How to Move Minecraft Villagers: Tips & Tricks

For many gamers, the subject of how to shift villagers in Minecraft might be challenging. The secret is to employ the appropriate strategies and tactics to simplify things for you. This post will go through some of the most effective methods for moving people in Minecraft so that you can maintain the efficiency of your community.

How to Move Minecraft Villagers

Minecraft is a game where you can use all sorts of different items to create and decorate your world. One way that this works out well though, especially if you’re just starting up with no villager friends yet -is the fact there are so many ways for players themselves move around these people!
Some easy methods include giving them swords or books which will cause whoever holds onto it (in most cases) become angry temporarily; setting fire everywhere but not shelters because they burn down easily then Village People style… But really whatever method works best doesn’t matter too much since what’s important here

Using a boat

How to Move Minecraft Villagers 1

Villagers can be transported more easily by boat to your desired location. Simply construct a vessel, position it in front of your target location, and navigate the sea in that direction! Boats move at varied speeds depending on their size, but they are still slower than walking or jogging on land unless there is room below, as is the case when entering larger bodies of water of a lake from the shoreline because moving uphill is harder work.

Use Minecraft

How to Move Minecraft Villagers 2

This is an excellent method for relocating entire villages. Although it’s quick and simple, ample resources are required for planning. To use this technique, place your villager in the bottom-right corner and then generate some pressure by placing Minecraft right next to them. This will force them to travel by cargo van to their new settlement area, effectively pushing them out into new territory along with all the other contented people who are waiting on top—or maybe not because it would take too long;)

Healing Zombies

How to Move Minecraft Villagers 3

This advice will not only cost you money, but it is also delicious. Initially, locate one or more zombies and let them pursue me! Get rid of their hunger with an enchanted golden apple and flee from those deceased guys as quickly as you can once they are close enough for a successful throw of Splash Potion of Weakness (it should combine). If this doesn’t go as planned, there could be significant repercussions.

Note, you need to do this at night so that zombies don’t get burned by the sun.

Build wide aisles

How to Move Minecraft Villagers 4

To achieve this, immobilize every villager by trapping them. Then bring them there by constructing a simple corridor about the size of a square block. By tempting nearby zombies to pursue the villagers, you can force them to flee via the passage to your selected location.

Overall, it takes little time to move villagers about in Minecraft using this strategy. There is a lot of labor involved because a corridor needs to be built.

Place job blocks

How to Move Minecraft Villagers 5

To acquire them, villager Minecraft automatically looks for nearby job blocks. By creating a job block then removing it from its current place, the player can use this AI process to move nearby unemployed villagers; however, there are several concerns when utilizing such a strategy to ensure that you don’t wind up too far from where your villager is currently standing or Sitting on boats will make relocation easier because they can go more quickly back down the land than if they walked it alone without any assistance along the route!

Is there a way to lure villagers in Minecraft?

This is unquestionably one of the best ways to entice the locals to come to you out of all the options. The only drawback is that they will follow closely behind you without any bother or difficulty at all if you have an emerald block in your hand! Throw out your green friend as soon as they land on dry land to ensure that not too many people are already chasing after it.


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