Caves and Cliffs Update: Lightning Rods

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Minecraft is a game that just can’t seem to stay out of the news. Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot 21w37a Brings New Biomes, Mountain Mobs has been released with some new mobs and biomes for Minecraft players to enjoy. The Caves and Cliffs update was also released this week, but we haven’t seen it in full yet. We have seen some of the updates though, including Lightning Rods!

Crafting Recipes:

All you need to create Lightning Rod are 3 copper ingots. You can earn Copper Ore through mining in new caves and it’s as rare as Iron. You won’t have much trouble finding it.


Simply put, the Lightning Rod will redirect lightning bolts towards itself. This can be extremely useful, as it cannot protect your wooden/wool constructions easily but can also power Redstone systems that you only want to activate when there is a storm. It can also be used as an easy means to attack captured mobs or even yourself with lightning.
The Lightning Rod can be oriented in different directions, which means it can be placed on the floor, wall or ceiling. They redirect the lightning in a 32×32 area, covering more than a full stretch! The block will emit particles during thunderstorms as an indication that it is working properly. A Redstone signal is generated by the bar when it is struck by lightning.

Subsidiary information

According to Minecraft Live 2020, Ulraf got the idea for a lightning rod when a bolt of lightning burned down his wooden house.
In Minecraft Dungeons, there are also lightning rod blocks. These spawn on the roof of the Woodland Mansion Ancient Hunt to charge the vines.

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I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet explanation of one of the newest blocks included in Part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs update! Overall, it’s a very easy block with a cheap formula and simple purpose, but you’ll never know much more. In any case, I’m glad this guide helped you and have a great day!

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