All Bark, All Bite Mod (1.20.2, 1.19.4) Unleash the Canine Chaos in Minecraft

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Welcome to the world of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds and imagination runs wild. The possibilities are endless in this beloved sandbox game, allowing players to build, explore, and embark on thrilling adventures. But what if we told you that you could add a whole new level of chaos and excitement to your Minecraft experience? Introducing the “All Bark, All Bite Mod” – a game-changing modification that brings a multitude of canine companions into the mix. Get ready to unleash the fury of various dog breeds, each with their unique abilities and attributes, as you navigate through the pixelated realms of Minecraft. In this article, we delve into the thrilling features and functionalities of this mod, available for versions 1.20.2 and 1.19.4, and uncover how it can transform your gaming experience into an unforgettable whirlwind of four-legged chaos.

Introducing All Bark, All Bite Mod (1.20.2, 1.19.4) – Minecraft’s New Canine Companions

Experience the thrilling world of All Bark, All Bite Mod (1.20.2, 1.19.4) as it brings a captivating array of canines to Minecraft. This mod not only breathes new life into the game, but also introduces new companions, challenges, and chaos that will completely redefine your Minecraft experience. Let’s delve into the features of this mod and uncover the wonders of its canine creatures.

Dog Mob and Enhanced Wolf AI

First and foremost, we have the delightful Dog mob, which now naturally spawns in Villages. With nine adorable color variations, these furry friends epitomize man’s best friend in the Minecraft universe. But this mod goes beyond just adding new dogs. It also enhances the AI of the vanilla Wolf, giving it a more realistic and untamed behavior. Expect wild antics, pack formations, and a more challenging taming process in order to obtain a powerful pet.

Houndmaster Illager and Scavengers

Prepare to encounter the formidable Houndmaster Illager, a mob that commands the assistance of Scavengers in combat. These menacing creatures not only join raids, but have also been bred by the Houndmasters for the sole purpose of swiftly and ferociously dispatching their enemies. Discover the Whistle item, which can be obtained from the Houndmaster or found in Houndmaster Kennels. This invaluable item allows you to control your pets’ behavior from a distance, enabling strategic coordination with your loyal allies.

Houndmaster Kennel and Loot

Speaking of Houndmaster Kennels, this new structure piece is a fearsome addition to Pillager Outposts. It not only spawns a Houndmaster and three Scavengers, but also contains a chest filled with Houndmaster loot, as well as a barrel brimming with meat and bones.

Summary of Features

  • The introduction of a new Dog mob, which naturally spawns in Villages and showcases their loyalty and companionship in 9 different color variations.
  • An overhaul of the vanilla Wolf’s AI, providing a more “wild” behavior with pack formations and a tougher taming process in exchange for a powerful pet.
  • The inclusion of the Houndmaster Illager, a formidable mob that summons Scavengers to aid in combat and adds an extra layer of challenge to raids.
  • The addition of the Scavenger mob, a fearsome breed of wolf bred by the Houndmasters to swiftly and ferociously eliminate their enemies.
  • The availability of the Whistle item, dropped by the Houndmaster or found in Houndmaster Kennels, which grants you control over your pets’ behavior from a distance.
  • The introduction of the Houndmaster Kennel, a new structure piece in Pillager Outposts that spawns a Houndmaster and three Scavengers. It also contains a chest filled with valuable Houndmaster loot, along with a barrel of meat and bones.
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Prepare yourself for an enhanced Minecraft experience with All Bark, All Bite Mod. Explore the wild world of these new canine companions and embrace the challenges and chaos they bring.

Unleash the Canine Chaos in Minecraft with All Bark, All Bite Mod (1.20.2, 1.19.4)

Mod Overview:

  • “All Bark, All Bite” is a Minecraft mod that focuses on adding various features related to canines in the game.
  • This mod introduces new breeds of dogs with unique abilities and behaviors, allowing players to tame and train them as loyal companions.
  • The mod also includes different types of dog accessories, such as collars and beds, which enhance the interaction with your virtual pets.
  • With this mod, you can embark on new adventures with your trusty canine companions, experiencing the chaos they can unleash.

Mod Version Compatibility:

  • The mentioned mod versions “1.20.2” and “1.19.4” likely refer to the Minecraft game versions that the mod is compatible with.
  • For example, “1.20.2” indicates that the mod is designed to work with Minecraft version 1.20.2 and “1.19.4” implies compatibility with Minecraft version 1.19.4.
  • It’s essential to check the mod’s official page or download source to confirm the specific requirements and compatibility information.

