1.19.3 / 1.20 of Minecraft: Snapshot 22w42a

You may now access the 22w42a snapshot of Minecraft version 1.19.3 in your launcher. You may be asking why a 1.19.3 was released instead of the features of version 1.20 that were revealed during Minecraft Live 2022. Actually, they are there. In fact, this snapshot incorporates a feature activation system into the Java version, which you may use to enable integrated data packs when creating a new world.

Snapshot 22w42a

Changes and additions:

  • A system of experimental features that can be used as a data pack is added.
  • When making a new environment, you can add them by selecting the “Data Packs” button.
  • They can’t be added to a world that has already been made.
  • To prevent altering already-existing worlds, they are designed to conceal incomplete or experimental functionality.
  • Currently, there are two datapacks:
  • 1.20’s experimental features
  • The bag’s innovative features

Reorganizing the content and categorizing of the Creative Inventory tab in general

  • Blocks and items have been relocated to more appropriate groups.
  • Addition of the categories “Nature Blocks” and “Functional Blocks” and deletion of the category “Decoration Blocks”
  • Removal of the categories “Transporation” and “Tools” and addition of the category “Tools & Utilities”
  • categories “Foodstuffs” and “Brewind” are eliminated, and the category “Consumables” is added.
  • categories “Crafting” and “Spawn Eggs” have been added.
  • Redstone Blocks has replaced the former “Redstone” tab.

Now, blocks are arranged as closely as feasible by substance.

  • For instance, all oak wood blocks and variations are now close to one another.

The same object can appear in multiple tabs at once.

  • For instance, both “Building Blocks” and “Nature Blocks” have standard logs.

Items are now displayed in order on the search tab, organized by other tabs.

  • For instance, products from the ” Building Blocks ” category will always display before those from the ” Redstone Blocks ” category.

Petrified Oak Slab was taken out of the creative inventory. It may only now be accessed via commands.

c 1

Various in-game chat adjustments

  • Delete the chat window
  • The words “This message has been erased by the server” will now appear instead of being completely buried when a server moderator deletes a chat message.
  • The chat window now shows deleted conversation messages for at least three seconds before they are hidden.

Indicators of chat trust status have changed:

  • For messages that have simply been style-modified by the server, the ” Modified ” tag is no longer visible.
  • The Modified tag indicator and icon have been changed to dark gray.
  • There is no longer a symbol and the ” Not Secure ” label is light gray.

In chat messages that have been partially filtered, the filtered content is now shown as gray hashes with hover text indicating that it has been filtered.

The “Panorama Scroll Speed” accessibility option has been added.


  • Added Feature Flags
    • These are options for enabling or disabling certain experimental or unfinished features (such as blocks, entities, and objects), hereafter referred to as “features”.
    • They can be activated via data packs
      • A new pack metadata section called “  features  ” is added, containing the enabled “  feature flags  ” in a list named “  enabled ”.
  • The game now contains built-in data packs (similar to the “Programmer Art” resource pack) that enable features and provide recipes, advancements , loot tables, and more. that are associated with it.
  • Recipe book categories/tabs can now be controlled by recipe definitions.
    • Categories available for shapedshapelessand various special crafting recipes:
      • building
      • redstone
      • equipment
      • misc (by default)
    • Categories available for  smelting,  blasting,  smokingand campfire_cooking
      • food
      • blocks
      • misc (by default)
    • Some cookbooks combine multiple categories into a single tab.
  • The resource pack version is now 11.
  • Removed  fixers  for resource packs with versions 3 and 4 (pre-flattening)
    • The game will no longer attempt to adapt packs from these versions to the current version.
  • The sound of Crimson and Crooked Planks as well as variants now have a unique sound when placed, broken or stepped on.

