Aqua Affinity: The enchantment that makes underwater mining faster!

Aqua Affinity is an enchantment that was introduced in Minecraft 1.13. It speeds up the process of mining underwater, making it almost as fast as mining on land! In this blog post, we will discuss how to get Aqua Affinity and what it does!

Aqua Affinity

Aqua Affinity?

Aqua Affinity 2

The best way to describe Aqua Affinity is by saying that it lets you mine and dig at normal speed in water, meaning there’s no more waiting around for your character or item Norton! You’ll have access not just while swimming but also when floating on top of lakes.
Mining with this active enchanting will be much easier than usual; not only does the player max out their mining rate but they don’t even need anything equipped as longs use any tool type–even swords can now cut through stone easily enough due its sharpness upgrade effect

What can you enchant with it?

Aqua Affinity is a special enchanting skill that can be used to make helmets and other items more powerful. To use the enchantment, you need an item enchanted with it as well!
You may also apply this effect permanently by wearing your helmet or carrying around books containing these enhancements in order for them both remain active throughout gameplay conditions such rising water levels from flooded zones like Drowned Man’s Grotto on Rimmington Beach which usually occur during extreme rainsstorms when players find themselves surrounded by waist-high waters despite not being near any bodies of saltwater

Can you repair a damaged Aqua Affinity enchanted Helmet?

You can repair an Aqua Affinity enchanted Helmet by using an Anvil or with the Mending enchantment


With a water breathing effect and the ability to explore underwater shipwrecks, an Aqua affinity helmet is perfect for those looking at beginning their adventure in The Sea. To start this new life as pirate or treasure seeker you’ll want some accessories such as scutes enchanted with Respiration which can be found on Baby turtles who grow up into adult ones!

To make a Turtle Shell you’ll need to gather 5 Scute, the item dropped by Baby Turtles when they grow up into adult Turtles.

How to get it

Aqua Affinity 3 Aqua Affinity 4

The Aqua Affinity enchanting book can be found in a chest or traded with villagers and applied to any helmet for an added bonus.

Otherwise if you want to obtain it through the Enchant Command, what you need to type in the console is:

/enchant @p aqua_affinity 1


  • Aqua Affinity can only be at level I
  • it has an enchantment weight of 2
  • its Namespaced ID is aqua_affinity
  • in the Java Edition its Numeric ID is 6 and its translational key is enchantment.minecraft.aqua_affinity
  • In the Bedrock edition of Minecraft Aqua Affinity’s Numeric ID is 8 and its translational key is enchantment.waterWorker
  • the enchantment is available in all the Minecraft platforms (Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Ps4, Xbox 360, you name it)
  • it is in Minecraft since the 1.0.0 version of 2011.


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