Immersive Petroleum Mod 1.16.5 [Petrol, fuel]

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Immersive Petroleum Mod for Minecraft introduces players to modern oils, mining, and oil processing tools. Minecraft Mod also includes many options to support other mods, such as Immersive Engineering Mod.

Immersive Petroleum Mod

How to install:

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Features of Immersive Petroleum Mod

Oil pumps:

  • Composed of many 6x4x3 blocks, used to extract crude oil from oil storage tanks. Oil tank is usually set by Core Sample Drill.
  • Once power is restored, the oil pump will only operate with the storage tank below it. If the hose is connected to the oil circuit, the oil pump will pump the oil at a rate of 15mB/tick. Multiple pumps are said to each other to speed up extraction.

Distillation tower:

  • The distillation tower is made up of many 4x16x4 blocks, large in size, used to process oil, mainly to turn crude oil into Diesel and gasoline and lubricants for use.
  • Each distillation tower can process 1 barrel of finished oil in 2 seconds, averaging 2.8 Bitumen/barrel.

Portable generator:

The basic power supply uses gasoline.

Asphalt concrete:

As decorative square blocks, replacing concrete with darker colors.


As a by-product, used in the distillation tower to process crude oil and create asphalt concrete.

Crude oil:

Extract from oil tank through an oil pump. Crude oil is further processed in the distillation tower to form valuable fuels such as Diesel, lubricants, and asphalt.

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Diesel oil:

Using crude oil in the distillation tower to create Diesel, Diesel is processed by Diesel generators to generate electricity, replacing Biodiesel. It is also used as fuel for drills when mining.


As a by-product in the distillation tower when processing poetic oil, lubricants that speed up machinery, such as excavators, crushers, even oil pumps, can increase speed by 25%. For long-term use, you can set up Automatic Lubricator sewing.


Similar to Diesel but more suitable for small engines. Gasoline is also generated on the distillation tower. The portable generator is an all-in-one mobile power solution that turns gasoline into Redstone Flux RF.

Oil tank:

A large tank of liquid was found beneath the Bedrock.


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