Adventure Apparatus Mod 1.16.5

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Adventure Apparatus Mod 1.16.5 adds a variety of thoughtfully designed, vanilla-style tools & equipment for the avid adventurer.

Adventure Apparatus Mod

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Pick on a Stick

This copper tool is the ultimate ranged pickaxe and grappling hook all-in-one! Throw it out into a block, and it’ll lodge itself into it!

As the tool is made of copper, it’ll oxidize – the more oxidized the pick, the fewer blocks it can mine – but when it can’t mine a block, it instead acts as a grappling hook, pulling the player towards it! You can wax it with honeycomb at a smithing table to prevent oxidation!

Currently, the Pick on a Stick can be found in abandoned mineshafts!

 Phantom Windbreakers

These leggings are crafted from phantom membrane, and they help to smooth your descent when crouching in the air! It even works with Elytra, and some say it has a strong synergy with the Slow Falling effect!

Shulker Bullet Bottle

Make sure to bring bottles to your next end city, as now, Shulker’s bullets can be bottled! You can then consume them for a brief period of levitation!

 Shuttle Shoes

Crafted from shulker shells and shulker bullet bottles, the Shulker’s levitation power has been captured to allow you to double – and triple jump, just at the cost of some armor! They’re really handy in tandem with an oxidized Pick on a Stick!

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 Curse of Sinking

Some say the sunken ships you find across the seafloor fell prey to this curse – and that’s exactly what’ll happen to you if you have boots with the Curse of Sinking – you’ll sink, and won’t be able to swim!


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