Festive Creepers 1.16.4 – Fireworks Crates – Christmas in Minecraft.

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Festive Creepers is a mod for the holidays of Christmas in Minecraft. With this mod, you will get snow, fireworks, and more.

Festive Creepers

Festive creepers is a mod that adds a new hostile entity and my entry for MMD WinterJam 2020.

Festive Creepers spawn in any biome during December, or more commonly in snowy biomes throughout the year. They drop Firework Dust which can be used to craft Fireworks Crates and Fireworks Minecarts.

Fireworks Crates can be ignited similarly to TNT. Shortly before a crate explodes, it shoots out multiple firework rockets. Unlike TNT and Festive Creepers, Fireworks Crates do not destroy any blocks.

Fireworks Crate Minecarts can shoot up to 5 firework rockets, this can be triggered using activator rails.

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Festive Creepers for Minecraft Download Link:

Festive Creepers for Minecraft 1.16.4:download


Author: ochotonida

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