How to Heal a Horse in Minecraft: The Correct Methods Tested

In Minecraft, Horses are one of the most important animals. They are a mode of transportation, and they can be used as a battle mount in fights against other players or mobs. If you lose your Horse, it can be tough to get it back. In this blog post, we will test every method for How to Heal a Horse in Minecraft, so that you can have your pet back by your side!

breeding horses in minecraft

Hay Bales

Hay bales are more than just decoration blocks in Minecraft villages; they can also come to life and provide horses with food. When a horse eater eats from one of these hay piles, it will restore 1 health point (half-heart).

To craft a Hay Bale, you will need to put 9 Wheats in the Crafting Table.

breeding horses in minecraft 1

It may be a good idea to place a Hay Bale close to where you leave your Horses between your trips. Horses can eat from a Hay Bale without consuming it, so this will last indefinitely.


The most common way to heal a Horse is giving them food. Many online articles say that Golden Apples and Golden Carrots don’t heal Horses, but it is not true. They are probably old articles that weren’t updated.

To heal Horses, you need to keep one of the following kinds of food in your hand. Then right click on a Horse to feed them:

  • Sugar – restores 1 health
  • Wheat – 2 health
  • Apple – 3 health
  • Golden Carrot – 4 health
  • Golden Apple (enchanted or not) – 10 health
  • Bay Hale – 18 health

Where 1 health is equal to half heart of their health bar. It’s quite interesting to notice that Minecraft Horses don’t eat regular Carrots, despite loving them in the real world.

One thing worth mentionig: while you can use all this food to tame a Horse, you can only use Golden Apples and Golden Carrots for breeding Horses.

Splash Potion of Healing

Healing Potions are great for helping your horse heal from injuries. You can’t give them a regular Healing Potion, but if you have an empty Splash Mining Potion slot in one of the four compartments on his character sheet then throw him some Glistening Melon instead!

To craft Glistening Melon you need 8 Gold Nuggets and 1 slice of Melon.

breeding horses in minecraft 2

You can find Melon in Jungle Biomes, Savanna Villages and Desert Villages, or you can find its seeds as loot in Chests. To get Golden Nuggets you just need to put a Gold Ingot in the crafting box:

breeding horses in minecraft 3

After you obtained a Healing Potion you just need to brew it with Gunpowder (as described in the Water Breathing Potion article) to get the Splash Potion of Healing. Now all you have to do is throw it at your Horse to instantly heal them.

Skeleton Horses

Everything said above works for living Horses only. If you want to heal Skeleton Horses, you will only have one option: the Splash Potion of Harming, which deals instant damage to living creatures and restores health to undead creatures.

Brewing a Splash Potion of Harming is essentially the same process that we saw before, but instead of using Glistening Melon you will need to use one Fermented Spider Eye.

To craft a Fermented Spider Eye you will need 1 Spider Eye, 1 Sugar and 1 Brown Mushroom

breeding horses in minecraft 4

Healing your horse in Minecraft can be done by using three different methods, each with their own benefits. Hay bales will help keep them healthy but if you want to heal all of the damage at once then there’s also other options available for food like sugar cane which grows easily enough and has only one net loss per plant!


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