ibarn’s quartet addon Mod 1.18.1-1.16.5

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This ibarn’s quartet addon Mod 1.18.1-1.16.5 requires the origins mod by Apace100 to properly function

Ghaster: descendants of Ghasts who were brought to the overworld

+ Can shoot blaze fireballs

+ Don’t take fire or fall damage

+ Float down slowly

= Semi-transparent body

– 8 hearts of health instead of 10

– Get exhausted more quickly (also have reduced melee damage and can’t mine adjacent stone (as of 1.0.2))

Sand Person: People who are adapted to thrive in sand

+ Gain resistance II when standing on sand

+ You are able to burrow yourself in the sand (permanent phasing ability for both sand and red sand)

= You spawn in a desert

= Sandy body

– You receive weakness when on anything other than sand

– You take 25% extra damage from shovels (as of 1.0.4)

Soul Mage: A sub-species of humans who learned to utilize their soul energy

+ Launch Ki blasts (special soul fire balls)

+ Gain strength while near soul fire (or other piglin repellents)

+ Gain speed 3 when on soul soil of soul sand (as of 1.0.4)

– The Ki blasts exhaust you

– Regular fire (torches, campfires, lanterns, and normal fire) give you weakness and mining fatigue

Wither Wraith: Half-living half-undead creatures who were fused with condensed nether stars

+ Launch wither skulls

+ Melee and ranged attacks inflict wither

+ Flight

+ Don’t take fall damage

+ Float down slowly

= Semi-transparent body

– Only 5 hearts of health

– Spawn in the nether



ibarn’s quartet addon Mod Download Links:

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