Minecraft – Just a Game or Something more?

Minecraft is not just a game. It’s more of a destination as a technological tool as well as a culture scene or all three. It’s a place where kids develop complex machines, create videos of their adventures which they upload to YouTube, create art and create servers, online versions of games, where they can play with their friends.

It’s a place of experimentation and continuous discovery, filled with cryptic secrets, snarky instructions in text and hidden recipes. It’s also completely contrary to the most current trends in computing. When companies such as Apple or Microsoft and Google would like the computers we use to be simple to manipulate, they’ve created user interfaces that are point-and-click based on the idea that it’s best to hide from users how computers work – it is a different story.

Minecraft allows kids to go underneath the hood, to damage things, repair them, and transform them into random number generators. It encourages kids to experiment with their computers.


Every person who plays Minecraft or observes someone else playing it is awed by the sensation of freedom. All those blocks are endless! You can build anything you like! The players have created the Taj Mahal and the U.S.S. Enterprise in “Star Trek,” the entire capital city of “Game of Thrones.” This is the most obvious draw to the sport.

Minecraft is therefore an ideal game to play during our current education era, where politicians are keen to boost interest in what they call the “STEM” disciplines – engineering, science, technology, and math.

The government and schools have spent millions of dollars on “let’s get kids coding” initiatives, however, it could be that the effect of Minecraft is greater. This is especially striking considering that Minecraft was not intended with any educational goals in mind. “We have never done things with that sort of intent,” says Jens Bergensten, who is the chief Minecraft game developer for Mojang and Persson’s initial hire. “We always made the game for ourselves.”

Other Minecraft features mirror the software engineer’s work more in. For instance, programmers often create code and control their computers using a simple interface referred to as”the “command line,” typing complicated, text-based commands, rather than clicking and pointing.

However, Minecraft is different because Microsoft doesn’t have control over all the servers where gamers gather online. There’s no one Minecraft server that everyone in the world connects to. Some kids join an online server for profit to play minigames, and sometimes they lease a server for themselves and friends (Microsoft and Mojang provide a rent-a-server service.)

Sometimes they even offer it for free at home. If we are sharing a room and we have both tablets that run Minecraft I am able to invite you to my Minecraft world using Wi-Fi.


Will Minecraft’s success last?

It’s largely contingent on the management of Microsoft’s game. Microsoft’s top executives have been relatively tepid in the game. They have left the major decisions on the game’s evolution to Mojang and keep the team in Sweden.

You are able to imagine that the game’s vibrant community spirit could unravel. Microsoft could, for instance, attempt to increase its appeal in order to make it accessible to users and less invasive. This could reduce the game’s rich history of sharing information between fans who love mystery and opacity.

A future update might change the game’s focus towards a style that kids do not enjoy. The launch of the different methods of combat in the spring was a topic of discussion on forums. Some liked the new strategy layer while others felt it created Minecraft more like the typical hack-and-slash games. A completely different game might emerge, which is different from Minecraft.

For now, its hold is firm. Some are even trying to further strengthen it in order to make it easier for those with lower incomes children.

The reason Microsoft is having success in the field of Minecraft can be attributed to the fact Minecraft is battling gamers across multiple platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile. There’s also a strong concentration on the education sector.

However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. In the month of June, for instance, Mojang cancelled its long-promised Minecraft visual overhaul due to the fact that it was too demanding on technical aspects.

Virtual reality remains an extremely rare technology and the main reason Minecraft has been so popular has been its accessibility – you can play the game on almost every device. It’s difficult to see why adding a mode of gameplay which requires a powerful PC or console, as well as a costly headset is compatible with the current popularity of Minecraft. The response of the community to VR products is and always has been minimal at best, particularly among veteran Minecraft players who are able to recall Notch’s fight over Oculus earlier in its history.

Microsoft’s decision to acquire Minecraft at $2.5 billion just five years ago stunned both gaming and technology communities. Many saw the purchase as nothing more than an inexplicably rash decision made by the new CEO Satya Nandella; however, it soon became clear that the Redmond-based firm was doing something right.

While games like Fortnite or other war royal titles have been the focus of gaming news in recent times, Minecraft’s steady and slow strategy is definitely ahead of the pack. Minecraft surpassed Tetris as the top-selling game in the history of gaming in January and, according to the head of the studio Helen Chiang, Minecraft now has more than 112 million active gamers every month.

In the article Business Insider highlights, that’s an increase of over 20 million players since Microsoft last reported player statistics in October of 2018. The growth rate is incredible, especially for an app that’s been around for over ten years.

The bottom line is that users continue to return to Minecraft and this is an excellent sign for Microsoft. And as the overall worldwide consciousness regarding the need of positive education in different forms is growing, the other technologies to make it easier evolve as well. Take a look at the best personal academic assistant you may have – Studycrumb.com can create any type of original paper with 0% plag and unique approach. Now studying can be much easier!

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