Minecraft Piston: Recipe, Uses and Interactions – Everything You Need to Know!

Minecraft Pistons are one of the most versatile blocks in the game. You can use them to create doors, traps, elevators and all sorts of contraptions. In this article we will show you how to craft them, how they work and how to use them in your Minecraft world!

Minecraft Piston


To make a piston, you’ll need 3 wooden planks of any kind and 4 cobblestone. The only ingredient that’s not so simple to find is redstone dust which can be found 10 blocks beneath ground or less from Bedrock level!

Minecraft Piston 1

Once you find it you just need to break it with a Pickaxe (every Pickaxe except the Wooden one will be fine) and collect the Redstone Dust that will drop from it.

To craft a Piston you have to put the crafting materials in a Crafting Table following the recipe:

Minecraft Piston 2

Sticky Piston

Minecraft Piston 3

Imagine how great it would feel to have your pistons do all the work for you! With Sticky Pistons, once they’re retracted from their home position on an engine block and ready to be exploded again – just give them a little push with any tool (a lever or pressure plate) so that button is triggered. This will cause those custom-made slimesballs we talked about earlier too: Their elasticity makes sure every last bit gets pulled back into its protective shell before impact; giving our engines purring runs without ever worrying where fuel efficiency may lie within these days…

Slimes usually spawn in Swamp biomes.

Once you have both the ingredients, put them together this way:

Minecraft Piston 4

How to get it – commands

To get a Piston with commands, you will need to type the following line in the commands:

/give @p piston 1

If this line doesn’t work you can try with:

/give @p piston 1 0

Then a Piston will appear in your inventory. To get a Sticky Piston with commands you will need to type sticky_piston instead of piston

If you want more than 1 Piston, you just need to change the ‘1’ in the commands line with the amount that you would like to obtain.

What pistons don’t push

Not every block in Minecraft can be pushed or pulled by Pistons and Sticky Pistons. If you are interested in knowing how certain blocks interact with Pistons

Crafting Pistons isn’t difficult, you just need some Redstone Dust and other basic materials. Sticky Pistons on the other hand require some Slimeball, that isn’t as easy to get. The problem is solved if you just want to use commands though. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!

What are you waiting for? Craft some redstone now! Sticky Pistons may be harder to make, but they’re so worth it in the end. Get your hands on some slimeball if that’s what solves all of life’s problems- because we know how much easier making things will become with these awesome crafted pistons available at any m Always wanted an easy way get started crafting blocks ? Look no further than our guide here which has everything needed – including recipes too!. No matter whether someone wants commands or not though

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