Experimental features of 1.20:

  • Addition of dromedaries (“  Camel ”)
    • This is a new mount that spawns in desert villages.
    • It can be fitted with a saddle and ridden by two players.
    • Camels are large, so most hostile mobs won’t be able to reach you when you’re on them.
      • They can also cross fences with no problem.
    • Camels tend to sit randomly.
      • When they are seated, it is difficult to convince them to move.
    • They can either walk slowly or sprint quickly.
      • They can also dash forward to, for example, jump over large holes , but they will lose stamina for a time.
    • Camels can be bred using cacti.

c 2

  • Added bamboo wood
    • This is a new type of wood from theBamboubamboo.
      • A board can be crafted using 4 pieces of bamboo.
    • Has a yellowish tint reminiscent of scaffolding.
    • Like all types of wood, it has its full range: stairs, slabs, barriers, gates, panels, doors, hatches, pressure plates and buttons.
      • However, the boat is replaced by a bamboo raft !
        • Has exactly the same function as a boat.
        • It is also possible to make a bamboo storage raft .
      • Unlike other woods, the bamboo barrier and gate have their own texture.

c 3

  • Added bamboo mosaic (“  Bamboo Mozaic ”)
    • This is a variation of bamboo planks made using 2 bamboo slabs.
      • Also available in slabs and stairs.

c 4

  • Added Chiseled Bookshelf _  _
    • It is a functional library where it is possible to deposit up to 6 books of all types.
    • React to the redstone using a comparator that memorizes the last book placed. This allows you to create secret passages.
    • The textures of the top, bottom and sides differ from theBookshelfclassic library.

c 5

  • Added Hanging Sign _  _
    • It is a sign held by chains that can be hung below the blocks.
    • It can be held in different ways:
      • Under a block that can provide support in the center, such as a full block or a fence.
      • Attached to the solid side of a block, a wooden support will thus be added.
      • Attached to the side or below another hanging panel.
    • Just like a classic sign, it is possible to write on it, color the text and make it shiny.
    • Available in all 10 types of wood

c 6

Experimental features of bags:

  • Addition ofbagin creative inventory
  • Added recipe tobag
  • Requires 6 Rabbit Skins and 2 Threads.


The various corrections made with the snapshot 22w42a:

