How to slay the Minecraft Boss Ender Dragon

It’s simple to defeat the Ender dragon in Minecraft. A step-by-step tutorial for killing Ender dragons in Minecraft is provided below.
The Ender Dragon (Fire Dragon) is the game’s last boss and the thing that every Minecraft player aspires to defeat if they want to end the game. Everyone is aware that Minecraft is a game with no restrictions on space or time, so whether you choose to destroy the Ender Dragon or the island is up to you and your personal preferences. However, if you want to give this strongest boss in Minecraft a shot on your own, the information in the following post might be helpful.

There has never been a game as unique and alluring to players as Minecraft, one of the top ten games of all time. The installation of Minecraft is also extremely difficult, but despite the lack of exciting action scenes, dull details, and ugly graphics, it is still one of the most played games in the world today and is regarded as a classic.

How to slay the Minecraft Boss Ender Dragon 1

Break the game of Minecraft

If you’ve ever played Minecraft, you undoubtedly already know that it features some of the greatest monsters and bosses, including the Ender dragon (also known as Ender Dragon or the new moniker Fire Dragon), which is the game’s strongest boss. The aim of many Miners is to figure out how to destroy Ender Dragon.

The current version of this mob boss has a new name and has also undergone a significant level boost in terms of health, damage, and other talents, making it far more challenging. The original name for this boss was Ender Dragon. In order to avoid confusion, we shall use both names throughout this text.

Features of Fire Dragon (Ender Dragon):

How to slay the Minecraft Boss Ender Dragon 2

Has a huge amount of HP (6000 health).
The ability to attack powerfully and deal damage by rushing straight at the character or exhaling a purple poison cloud that causes you to lose blood if you pass through, in it.
Able to fly through most blocks in the game, except Obsidian and End Stone.
Heals health from his Endercrystal (Ender crystal). These Endercrystals are located on a column called an Obsidian.
Depends largely on the Ender Crystal (this is also the weakness that we will take advantage of to defeat this boss).
When destroyed, the Ender Dragon will leave a small dragon egg.
Are you ready for your battle? If ok then let’s start the battle!

1. Steps in preparation

Make sure you have the following before engaging in combat:

Diamond weapons and armor (or high damage sword).
A diamond axe
Arrows and bows (lots of names).
Potions for regeneration and healing.
Food (Golden Apples or Enchanted Golden Apples).
End Stone and Obsidian (the more the better).
Ender Chests are an option.
container of water (in case you look at Enderman or fall from above).

2. Locate Ender the dragon:

The Stronghold neighborhood is where the Ender fire dragon resides (The End biome). You must utilize the End Portal to travel to a location in the midst of the Overworld and the End if you are unable to move to this area (because it will take a lot of time) and still want to encounter the Ender dragon.
The Eye of Ender can be used to locate the End Portal or a variety of other materials can be used to build one. It is advised to use the search approach instead.
Where to look for the End Portal:

Create an Eye of Ender by combining Blaze powder from Blaze mobs with Ender pearls from Endermen (requires at least 15 Eye of Ender).
You hurl them into the air after you have the Eye of Ender, then move in the direction they point. Throw these Eye of Enders carefully for the optimum effect as they will break after 3-5 uses.
Once the End Portal has been located, it must be activated by inserting 12 Eye of Enders into the 12 corresponding holes on the ground.

3. Eliminate the Endercrystals

As previously noted, these crystals serve as the Ender dragon’s main source of healing, therefore eliminating each one of them will make it easier to defeat the Fire Dragon.

How to annihilate Endercrystal

If you use a bucket of water, it will vanish by itself.
Shoot it with a bow and arrow till it bursts.
Break the Obsidian towers with the diamond ax.

Keep your eyes off the Enderman.
When the Ender Dragon has passed by, only then should you destroy these Endercrystal columns.
After destroying, you must swiftly leave the area and seek refuge somewhere, such as an Endercrystal.
In an emergency, water can be useful.

Small advice:

If seriously hurt, heal yourself with food or a healing supplement.
You can conceal yourself here or construct a temporary shelter because Ender dragons cannot harm Obsidians and End Stones. Additionally, digging trenches will make getting to the destination much safer than going on the ground.
You need to have a sound plan and keep yourself as safe as possible since the Fire Dragon has so much HP that it is difficult for you to instantly kill 1 hit.

4. Kill the dragon Ender:

If you don’t swiftly eliminate its healing columns, attacking and eliminating this mob boss could take several days. At the same time, if we unintentionally come under attack, we won’t initially be able to finish the job. Dragons can be slain in two different ways:

Apply the diamond sword.
Apply bows.

However, the players who have tried all agree on one thing: a bow is always the most efficient, secure, and safest option.

A direct headshot with an arrow is the most effective technique to dispatch the Ender dragon. To shoot something squarely in the head, however, simply implies to do so. So what do you do? Here’s the catch:

For instance, if this boss pursues you from behind, you might rush away before stopping abruptly and shooting it in the head. Jump left or right as soon as the arrow is fired (absolutely do not continue to run straight or backward). You can defeat the Ender Dragon more quickly by shooting an arrow at its head, which delivers more damage than shooting at its body.
The boss dragon will take roughly 2 hearts (4 health) of damage per arrow struck to the head, but keep in mind that it has a maximum health of 6000 (3000 hearts, since each heart equals 2 health). You can rapidly determine the time and amount of arrows required, even while taking into account the healing times, moving timings, waiting for opportunities, and the distance between each subsequent attack frequency of this boss, which is roughly 10 to 30 seconds. what to fire at (not to mention miss, shoot to destroy the Endercrystal…).

The author also wants to personally recommend the following to you:

When you are fully prepared, you should only look to The End Biome to locate and eliminate the Fire Dragon.
Before deciding to breach the island, you should become an adept user of the bow.
Because the fight will continue, create a strategy and a plan.

Cinder Dragon Win Ender

After you win, the dragon Ender will arrive on the screen with fireworks, and a dragon egg will appear as a trophy. The egg will break if it falls through the End Portal, so avoid doing so.

That is all you need to understand, need to do, and need to kill the Ender Dragon in order to get to End City and effectively hack the Minecraft game using your Minecraft account. You can use the cheat command, of course, but that will take away from the challenge and charm of the game.

How to make Ender dragon reanimated in Minecraft

The exit gateway will turn on once the Ender dragon has been vanquished.

1. Stop making crystals

By putting 4 End crystals or crystals on the sides of the Exit portal, the user can summon the Ender dragon. On each edge, a crystal. As a result, they must first create these blocks. One Ghast tear, seven glass blocks, and Ender’s eye are required to make a crystal.

Blaze Powder and Ender Pearl can be used to make Ender’s eyes, while sand can be melted to make glass. Finally, killing this mob will yield Ghast’s tear.

The End Crystals are also potent explosives having the capacity to produce explosions that are greater than those caused by TNT.

2. Attach 4 End crystals to the exit portal’s edges.

The Exit Gate is a structure that becomes operational following each Ender dragon kill and enables the player to return to the spawn location.

The original end crystals on the obisidian columns will regenerate if each End crystal is placed on one side of each plane, along with the dragon.

Please take note that if you forget to pick up the dragon egg before performing this, it will vanish.

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