Do Iron Golems Despawn? How to Stop It: Permanent Mob Solutions

Do Iron Golems despawn? It’s a question that many players have asked themselves, especially after noticing their golems suddenly disappearing. The answer is yes and no – Iron Golems, like other permanent mobs, shouldn’t despawn. However, they can move away from where you leave them or die. And sometimes they do despawn anyway because of a glitch that hasn’t been solved yet. So in this article we’re going to show you how to permanently stop your Iron Golem from disappearing.

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Iron Golems dying

Most of the times, if you don’t see an Iron Golem anymore it is because it died.

  • An Iron Golem can die if attacked by many hostile mobs. This can happen overnight, if the Villlage that the Golem is protecting is being attacked.
  • A Golem can die by suffocation. This can happen if the Golem gets its head stuck into a block.

There are a couple of guidelines to follow to prevent them from dying:

Heal them

When a Golem health decreases, the Golem will look damaged, cracks will start showing on its body.

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If you see a damaged Golem, you can heal it by right-clicking on it while holding an Iron Ingot in your hand.

Help them

Maybe one Iron Golem is not enough to protect a Village or to protect your base. Build another Iron Golem. It is quite expensive, it requires 36 Iron Ingots, but it could be worth it.

To make an Iron Golem you will also need a Pumpkin. First of all, convert the 36 Iron Ingots in 4 Iron blocks.

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Then place them in a cross shape.

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Finally, place the Pumpkin on top of the cross, at the center.

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Make the area suffocation proof

Golems are 3 blocks tall. This means that if you remove all the blocks at heigth 3 from the ground, it will be impossible for the Golems to suffocate. But this solution may be a bit extreme.

Otherwise, you could put Fences around every block that is at 3 blocks height from the ground, so that Golems will not end up stuck in them (related topic: Can Villagers open Fences Gates?)

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To craft 3 Fences you will need 2 Sticks and 4 Wooden Planks. Put them together in the Crafting Table following this crafting recipe.

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Golems traveling

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Golems are naturally drawn to villages where they can protect the people. If you create a golem away from its home, this being may decide on traveling towards one of many nearby locations which means that it’s important not only keep them enclosed but also make sure there aren’t any gaps larger than 1 block deep or else your new friend might disappear without warning!

How to avoid unexplained despawn

First off, why would we want to limit our creations in a 20×20 area? It doesn’t solve anything! This needs saying because if you search “mobs despawning” on Google or any other internet site and look at all the advice they give about confined mobs-in their words – many people will tell ya that’s what fixed long ago Minecraft’s problem with these pesky creatures pop up every so often regardless of whether there are lots around them. So nowadays keeping things confined seems Pointless

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To avoid Golems despawning because of this bug, you will need to keep Golems away from those borders. Maybe you can do so by using Fences, once again.

So, you want to know how keep your Iron Golem from despawning? Well luckily for us there are 3 things we need to do. These aren’t necessarily going ot solve the problem 100% but they’ll definitely help!

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