How Long Does it Take for Sugarcane to Grow in Minecraft? The Truth Revealed

How long does it take for Sugarcane to grow in Minecraft? The answer may surprise you. In this article, we’ll explore the truth about Sugar Cane growth rates in Minecraft and uncover why it sometimes appears to grow more slowly than it should. We’ll also provide tips on how to speed up the growth process. So, read on to find out everything you need to know about Sugarcane in Minecraft!


How much time does it take?

The sugar cane plant is a slow grower, but it can produce enough to keep you going in an emergency. It takes on average 8 minutes for one block of this green goodness to pop up! The higher your light level and the softer terrain where they’re planted; however–the faster these stalks will mature into sweet swaths that provide all sorts or uses from crafting material tips-to food ingredient plates

Why it can grow slower

Sugar Cane is a very slow grower. The only way it can be grown quickly, if you’re around – which means staying in the same chunk! So make sure not to travel too far away from your plant or else its growth will suffer greatly

How it can grow faster

There are two ways to speed the growth. By using Bone Meal and by increasing the random tick speed through the commands.

  • The Bone Meal will instantly increase the Sugar Cane to the maximum of 3 blocks high. It doesn’t affect Sugar Cane in the Java edition though, so this method will only work in the Bedrock edition.
  • If you want to increase the random tick speed rate you’ll have to use the commands and change it from 3 (the default random tick speed) to a higher value.
    For example, for setting the speed to 1000, you’ll need to type: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 1000.
    This method works for making anything grow faster, even animals like Turtles for example.

You can also set the Random Tick Speed to 0 to make everything stop from growing. It is one of the 4 ways to freeze time in Minecraft.

Making an automated farm

Harvesting Sugar Cane is a simple task that can take up some time. However, if you want to make your farm more efficient and streamlined then building an automated sugar-making machine might just do the trick! I will show how in this well done video about harvesting crystals from plants such as cane which has been patiently waiting for our attention all along…
The input was written like someone explaining what they were doing while showing steps; however it became very long winded

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