Minecraft: All the White Blocks and What You Can Do with Them

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There are so many different blocks in Minecraft, and when it comes to just playing the game and surviving, the blocks needed are pretty straightforward. But when we want to build and decorate, there is so much choice that it becomes difficult to focus.
Separating blocks by their colors is surely a good start, and today we’re going to check all the white blocks. We will also try to see how to obtain them and where they would fit best. Let’s start by showing them!

White Terracotta

The White Terracotta is the least white of them all. It made it onto this list because its name says “white,” but compared to other blocks, it actually looks quite pink when seen up close and personal with one’s newfound treasure trove excavations! You can find plenty in Badlands biomes–you might even be able get your hands on some Clay (which you’ll find underwater near shores) if that suits what kind or furnace fuel source works best for gettingRegularTerracotta relatedtoClay

Then you can use White Dye to get White Terracotta.

Bone block

Of course we’re going to start with our favorite block-the bone! The alphabetic order has delayed this article for us, but it’s worth the wait. Bone meal is what makes plants and vegetables grow faster; if you have any questions on how that works just send em’ my way (I’m always happy talk gardening). Now let’s get down into some serious color changing action…

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Bone Meal is obtained from Bones, which you will mostly get from killing Skeletons.

You can craft Bone blocks by putting 9 Bone Meals in the Crafting Table.

Bone blocks are naturally generated in desert, swamp and soul sand valleys biomes. The last one is located at the nether part of our world!

White Wool

The first block that you’re going to get through a Minecraft run is White Wool. You can find this material as loot when killing Sheeps, and it’s also part of the Bed recipe!

Otherwise you can put together 4 Strings, that you can get by killing Spiders or by breaking Cobwebs while using a Sword.

Mushroom Stem

The only way to get Mushroom Stem blocks is by breaking a Huge mushroom! You can find them in Dark Forest and Field Biomes, or you could use Bone Meal on normal ones so they grow into huge.+

End Stone

Of course, you can always use commands to get there! So don’t wait too long and start exploring the End.

You can use End Stone to make another white block, End Stone Brick.

Then you can use End Stone Brick to craft End Stone Brick Slab and Stairs

and End Stone Brick Wall.


As we all know, snow layers are blocks found in Minecraft that can be stacked on top of each other to create tchicker animals. The interesting thing about this block is the Snow Layer which will stack up 8 times before it becomes too heavy for you and falls apart!

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Quartz blocks

You can craft Quartz blocks by putting together 4 Nether Quartz, that you can easily find in the Nether.

You can obtain other versions of Quartz block by using a Stonecutter. To craft a Stonecutter you need 3 Stone blocks and 1 Iron Ingot. You can get the Stone blocks by either smelting Cobblestone or using a Silk Touch enchanted Pickaxe.

Then by using the Stonecutter you can make Chiseled Quartz (related: How to make Chiseled Stone Brick in 2 different ways)

Quartz Brick

The Quartz Pillar, with its alternating light and dark sides is like a bookend to the rest of them.

Quartz pillars are perfect for building Greek temples.

White Concrete

White concrete is a smooth and colorless material that can be used for all sorts of things like paving slabs, retaining walls or even furniture. To get this amazing stuff you just need some water-soluble powder blocks which when combined with sunlight will turn into beautiful white bricks!

You can craft White Concrete Powder with 4 Sand blocks, 4 Gravel blocks and 1 White Dye (which will make it white. Otherwise you can use other dyes to have different colors of Concrete)

White Stained Glass

The last block on our list is not just any old white piece. This one has an interesting name and it’s also the only transparent item in this entire construction!

To get White Stained Glass, you just need to put together Glass blocks and White Dye.



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