How to Learn Various Sciences Playing Minecraft

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Research shows that gamification has a lot of potential for advancing students’ educational objectives. It has become obvious that an educational process is far more effective when it is fun.

Minecraft is one of those games that keep players both engaged and entertained. Ever since its creation and release in 2011, placing and mining cubic blocks and lots of related adventures have captured the attention of millions of users around the world.

How to Learn Various Sciences Playing Minecraft

Among its many benefits, Minecraft is an ideal tool for communicating scientific tenets and concepts. Its features are related to lots of real-world occurrences that are conducive to the explanation of natural and physical sciences.

But it’s not as easy as it may sound. You need to be methodical and careful about the way in which you use Minecraft to learn various sciences. Below are some suggestions about making the process of learning effective and impactful.

Who’s learning?

First things first. A lot depends on who’s learning. You should select games according to age groups. Some surveys suggest that Minecraft tends to be more effective when engaging students aged 13-15. Results showed that the participating students were able to improve their understanding of scientific subjects taught in high school. This had a positive bearing on their grades as well.

The above does not mean that Minecraft should not be used for other age groups. The point is that it needs to be placed in context. It should also be used at the right time and with the right tools.

Technical considerations

The specifications also matter. Those who have used MinecraftEdu in schools have housed it in the ICT department. Teachers have remote access to the server to control its settings. The software should be easy to use to let students who are not familiar with video games get involved quickly. The software installed on individual student laptops allows them to use the game in class as well as at home. 

Game speed should also be set so as to let new users get involved quickly. Students should be able to play using a keyboard and a mouse, as well as a touchpad or touch-screen display.


Earth Science is widely considered one of the most appropriate topics to choose when using Minecraft. Topics cover a broad range of topics, including the rock cycle, minerals, and various types of rocks. When coupled with traditional teaching tools and methods (such as presentations, videos, and experiments), the outcomes become truly impressive. 

Minecraft has been found to give a major boost to the learning process. Students are having a blast playing and engaging with scientific topics and research questions. Both students and teachers also have an important role to play in merging games with teaching and learning.

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Virtual world vs. real world

We know that this multiplayer sandbox video game is played in a virtual world. And that world is modeled on the real one. This means that players can model their playing tactics on real-life experiences. As players build things using blocks, they inadvertently learn the ropes of geometry.

Minecraft is also a great way to communicate lots of information and data related to ecology. A number of topics related to physics and chemistry can be integrated to turn the playing experience into a learning one. When done with proper planning and dedication, the result can be eye-opening. Teachers find it extremely useful in achieving their educational goals. The impact is greater when used in combination with relevant educational tools and resources.


Any learning process achieves its goals more effectively when it becomes fun to engage in it. There is ample scientific evidence corroborating this claim, so there is no doubt that some video games can be used to that end. Minecraft is one of those games that helps introduce and learn complex scientific concepts in a more accessible way.

One needs to plan for it, though. The optimal results are achieved when the playing experience is combined with traditional teaching methods. The combination creates a synergy that paves the way for optimal learning outcomes. 


Diane Sherron is a professional writer and student coach. She enjoys playing games a lot, so she knows everything there is to know about how students can use games to advance their educational goals. As a researcher, Diane has been studying linkages between games and students’ academic performance for over a decade.

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