Dragon Ball Mod 1.12.2 – Dragon balls to your Minecraft

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Dragon Ball Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 – Dragon balls to your Minecraft. You can craft a dragon radar to find them like in the DragonBall series. However, the radar points to ball no. 1, then no. 2, etc… Not like the series but whatever.

Dragon Ball Mod


Dragon Block C Mod for Minecraft

Black Goku Skin minecraft

Dragon Ball Mod is about getting you to adventure far and wide, searching for the balls intended for survival and claiming the ultimate reward. You can wish for anything you desire (not really, but it’s still good). Once you find the last ball, they re-spawn on the map in different locations, so you can keep finding them and making new wishes!



The way the wishes work is after gathering all 7, Shenron, the Eternal Dragon should appear… but He doesn’t; you just put the balls in a crafting grid in exchange for a Wish (its an item?) You set this wish in the crafting grid and what you get depends on where you place it. Placing it in the bottom middle gives you a different wish.

This mod also adds a Flying Nimbus as a wish, and it allows you to fly whenever it’s in your inventory, so I recommend this as your first wish. It will make finding them again much more effortless.

All items

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Crafting Recipes:

Crafting the radar to find the balls.


It’s a shapeless recipe for the wish.


Here is something you can get! Great Saiyaman’s Helmet!


This is how you can get to the ‘next page’ of wishes


How to install:

How to Use Forge to Install Minecraft Mods (Client Side)

How To Install The Fabric Mod Loader After Downloading It

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Dragon Ball Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2 Download Links:

Dragon Ball Mod For Minecraft 1.11.2:download


Dragon Ball Mod For Minecraft 1.12.2:download


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