What is an Anarchy Server in Minecraft, and Why Is 2b2t So Famous?

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What is an anarchy server in Minecraft? The answer to that question can be a little bit complicated because, as we said, anarchy servers are all about giving the players total freedom. In general, though, an anarchy server is a server where there are no rules and players can do whatever they want. This includes attacking other players, stealing their items, and building whatever they want wherever they want. The only thing that is not allowed on these servers is cheating.

Now that we know what anarchy servers are, let’s talk about 2b2t specifically.

the spawn region of the oldest anarchy
server and minecraft a man-made biome of
destruction griefing death and chaos to
a casual minecraft player to be to t
spawn is both beautiful and terrifying a
jumbled mess of cobblestone lava water
and floating blocks with a bedrock death
pit filled with withers and players
ready to kill you after the wars the
conflict and the hundreds of thousands
of players that have all graced this
server at least once it’s hard to
imagine that almost a decade ago this
wasteland looked like a normal Minecraft
world what did it look like
well today we step back in time to take
a look at what to be to t spawn looks
like on day one back in December of 2010
today I’ll be giving you a tour of the
original spawn point comparing it to the
wasteland that we have today and I’ll
tell you how you can explore the
original spawn for yourself without
further ado let’s take a step back in
time so here we are ready to recreate to
be two t’s original spawn point now if
you want to try to make this spawn for
yourself what you need to do is you need
to go back into Java edition beta 1.3 so
you need to go to one of the older
versions of minecraft minecraft beta 1.3
and once you’re there to b2t seed is
negative four one seven two one four
four nine nine seven nine zero two two
eight nine six four two woof that’s a
mouthful isn’t it but anyway once you’ve
done that you are going to recreate to
be two t’s original spawn point and
that’s what we’re about to do right
we’re about to take a step back into the
past to see just how different spawn was
back on day one let’s find out
I miss Minecraft loading this fast yeah
here we go okay okay so it looks like
this is the original spawn point of 2 V

2 T if you spawned into 2 V 2 T this is
what it would have looked like in
December of 2010 that’s just crazy look
at this and all the pigs hopping around
oh man this this reminds me of the good
old days for sure
oh that’s too funny let’s see can we
still get coordinates yeah so let’s try
to get to 0 0
where would 0 0 be I think it’d be over
this way right
yeah so this desert area from what I’ve
been told this is sort of where
modern-day zero zero would kind of be
like right over here 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
okay it’s like right right here this is
zero zero in this little pool here
that’s so we right now are in the heart
of 2 B 2 t like it was on the first day
so I want to take a look around the area
because remember to be 2 T has switched
biome types through the version so
modern-day spawn is not this exact biome
it’s not quite Plains it’s I think I
don’t know I think it’s desert
technically oh yeah look at all this and
from what I’ve read spawn only lasted
like this for like a couple hours before
it started getting destroyed already I
think a week maximum was you know the
longest it was before it started looking
like a totally different place like a
just looking around
that’s crazy I see nothing but pigs
around I’m gonna go to the top of this
hill to get a better a better vantage
point of the spawn region just I think
yeah we let’s see
video settings yeah can we runners can
we get very far
no far as the most we can go okay yeah I
want to get a bird’s-eye view as much as
I can anyway get past here man you can’t
I forgot what beta was like you can’t
sprint there’s no hunger yeah you know a
lot of people are nostalgic for the beta
versions of Minecraft but I think the
game is just so much better now yeah
it’s nostalgic but it just feels so good
but Wow okay so let’s take a look this
what kind of normal everything looks and
to think that ten years from now this is
going to be an absolute wasteland that’s
crazy to think about
yeah it just it’s just weird like that’s
that’s the feeling I can describe right
now just looking around at everything
it’s weird that this would eventually
become the notorious minecraft server to
be to t add just blows my mind what get
out of here as I was saying this is what
– e – t spawn region looks like back in

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Anarchic Minecraft Servers

There is only one rule on anarchy servers in Minecraft: there aren’t any. These kinds of servers enable gamers to act however they choose, frequently allowing them to engage in cheating.
In these servers, there are a lot of things to worry about, and it’s likely that you won’t be able to survive on your own, so you’ll need to establish alliances, make friends, and try to hide all of your resources and belongings to keep them safe. It is a wild term on anarchy servers, and you are both the hunter and the prey. The most notorious Anarchy server at the moment goes by the name of 2b2t. So let’s discuss this server now!


The fact that 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft must be brought up while discussing it. Because YouTuber FitMc opens each 2b2t video with the words “the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft,” it has taken on a life of its own in the 2b2t community.

Its moniker (2b2t), which is a spoof of 2Fast2Furious, stands for 2builders2tools. The server was built in 2010 and has been operational for more than a decade.

The 2b2t subreddit will give you a good understanding of what it’s all about, even if you only glance at it. Common topics of conversation among users are current affairs and player-on-player battles. The server is ruled by a large number of clans and factions, all of which are always at war with one another. But if there is one thing that 2b2t gamers do consistently, it is look for new people who are willing to join the server.

In 2016, when the server was inundated with new players as a result of a popular YouTuber, TheCampingRusher, uploading a video showcasing the server to his enormous following, this hostility toward new users was particularly noteworthy.