  • MC-14167 ] – Monsters accumulate fall damage when swinging on a wire.
  • MC-96449 ] – Rabbits sometimes don’t drop raw rabbit when killed.
  • MC-130754 ] – Jumping on tilled dirt pushes the player a bit.
  • MC-135973 ] – Cannot hold Q key to quickly drop items into container inventories.
  • MC-145748 ] – Clicking a settings button while there is a cursor under the mouse in the next screen plays the click sound twice.
  • MC-146930 ] – Resource pack ‘Programmer Art’ is internally called ‘programmer_art’.
  • MC-150488 ] – Mobs can spawn on scaffolding
  • MC-152752 ] – Jukebox music sound comes from the northwest edge of the block.
  • MC-160610 ] – Mobs can spawn on Chorus flowers.
  • MC-170457 ] – Trunk lock doesn’t spin properly.
  • MC-170817 ] – Clicking sliders in video settings is noticeably louder than anywhere else.
  • MC-175313 ] – Composter fill sounds come from bottom northwest corner of block.
  • MC-177738 ] – Spawn point placed on spawn anchor using /spawnpoint depletes glowstone charge and does not stay on spawn anchor if its charge is depleted.
  • MC-182708 ] – Nether wart and crooked blocks don’t come after leaves in creative inventory.
  • MC-183069 – Undead donkeys, mules and horses cannot be saddled by right clicking.
  • MC-183502 ] – Sounds for collecting honey in a bottle and collecting honeycomb with shears are categorized as friendly mobs.
  • MC-183831 – Villagers spawn when not standing
  • MC-183899 ] – You can place your spawn point inside an end portal causing the player to get stuck in the end.
  • MC-197150 ] – Horse armor and rugs cannot be equipped on horses or llamas by right clicking on them while these items are held in hand.
  • MC-199162 ] – Block of plowed land in plains_large_farm_1 has humidity level 0.
  • MC-201684 ] – Soul torches and torches are not grouped in creative inventory.
  • MC-201759 ] – Obsidian is not grouped in creative inventory.
  • MC-202607 ] – Cat can get off the leash by teleporting when giving a gift after sleeping.
  • MC-206854 ] – Multiplayer mode warning and chat preview warning are off center.
  • MC-216733 ] – Basalt and black rock are not grouped with other “polishable” stone types in creative inventory.
  • MC-217644 ] – Wart blocks and lampshrooms are in different tabs of creative inventory.
  • MC-218534 ] – Black rock stairs and slabs are not grouped with other types of stone stairs and slabs.
  • MC-220489 ] – Spawn beds and anchors are not grouped in creative inventory.
  • MC-221568 ] – Inconsistency: Invisible barriers and structure voids produce particles when broken, but light blocks do not.
  • MC-222879 ] – Netherite shards come after netherite ingot in creative inventory.
  • MC-224921 ] – Mobs pathfinding fails under certain circumstances / mobs fall on closed towers
  • MC-226184 ] – Pathing axolotls to water can sometimes cause them to fall into large holes.
  • MC-226566 ] – Inconsistency: Blocks are not placed correctly in creative inventory
  • MC-228475 ] – Pointed speleothem not grouped with speleothem block in creative inventory.
  • MC-234446 ] – Foam block is in wrong creative inventory tab
  • MC-239465 ] – Emerald block in creative inventory looks out of place.
  • MC-242663 ] – Melons can spawn underwater
  • MC-243458 ] – World generation data packs don’t work on servers on first launch
  • MC-248753 ] – Pressure plates don’t activate when visually they should.
  • MC-249106 ] – Incorrect rendering of water through collision box/frog egg model.
  • MC-249232 – Frogs can sometimes fall into deep holes when walking towards entities.
  • MC-249257 ] – Splash sounds when creating slime are not controlled by the ‘Blocks’ sound slider.
  • MC-249294 ] – Rabbits ignore value MoreCarrotTicks, causing them to always try to eat carrots.
  • MC-249419 ] – Map color for mudbrick slab is no longer consistent with map color for other mudbrick blocks.
  • MC-249463 ] – Shulkers in boats with chests are lowered.
  • MC-249513 ] – Frog eggs are not grouped with turtle eggs in creative inventory.
  • MC-249720 ] – Allay’s wings are not attached to its body.
  • MC-249765 ] – Allays are not semi-transparent when invisible, if applicable.
  • MC-249806 ] – Allay renders too low in boat, boat with chest, minecart and entities.
  • MC-249842 ] – Allays try to find items that are outside world borders.
  • MC-249875 ] – Parity issue: Allay hesitates for a few seconds before following, throwing items or doing other actions in java.
  • MC-249935 ] – New advancement ‘Birthday Song’ does not grant experience.
  • MC-250249 ] – Parity issue: Allays pick up arrows/potion with effects other than what they are holding.
  • MC-250311 ] – Sound event minecraft:entity.tadpole.grow_uphas no translation key.
  • MC-250423 ] – Frogs frequently fail to long jump on small blocks
  • MC-250943 ] – minecraft.used:minecraft.goat_horndoes not scale up when using goat horns
  • MC-251296 ] – Allay has transparent texture but it is not in game.
  • MC-251518 ] – Poses, flying animations and dance animations of Allay differ from those of Bedrock, resulting in heavy clipping, inconsistencies, jerky movements and odd positioning of objects.
  • MC-251688 ] – Chat preview can overlap chat content if message is long enough.
  • MC-252089 ] – Chat preview warning menu is forcibly closed when player dies or changes dimension.
  • MC-252415 ] – Bedrock 1.19.10 new splash text not available on Java 1.19
  • MC-253076 ] – Allay duplicates items when its NBT data is updated every tick.
  • MC-253125 ] – Allay can dance while panicking.
  • MC-253189 ] – An Allay with NoAIcan dance
  • MC-253367 ] – Screen sometimes shows “Loading terrain…” screen after doing chat preview warning when all nearby chunks are loaded.
  • MC-253738 ] – Vibration particle faces are at a constant pitch of about 60 degrees, not facing the target.
  • MC-254119 ] – Crossbreeding screaming goat and regular goat never results in screaming goat.
  • MC-254395 ] – Command suggestions can overlap chat preview field when chat preview option is set to “When Sending”.
  • MC-254427 ] – Safe chat warning notification can appear in single player worlds.
  • MC-254535 ] – Nether portals cannot replace snow layers
  • MC-254695 ] – ‘Narrator off’ pop-up not showing completely.
  • MC-254774 ] – Crash when a villager with a gossipvalue 0 shares gossip.
  • MC-255151 ] – issuenet.minecraft.client.Camera#getMaxZoom(double)
  • MC-255164 ] – Sculk howler alert level returns to 0 after player dies.
  • MC-255715 ] – Menu panorama stops rotating after several days
  • MC-256217 ] – Explosions create ghost blocks on high coordinate servers


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