Skeleton Horse Spawn Mod for Minecraft 1.19.4, 1.18.2 and 1.12.2: Encounter Skeleton Horses and Zombie Horses

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Now you can encounter skeleton horses ridden by skeletons in Minecraft with the Skeleton Horse Spawn mod, available for versions 1.19.2, 1.18.2, and 1.16.5. This mod enables natural generation of skeleton horses, which were previously only available through commands or creative mode eggs.

With the mod installed, there’s a chance that a spawned skeleton will appear as a skeleton horse rider. The configuration file allows you to customize settings such as whether they should spawn during the day or burn in sunlight.

Additionally, you can install the Zombie Horse Spawn Mod by the same author for zombie horses. Both mods are part of The Vanilla Experience. The mod is configurable, allowing you to set the spawn chance, daylight burning, and surface-only spawning options for skeleton horses.

You might also be interested in the Giant Spawn or Zombie Horse Spawn mods.

To find a Skeleton Horse in Minecraft, follow these steps to increase the likelihood of encountering one:

  1. Start in your spawn chunks, the area where you first entered the world. Skeleton Horses are rare, so searching this area can improve your chances.
  2. Increase the game difficulty to Hard Mode. On Easy or Normal, there’s only a 1-2% chance of Skeleton Horse spawns, but in Hard Mode, the chance increases to 6%.
  3. Ensure the weather is set to a thunderstorm, as this is a critical factor for Skeleton Horse spawning. Use the “/weather thunder” command to change the weather.
  4. With the right conditions set (Hard Mode, spawn chunks, and thunderstorm), explore the surrounding area to find a Skeleton Horse. Be patient, as it may take time due to the low spawn rate.
  5. According to the Minecraft Wiki, Skeleton Horses will despawn after 15 minutes. To maximize your chances, double-check and loop around your spawn area, continuously searching until one appears.
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Remember that Skeleton Horse spawns have a maximum 6% chance, so patience is essential. If you prefer a faster method, consider using cheats or commands to spawn one directly.

How To Spawn A Skeleton Horse

Use the slash summon command to spawn a Skeleton Horse Trap. Keep in mind that there’s a difference between a regular Skeleton Horse and a Skeleton Horse Trap. A regular Skeleton Horse can be ridden but doesn’t spawn naturally. Instead, you’ll find a Skeleton Horse Trap in the game.

To spawn a Skeleton Horse Trap, use the following command: “/summon skeleton_horse [coordinates]{SkeletonTrap:1}”. Replace [coordinates]with your actual coordinates. After entering the command, the Skeleton Horse Trap should appear in the specified area.

Remember that the numbers in yellow indicate your coordinates. Adjust them accordingly to spawn the Skeleton Horse Trap in the desired location. If the horse doesn’t appear initially, double-check the coordinates and try again.

Four Horsemen Trap

The Skeleton Horse Trap is a unique and dangerous encounter in Minecraft. Unlike a regular Skeleton Horse, you can’t simply walk up and ride it. The trap is triggered when you approach the horse.

When you walk up to the Skeleton Horse Trap, it explodes into four skeleton horsemen who will aggressively attack you. Be prepared for a challenging fight, as these skeleton horsemen are difficult to defeat. Once you’ve managed to eliminate the hostile skeletons, you can finally ride the remaining Skeleton Horse.

To do so, place a saddle on the horse and ride it as you would any other horse in the game. Be cautious when approaching a Skeleton Horse Trap, and ensure you’re well-equipped for the battle that lies ahead.

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