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One Piece Craft Mod 1.12.2 is a One Piece themed mod for Minecraft. One of the most popular anime in history, One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew on their quest to find One Piece (also known as “The Grand Line”) and become King of the Pirates. One Piece Craft Mod brings this world into your game, with items like Seastone which drains Devil Fruit abilities!

One Piece Craft Mod Adds One Piece Themed Content to Minecraft

You can find all sorts of One Piece themed items and blocks, like Seastone which drains Devil Fruit abilities!

One Piece Craft Mod

Steel/Drak Steel Ore/ Ingot is an ore found deep in the biome, gold bars used to make weapons and bullets. Along with that, Wado Ichimonji is an important sword for Roronoa Zoro. The Sandai Kitetsu is one of Wazamono’s main swords or Sharp Sword. Similar to the previous Kitetsu swords, this is also a weapon subject to oaths.
In particular, One Piece Craft Mod also gives users many other useful weapon and item crafting recipes such as: Shusui Sword, Mihawk’s Yoru Sword, Arlong’s Kiribachi Sword, Smoker’s Jitte Sword, Brook’s Soul Solid Sword, Crocodile’s Hook, Law’s Sword (Nodachi), Incomplete/Completed Clima-Tact, Usopp’s (Black) Kabuto, Flintlock Gun, Senriku Rifle, Bazooka, Cutlass, Dials (Water/Lava/Fire/Thunder/Impact), Ship Builder…

How to install:

How to Use Forge to Install Minecraft Mods (Client Side)

How To Install The Fabric Mod Loader After Downloading It

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Features of Minecraft One Piece Craft Mod


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– Cherry Tree Sapling
– Cherry Tree Wood
– Cherry Tree Planks
– Cherry Tree Leaves
– Adam Tree Wood
– Adam Tree Planks
– Adam Tree Leaves
– Kairoseki Ore
– Kariroseki Gem
– Steel Ore
– Dark Steel Ore
– Steel Cube
– Dark Steel Cube
– Steel Ingot
– Dark Steel Ingot
– Dark Steel Nugget
– Wado Ichimonji Sword
– Sandai Kitetsu Sword
– Shusui Sword
– Mihawk’s Yoru Sword
– Arlong’s Kiribachi Sword
– Smoker’s Jitte Sword
– Brook’s Soul Solid Sword
– Crocodile’s Hook
– Law’s Sword
– Incomplete Clima-Tact
– Clima-Tact
– Usopp’s Kabuto
– Usopp’s Kabuto Black
– Small Rock
– Flintlock Gun
– Senriku Rifle
– Bazooka
– Flintlock Ammo
– Senriku Ammo
– Bazooka Ammo
– Water/Lava/Fire/Impact/Thunder Dial
– Luffy’s/Usopp’s/Zoro’s/Sanji’s/Marine/Pirate clothes

– Devil Fruits

How to use items in One Piece Craft Mod

To use the power press X / C / V / B (each button corresponds to 1 separate power).
Gomu Gomu no:

X: Pistol
C: Gear 2
V: Gear 3
B: Gear 4 (press Jump to jump into the air).

Mera Mera no mi:

X: Higan
C: Shinka:Shiranui
V: Hiken
B: Dai Enkai: Entei

Noro Noro no mi:

X: Slow Beam
C: High Speed Rotation Mirror Ball
V: Mashi Mashi

Suke Suke no mi:

X: Skating (stealth)

Op op no mi:

X: Room
C: Shambles
V: Injection Shot
B: Takt

Hie Hie no mi:

X: Ice Saber
C: Ice Ball
V: Ice Age
Z: Ice Block: Pheasant Beak

Nikyu Nikyu no mi:

X: Pad Ho
C: Tsuppari Pad Ho
V: Ursus Shock

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Yomi Yomi no mi:

Revive (no key pressed).

Goro Goro no Mi:

X: El Thor
C: Sango
V: Deathpiea

One Piece Craft Mod Screenshots:

One Piece Craft Mod [1.12.2] Download Links:

Minecraft Game version1.9.4:download


Minecraft Game version1.10.2:download


Minecraft Game version1.12.2:download


Now, you can bring this world into your game with One Piece Craft Mod! This mod adds items like Seastone which drains Devil Fruit abilities, letting you live out your pirate fantasies in Minecraft!

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