How to find Redstone in Minecraft

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Redstone is an uncommon ore that may be found in Minecraft, much like its relative Cobble. There are still numerous ways to obtain this priceless mineral, and even if you don’t need any for crafting, it will alter gameplay in a very different way than other ores would.
Redestones are renowned for being a crucial component when constructing tools and armor at higher levels, but what makes them so unique? Redstones enable all those rocks to vaporize, unlike metal, which must be melted for hours before enough fragments come together to form something helpful (or perhaps even usable).


Redstone is a common ore in Minecraft, but you can save a lot of time and work by not having to dig for it. Redstone, on the other hand, can be found in specific game locations.

In the village

If you come upon a community with a temple (cobblestone buildings like the one shown above), enter right away and get your belongings. Chests inside the temple have a 25% chance of containing 1-4 Redstone ore dust. It won’t wow you, but it will save you time. Additionally, wouldn’t it be good to be able to bring some extra loot home if you were on a Minecraft village expedition?


The Dungeons will be a fantastic source of Redstone loot if you can find them on the map. There is a 26.6 percent probability that dungeon chests will contain 1-4 Redstone dust. Dungeons are frequently found in mines and caverns. It is a wonderful reward for the exploration process. But take caution! Mobs can be found spawning in these dungeons. Put a torch on the mod’s spawn cage to make it unusable!


Redstone ore for Minecraft can also be found at the fortress. The fortress has a ton of treasure chests, and depending on the area, they offer different options for looting. There is an 18.6 percent probability of discovering 4-9 Redstone dust in Alter’s chest compared to a 12 percent chance in Storeroom chests.


When playing Minecraft, the classic and consistently successful technique is redstone mining. Redstone is abundant on Bedrock for players who are level 16 and under. For the highest mining yield, drop to level 12 or lower. There are many additional ores there as well as redstone, diamond, and other minerals.

Farm Witch

Witch’s post-death redstone dust drop ranges from 0 to 2. After each loot level, this amount will rise by one, up to a range of 0 to 5 redstone dust. One of the greatest sites to farm witch is The Witch’s Hut, but you need spawning facilities and light level 7 or lower.

Building a spawn point from the hut and a sprinkler structure to herd the spawning monsters into a constrained region are both necessary for farming witches. Simply attack them to obtain the item and XP. In addition to redstone, players can also gather glowstone, sticks, sugar, gunpowder, glass bottles, and spider eyes.

Talk to the villagers

The player can exchange some redstone dust from Cleric villagers. This deal is available at the beginner level.

In the Bedrock version, the starting level cleric sells 4 redstone dust for 1 emerald.
In Java version, they sell 2 redstone dust for 1 emerald.

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