Minecraft Conduit: How to Activate Them and What They Do

Minecraft Conduits are a valuable addition to your Minecraft world, whether you’re planning to build an underwater base or just spend some time exploring the depths of the ocean. In this article, we’re going to show you how to craft them, how to activate them and what they can do. Plus, we’ll cover some other things that could come in handy when using Conduits.

Minecraft Conduit


The Conduit is a device that provides bonuses when in contact with water around it. These include the ability to mine underwater for currents and fishing expeditions! The best part about using this? You can bring your own conduit, so there’s no need stop exploring just because some nice person gave us their spare potion slot–we get all these nifty new skills too bonus!!!

  • underwater Vision
  • oxygen restoration
  • increased mining speed (1/6 more faster than normal)
  • it also damages every hostile mob that is 8 blocks away from it.

How to get a Conduit

To craft it, you’ll need 8 Nautilus Shells and one Heart of the Sea. You can get them by killing drowned or trading with a wanderer trader but if that’s not available then just go ahead and fish for an ocassional prize catch – though their location is quite rare (less than 1% chance).

1 9
The only way to find hearts in treasure maps referances on ocean monuments/shipwrecks are through following these steps: feed dolphins any raw cod or salmon they offer while sailing near where said object may

Otherwise, you can obtain a Conduit using commands by typing:

/give @p minecraft:conduit 1


The Conduit will need to be at the centre of a 3×3 volume of water, which is inside an Activation Frame. You can find this structure using only one type: Prisms/Dark Prismarine bricks and Sea Lanterns from Ocean Monuments

With a 5×5 square, you can build the frame with at least 16 blocks up to 42. The more blocks that are used in construction of this shape’s framework—the larger its radius will be!

2 9

The image above is a simple 5×5 square. Once the structure will be complete, it’ll open up to reveal an inner heart of sea and start spreading its powerful effects- providing 32 blocks radius conduit power effect!

3 8

The secret to getting the most out of your conduit is in understanding how many layers you can place. A 5×5 square frame will give you a 64 block radius Conduit Power effect, but if we intersect two 6 inch by 6 inch metal sheets together with our 8 1/2 foot piece of chicken wire then watch as it creates an almost 300-foot long line that provides all sorts or protection for whatever might be on its other side!

4 7

The triple frame will provide an entire 96 blocks of conduit power effect. The single frame provides 32, a 28Blocker has 64 and 42 have 80 which means it takes up no space but deals out even more destruction!

Only the blocks in the frames will be counted. For example, this structure:

5 6

has a 5×5 square frame, so 16 blocks, plus other 8 blocks, for a total of 24 (which will be rounded down to 21 for the count). It will provide a 48 blocks radius.

This structure on the other hand:

6 5

The construction of this frame is straightforward, with only five blocks in each row. However the placement isn’t quite as important to note since there are other structures that will be built around it and provide cover for your counts! There can stillipped 40 measures from one side though if you want more protection than just 32 blocks on all sides-I wouldn’t recommend going below what has been mentioned here before doing so however because otherwise some parts might lack coverage when needed most


  • A conduit can be broken by hand or any tools and it will drop as an item
  • it was added in 2018 with version 1.13, the Aquatic update
  • conduits release the highest light level in the game, 15
  • its Namespaced ID is conduit
  • in the Java edition its Translation key is block.minecraft.conduit
  • in the Bedrock edition its Translation key is tile.conduit.name and its Numeric ID is 412
  • Conduits are stackable


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