mobs in Minecraft may be tamed using these tips.

As of November 6, 2022, Anastasia Maillot has updated: Everyone is talking about Minecraft 1.20 as anticipation for yet another major update grows. Mojang has recently demonstrated its ability to modernize some of the game’s outdated features while also adding fresh, entertaining features to liven up the sandbox survival game. The Allay, one of the most recent mobs to join the game, was chosen by players after the mob vote that took place back in 2021. Although this mob cannot really be “tamed,” the Allay has earned its place on our list because the technique might be compared to taming. If appropriate, further details and updates have also been added in relation to previous tameable mobs. Here’s how to tame the best Minecraft mobs.


In Minecraft, allays are extraordinary and distinctive animals. Instead of specialized biomes, these blue, fairy-like animals can be found in two unique constructions. Both Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions should be sought after by players, with the former being much simpler and more accessible. Allays often inhabit wooden cages outside the main tower in Outposts, whereas they can be found in a room with cobblestone cells in Woodland Mansions.

Allays don’t need to eat. Therefore, you must offer them an item if you want them to follow the player. Give an Allay an item by right-clicking on them while they are holding it. The Allay will then be attached to the player and look around for the identical item to bring it back to them. Allays will instantly pick up objects on the ground for the player as a result of this process, making them very helpful for any type of farming. The player is no longer tied to the item if it is taken out of the Allay.

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To raise awareness about this water-loving lizard species that is almost extinct, axelotls were incorporated into the game. Axolotls reproduce in deep waters, and despite the fact that they can spend some time on land, they clearly prefer the ocean’s depths and other big bodies of water.

Predators include axolotls. Except for dolphins, they’ll assault any other ocean-dwelling horde. They may be led with a lead constructed from string and slime balls, and they make excellent allies against Guardians and Elder Guardians under ocean monuments. Axolotls in Minecraft can also be bred using a bucket of tropical fish, although they cannot be fully domesticated. Just remember that pufferfish can kill axolotls, so keep them in a different tank or enclosed in buckets to keep them safe.


The horse is unquestionably the mainstay of domesticated animals. If the player chooses the horse with the fastest pace within the group, this one stands out from the rest because of the extraordinary travel time it offers. Before selecting one, it’s best to attempt and tame a few other horses because each one has special hidden stats. For the best chances of finding horses in Minecraft, head over to a nearby plains biome.

In contrast to donkeys and mules, horses cannot truly carry objects. They are only used for transportation, and long distance travel is essential to gameplay. In order to mount a horse in Minecraft, right-click on it until hearts appear above its head. Continue doing this until the horse stops kicking. Horses can also have horse armor, which is useful for lengthy journeys or in case the horse sustains harm. Keep a lead close by, though, as even trained horses have a penchant for getting lost in the game when the player isn’t on top of them.


One of the most difficult animals in the game to tame is the ocelot, primarily due to its rarity in the wild. In actuality, since there are now genuine cats in the game, ocelots can “earn trust” just like foxes and allays and are not always tameable. The player must first locate a jungle habitat because that is where these elusive feline companions prefer to spawn in order to be found.


Wolves are perhaps the most prevalent mob, making them simple for players to tame. Every forest will typically have a group of them prowling around, though wolves generally spawn more frequently in colder forest biomes.

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A bone can be used to tame wolves. Even if wolves can be fed meat while they are still wild, they won’t be tamed by doing so. In Minecraft, you can tame wolves by feeding them bones until little hearts emerge above their heads, which will cause the wolf’s appearance to change. There will also be a collar that may be dyed in any of the game’s colors. Once tamed, wolves can transform into dogs that attack dangerous creatures as long as the user is not made to sit. This makes them immensely helpful.

Skeleton Horse

Want to be the envy of all other Minecraft players and the talk of the server? The greatest move to make in the situation is to display a Skeleton Horse. Due to its bare, bony appearance, this mount is without a doubt the coolest-looking one in the entire game.

Only during thunderstorms can these monsters spawn, and they frequently come with skeletons that must be slaughtered before the horse may be trained. After dealing with their former owners, right-click on the skeleton horse with an empty hand and repeatedly hop on its back until little hearts start to emerge over its head. With the exception of its unusual appearance, the skeleton horse is exactly like a conventional horse and may be ridden quickly.


In addition to ocelots and parrots, players that come across a jungle biome in their world are especially fortunate. These tiny birds have the ability to mimic other mobs, which is both tremendously cool and somewhat terrifying.


Due to their propensity to carry objects in their mouths, foxes are a very distinctive species. They may move swiftly through luscious berry bushes and cuddle up to sleep. They are a challenging monster to capture and tame because they sprint extremely quickly and are only found in cold forest biomes like taigas.

In Minecraft, adult foxes cannot be tamed, but they can be bred using tasty berries. A lead should be used to yank the baby fox away from its parents and prevent it from following them instead of the player since the baby fox will now trust the player. Catching two adult foxes in this situation is the difficult part.


For those who are unsure of the distinction between a mule and a donkey, this herd is essentially the offspring of a donkey and a horse. Due to their inability to breed with other mules, they are a challenging mob to have, but they still make excellent carriers and respectable mounts.

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Mules can be identified from donkeys by their generally brown coloration in the wild. To tame the mule, right-click on it with an empty hand and get upon its back. At first, it will repeatedly kick the player off, but if you keep doing this, ultimately it should have a small heart icon above its head to indicate that it has been tamed.


Donkeys make excellent storage animals and can be pulled by a lead, but they are not terrific mounts because they all travel at the same speed when being ridden. As a result, the player does not need to have a saddle nearby when riding a donkey. They are also simple to spot in the wild and, like mules and horses, like to appear in plains biomes.


Although llamas are arguably the weakest mount in the game, they are actually quite useful for storing. Additionally, many players enjoy covering their llamas in various colored rugs to easily color-code their storage. Go to a savanna or mountain biome to locate them.

Llamas can assault the player by spitting on them, so they should be handled carefully. A llama can be tamed by right-clicking it and mounting it until it stops kicking and small heart icons emerge. Remember once more that llamas cannot be ridden; they can only be led and used for storage.

The llamas the Wandering Trader owns can also be trained and “stolen.” Llamas spit on attacking things, so players should exercise caution when managing them. Sadly, they won’t make use of this power to keep the player safe.

Cat (Village Stray Variant)

Although ocelots are the game’s initial method of obtaining a cat, stray cats are a quicker and more fascinating way to acquire a wide range of various cats. For cat-lover completionists, there is even a special accomplishment for taming every type of cat in the game. Go to any nearby village because such are known to be gathering places for stray cats.

Away from players, stray cats would constantly flee in fear. They will, however, approach the player more slowly if they hold a piece of raw fish or salmon in their hands. Feed the cat enough times with raw fish or salmon to tame it until hearts start to appear above its head.

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