Battle Towers Lite Mod 1.16.5

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Battle Towers Lite Mod gives players a certain thrill from those simple tall towers that other structure mods can’t reproduce for me. I love running into these structures and looting each level until I reach the top, where the Golem guards its most precious treasures. And one of my favorite parts is when you finally defeat the Golem, and it carries it down the tower.

Battle Towers Lite Mod

How to install:

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What’s missing:

– I couldn’t seem to make the Golem shoot fireballs. Instead, he occasionally summons them, and then kinda hits them at you.

– To compensate for the lack of fireball throwing, he summons lightning!

– He only does his special attacks when he is damaged.

– There is currently only 1 tower. They are made of Stone Bricks instead of Cobblestone.

– The tower only crumbles if the Golem is on the tower. If he dies outside of the tower… well, then it will act like he’s still on the tower, and the ground beneath where he died will crumble. This is because I have absolutely no clue how to trigger explosions starting at the top of a structure in MCreator.

– There are currently only towers that go above the ground, and none that go underground

– Anything unrelated to battle towers is not added, e.g. Elemental Staffs

– The Golem and the tower destruction have fewer sounds

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– Tower Golem, who can “summon” fireballs, strike lightning, break blocks around him to get to you, AND NOW HIS EYE GLOWS!

– Mob spawners in the tower are basically the same as AtomicStryker’s Battle Towers, with the exception of a few upper levels where evokers are used.

– The battle tower chests use vanilla loot tables! This means that mods that modify chest loot in dungeons, shipwrecks, end cities, etc. will have their loot show up in the tower!

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