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Whether it’s an industrial mod that changes the gameplay of the game or a mod that adds a dozen different dimensions to explore, Minecraft mods can push the limits of what the game has to offer us. However, sometimes a tiny mod is enough to add an element to a complete mod or add some possibilities to your Minecraft Vanilla to add an objective or two during the construction of your earth bunker.

Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best! And that’s why we offer you a selection of minor mods that you can add to complete your experience.

Vein Miner

Let’s be frank, the coal seams can be very, very long, and we have better things to do than spend our time mining everything. This is where Vein Miner comes in! This mod has a simple function: to mine at once all the blocks of a vein and give the resources in a single compact heap.

To clarify, a “vein” corresponds to a vein of the same mineral.

And Vein Miner lets you mine that vein in an instant. No need to spend hours mining! And it doesn’t only work with ores: sand, wood, stone; any block can be heavily mined as long as you use the right tool! The mining range will depend on two things: the durability of your device and also a maximum limit set to avoid massive lags if you’re trying to clear a desert all at once.

This mod has several functions that you can adjust:

  • Auto, which allows you to assign the mod to a key to activate it;
  • Disable, which completely disables the mod;
  • Sneak, which activates the mod only if you’re crouching;
  • No-sneak, which activates the mod continuously.
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With this mod, you will be able to dig huge caves or get rid of entire islands in a few moments! Last precision: enchantments work with the mod.

Sound physics

Minecraft has been updated on the sound level, with a lot of musical variety or effects that have been added over time. And Sound Physics is here to add the finishing touches to a more atmospheric experience. To put it simply, this mod simulates surrounding ambient sound effects and sound physics like reverb, which is basically echo simulation.

This mod basically works in caverns, where the sound of your footsteps will echo water droplets falling from the ceiling. It’s certainly not much, but a little more immersion always adds more fun!

Warning: to work, this mod requires two installations, the main mod and SE Sound Fix.


In the spirit of making mining easier, the Scenter mod will give you the power to sniff out different underground resources and spawn a trail of particles that will take you there.

The way the mod works is simple: you have a total of 9 different blocks that you can sniff (they are editable in the mod files). Whenever you interact with the world using your mouse (for example while digging), the mod will search, within a 3 by 3 chunk radius, for the nearest block you are looking for. He will then show you the way via a trail of colorful scents.

The riches are yours, and effortlessly!

Placeable Items

Here is one that will delight all interior designers! This mod allows, as its name suggests, to pose objects. And I’m not talking about dropping an object, but rather putting it down and leaving it there as a decoration. So you can put an apple on your desk or proudly display a diamond on a shelf.

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Not all items are available yet, but the current list remains substantial. The mod author was kind enough to put together said list, which you can check out right here .
The rest, we leave it to your imagination!


Food is the basis of survival. Hunt, have the chance to retrieve an apple here and there or fish. Except that fishing is really boring. What if we simplified our task a little?

Autofish is perfect for making fishing less laborious. The mod simply takes care of everything: shoeing and relaunching. You just have to throw your line into a waterhole and the mod will loop and fish for you. No more staring at the water for hours!

For example, you can create a safe little fishing spot for yourself and leave your computer screen to go do something else, then come back with more than enough food!

How to install:

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