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Download Loot Plus Plus Mod for Minecraft 

Loot Plus Plus Mod lets you customize many things such as chest loot, as well as add custom items and blocks. This is a mod that allows a Player to change many aspects of the game through customizing config files.

Loot Plus Plus Mod

The mod also generates a set of files showing info on items, blocks, entities, effects, enchantments, dimensions, and ore dictionary entries. These files generate with world creation. Instructions on specific features of the mod are in each config file. There are a few tutorials about Loot++ and about creating some of the less obvious items like the loot items, command trigger items, customizable spawn eggs, and command trigger blocks.

This mod lets you do a few things:

– Add or remove items from any chest type (including nether fortress chests and any custom chests added by mods or custom chests you add in the config),

– Add or remove crafting recipes

– Add or remove smelting recipes

– Add or remove drops from entities

– Add or remove drops from blocks

– Add or remove ore dictionary entries

– Add a few types of items (tools, armor, etc.)

– Add a few types of blocks

– Add new records

– Allow items to give you potion effects under certain circumstances

– Change maximum stack sizes

– Add some simple world generation

Wiki page with some tutorials and samples (if you want, go ahead and add your own tutorials/examples to it =) ):




A sample of what kinds of blocks and items you can add

A sample of what kinds of blocks and items you can add

A sample of Custom Records Added

A sample of Custom Records Added

How to install:

How to Use Forge to Install Minecraft Mods (Client Side)

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How To Install The Fabric Mod Loader After Downloading It

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Loot Plus Plus Mod for Minecraft – Download Links:

Minecraft version 1.7.10:


Minecraft version 1.8.9:


Minecraft version 1.9: download


Minecraft version 1.9.4:download


Minecraft version 1.10.2:download


Minecraft version 1.11.2:download


Minecraft version 1.12.2:download

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Which is the latest version of Minecraft Forge?

The latest version of Minecraft Forge is 1.16.5. The latest recommended version of Minecraft Forge is 1.15.2; Minecraft Forge (Modding API) is heavily installed at versions 1.15.2,1.12.2. Some mods require a specific version of Minecraft Forge. New version of Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 has less testing, and many mods do not support it.

How do you download Minecraft Forge?

First, head to Minecraft forge and download the program. You want to make sure that you download the version of Forge that corresponds to the version of Minecraft you have, Select the Minecraft Forge menu on the right side of this website.

Do you have to have Minecraft to use forge?

Yes, Make sure you have Minecraft installed.Minecraft Forge only works for Minecraft: Java Edition. Minecraft for PC, XBox One and PS4 cannot be modded.

Is modding Minecraft illegal?

No, modding Minecraft is not illegal.

How do you fix a Minecraft Forge crash?

The first step to fix the Minecraft forge crash is to press Windows + R Step 1: The first step to fix the Minecraft forge crash is to press Windows + R to open the Run command box. Here, type %appdata% and click OK to open the Data Roaming folder. Step 2: In the Roaming section, there will be a folder called .minecraft; click on that folder to access inside. Step 3: In the .minecraft section we right-click> select New> Select NewFolder to create a completely new folder. Step 4: This new folder you can name as you like, as long as it is easy to remember and here we will name it wminecraft.net Step 5: Proceed to re-login Launcher of Minecraft, remember as Launcher of Minecraft forge. Step 6: Then we choose Edit profile, as in Minecraft forge is to select a profile with corresponding Minecraft forge. Step 7: Click on Game Directory and copy the directory path that we created just now to paste into the section in Profile Editor. After the above operation, you re-enter the game and review the modes you have set; from now on, you need to put the Mod into the new wminecraft.net folder we created; this way will fix the best Minecraft forge crash.

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