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In addition to being antagonistic toward new players, 2b2t is renowned for having a nasty playerbase. Blasphemy and the exaltation of contentious issues are common occurrences. Veteran players occasionally even go so far as to damage the accounts of other users and engage in “fishing” for personal information (and who knows what they will do with this data afterwards). Due of this, 2b2t is one of the most brutal, intense, and hard-core servers in the whole Minecraft universe. So, new gamers, heed this warning.

The Spawn Point is the first item to be aware of before visiting, even though a new player might decide for whatever reason that they want a piece of this chaos.

Spawn Point 2b2t

Close your eyes and picture what a brand-new Minecraft world might seem like when you first entered it. The same was true with 2b2t. over ten years prior. After being manipulated by players for more than a decade, 2b2t Spawn Point is currently a barren collection of Cobblestone mountains inhabited by Withers.

There is not a single piece of grass or tree to be found, much alone anything that could aid in your survival. Finding wood will be particularly challenging; in Minecraft, a lack of wood prevents the creation of tools and other crafting-related items. In reality, getting out of the Spawn region, where they are doomed to starve to death, is the largest challenge new players face when they join 2b2t. Recall how we stated veteran players disliked new players? The ideal place to illustrate this idea is the Spawn region.
Veterans have devised several novel ways to make the Spawn as challenging as possible for new players over the years. For this reason, they developed the Lava Wall, Water Cube, Obsidian Sky, and Obsidian Wall.
In addition to these buildings, the area surrounding the Spawn Point is home to numerous seasoned gamers. Those players will frequently spend their time looking for new players. Because of this, you shouldn’t ever seek for assistance either because you can find yourself in an even worse circumstance.
Many players believe that using a hack client is essential to getting out of the Spawn area and surviving in 2B2T in general. Everything is permitted here, as we already explained, and not using a hack client will significantly disadvantage you since it will prevent you from taking advantage of a variety of hacks. Now, simply using a client that has been compromised is insufficient to fully engage in the game. It would also be ideal if you could team up with some other players. And that brings us to the following crucial subject.

Megabases and player bases

It’s crucial to keep in mind that nothing in 2b2t is permanent. The most prevalent activity on the server is griefing, which is the act of demolishing other players’ buildings and structures. Near Spawn Point, there is never a building that is intact since players are always assembling TNT to blow up everything they see standing.

The easiest approach to protect whatever you make in 2b2t is to keep ANYONE you don’t know away from it. The most holy information is the location of a building. You should start packing your luggage as soon as other players find out where your base is because they are already on their way to demolish it.

This is the reason why many gamers form alliances. Players in 2b2t frequently create new alliances and concentrate their efforts toward beginning to build a base as a group. These bases provide as a secure location where players may construct their structures and acquire resources. A base can be considered secure as long as its members trust one another and keep their base’s locations to themselves.

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It’s important to keep the numbers low but the alliances solid in these situations because you need to be sure that you know and trust the other players who will share your base with you.

Veteran players have developed a variety of techniques throughout the years to obtain the coordinates of other players’ sites. Some of these techniques, like the hacking of other users’ computers, were even illegal. Yes, I must emphasize that playing in 2b2t may be quite harsh, therefore inexperienced players should take caution.

legendary 2b2t players

Numerous gamers have traversed 2b2regions t’s over the years. Some of them made excellent (and occasionally disastrous) progress. Here are a few of the most well-known.

Jaang, who is credited with founding the Valley of Wheat, joined the server in 2011. For new players who were having trouble leaving the Spawn area, the Valley of Wheat was a convenient location to gather nourishment. The base was well-known for Jaang’s persistent guarding of it; he would permit players to obtain resources there so long as they planted new crops. Two years after Jaang departed the server, Rushers destroyed The Valley of Wheat in 2016.
Popbob: She joined the server at the very beginning of 2011 and quickly rose to fame as the most notorious 2b2t player. She used to use the thunder exploit to locate and kill as many people as she could while also griefing their bases back when she was most active. Popbob has unquestionably been the most feared moniker on 2b2t, with many people speculating that she has griefed more bases than any other player on the entire server.
Hausemaster: the server’s creator. Although his true identity has never been made public, he has given interviews regarding the server and its origins. Funny enough, this was a Garry’s Mod server rather than a Minecraft server. Hausemaster never took a side in 2b2t and only got involved when something was going on that would endanger the server’s ability to be played.
TheCampingRusher is the YouTuber who popularized 2b2t. Even though FitMc has been consistently posting videos to YouTube since 2b2inception, t’s it wasn’t until TheCampingRusher joined the server that it began to gain attention from players who weren’t already on it. His involvement sparked the invasion of the Rushers and the subsequent conflict between the Rushers and Veterans, which irrevocably altered 2b2t. The majority of veteran players undoubtedly don’t like TheCampingRusher, but it is apparent that his arrival on 2b2t was advantageous in a number of ways as well.

How to join 2b2t

If you still believe that joining this server could be a smart move, simply follow these steps:

Open the Minecraft Launcher, select the 1.12.2 version, launch it, then select Multiplayer from the opening menu, click on Direct Connect, enter 2b2t.org, and join.

Be advised that the server normally has a very long waiting line to join (this wasn’t the case prior to TheCampingRusher’s arrival). We are referring to several hours of waiting. A monthly priority queue can be bought for $19.99 if you want to skip the line and start playing right away.

Upon entering the server, you will find yourself in the lonely Spawn Point whether or not you have purchased priority. You’ll need luck, so good luck!

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