Hunger Strike Mod 1.16.4-1.15.2- Widen your food inventory in Minecraft

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 If you want to heal your health quickly in Minecraft, make sure to check out the Hunger Strike Mod. This mod allows you to play the game uninterruptedly by filling up your hunger bar quickly. 

Hunger Strike Mod is an important mod for Minecraft that is there to make sure you are healthy to play the game. Players normally focus on building villages, collecting weapons too much that they don’t have enough time for food. Hunger Strike Mod can help you play the game constantly without worrying about feeding yourself.

About the Hunger Strike Mod

Hunger Strike Mod

This is a useful mod in Minecraft

When you are too interested in the game, you can sit down and play for hours without eating. However, your character can’t do that.

They need their meals to deal with challenging tasks from the game. If you forget to stock up on food, you might leave your character starve to death. In that case, you need the Hunger Strike Mod to quickly heal your character from starvation.

The mod offers you the opportunity to control over your hunger bars like sprinting with hunger bars, how long a bar lasts or the amount of food you should eat to fill up a bar and many more. In addition, it comes as a config file, so players can adjust it according to their own world.

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Features of the Hunger Strike Mod

  • Players can fix the hunger bar at half capacity for sprinting and disables health regen.
  • The “hunger” effect means the hunger bar will drop below the sprint threshold.
  • The “regeneration” effect means the hunger bar will max out.
  • Each food item can restore health at half its value. For example, a cookie can be able to restore a half heart and a cooked porkchop has the ability to restore 2 hearts.

When you start this mod, the default value is LIST. But this mod is applied to players with three main values and you can choose the one you like, depending on how you want to enjoy the game.

  • NONE: You disable hunger strike for all players.
  • LIST: You enable hunger strike only for players added in-game with the hunger strike command.
  • ALL: You enable hunger strike for all players.

What are the benefits of the Hunger Strike Mod?

The mod allows you to play the game constantly

The mod allows you to play the game constantly

This mod doesn’t generate your food items or naturally regenerate your health bars. Instead, the maximum hunger level that it can help you recover is half of the bar. In addition, it is not too easy for players to heal, because you have to craft farm materials or use healing potions. However, a good thing about this mod is that the healing power of food items can be doubled. 

Besides, you have a wider food inventory with the Hunger Strike Mod. With this space, you need to stack up on enough food items to survive. Once you get your food inventory widened, you can comfortably do whatever you want, from hunting, farming or mining. Not only will you have all the food you need, but you also have plenty of time exploring and doing other fun things in the game.

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The Hunger Strike Mod is definitely a useful mod for Minecraft. If you are looking for having the best experience playing the game without being interrupted for food, make sure to download this mod.

Mod Requires:

Minecraft Forge

How to install:

How to Use Forge to Install Minecraft Mods (Client Side)

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Hunger Strike Mod 1.16.4/1.15.2 For Minecraft Download Links:

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Minecraft Game version 1.7.2:


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