Gameplay Features:

  • The “All Bark, All Bite” mod may introduce various gameplay mechanics related to the dogs in Minecraft.
  • It could include features such as breeding dogs, training them with commands, or even utilizing their abilities in combat or exploration.
  • Players may have the opportunity to interact with the dogs using specialized items like treats or toys.
  • Visual enhancements and customization options, such as different dog skins or color variations, might be part of the mod as well.

Installation and Usage:

  • To utilize the “All Bark, All Bite” mod (or any Minecraft mod), you’ll need to have the Minecraft Java Edition and install a compatible version of the mod.
  • Mods typically require specific installation steps, such as downloading and placing the mod files in the correct folder of your Minecraft installation.
  • Each mod may have its own set of instructions, so it’s recommended to refer to the mod’s official page or the website where you downloaded it for detailed installation and usage guidance.

Remember, always download mods from trusted sources, and it’s advisable to have a backup of your Minecraft game data before installing any mods.

Unleash the Canine Chaos in Minecraft with All Bark, All Bite Mod (1.20.2, 1.19.4) 2

Features of All Bark, All Bite

The Dog:

The dog is an essential part of the Villages and reappears periodically.

Dogs can be tamed using various meats or foods like apples, cooked potatoes, and carrots. These foods are also used for breeding and treating them. Dogs have a tendency to pick up food from the ground and eat it. They will follow any player holding food.

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Manual Commands:

Once tamed, dogs have three manual control settings: sit, follow, and free. Right-clicking allows you to switch between these settings.

Targets and Enemies:

Dogs naturally prey on chickens and rabbits and will attack skeletons on sight. If a dog is alone, it will try to silently approach its prey and pounce. If other dogs are nearby, they will quickly join forces to eliminate the target. Tamed dogs do not hunt prey.


When untied or set to “Free,” dogs will seek shelter and fall asleep at night.


If you throw a bone or stick near a dog, it will eagerly fetch it, pick it up, and bring it back to you.


If you give a dog a bone, it will bury it nearby and may offer you a valuable item such as leather, a rabbit foot, or even a goat horn.

The Master Dog

The Dog-Dog is an Illager equipped with a bow and has the ability to summon hostile attack dogs called Charognards.

They can be found in the Master-Canen Chenils, which are generated as an essential part of the Pillagers’ Outposts. They also appear in the later waves of the Raids.

Upon their appearance, a Dog-Dog will summon three tamed Charognards, or they may earn up to three untamed ones. If any of the Charognards are defeated in battle, the Dog-Dog will summon replacements after a delay of at least thirty seconds. The Dog-Dog itself will maintain a distance from its target and attack with its bow, while the Charognards rush in to attack and mutilate the target.

When defeated, the Dog-Dog drops a whistle and an emerald.

The carrion

The Charognard is an aggressive attack dog that serves as a hostile Illager companion.

They can be found in the company of a dog-master within the Master-dog Chenils, which are generated as an integral part of the Pillagers’ Outposts. They are also summoned by the Master Dogs during Raids. Typically, Charognards are encountered in groups of three.

These dogs have been trained to attack players, villagers, and Iron Golems on sight. They prioritize attacking the target chosen by their dog-master and will defend it if it comes under attack.

The Whistleblow

The Whistleblow is a newly introduced item that enables remote control of your animals. It can be found in chests generated within the Chenils of the Dog Masters and can also be obtained from the dog masters themselves.

To activate the whistle, simply right-click on it, which will produce a sound and issue a command to all of the user’s animals currently loaded in the area. Additionally, right-clicking on an individual animal allows it to be “linked” to the Whistle, ensuring that only that specific animal responds to the user’s whistle commands.

To access the Whistle’s settings, simply hit it with a right-click, opening the Whistle screen. From there, you can navigate through a list of available commands and select one to activate when using the Whistle. Furthermore, you have the option to “untie” a whistle that is bound to a specific animal, allowing it to function again with all of your animals.

The Wolf

The legendary wolf has been reimagined as a formidable predator. It can be found in different types of forests, including Taigas and Brevers.

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Approxically – Reproduction

Naturally occurring wolves cannot be tamed and will prevent players from approaching unless they sneak. However, if you breed two wolves, the resulting baby wolf will trust and not run away from players. These trusted wolves cannot be directly controlled by the player, but they will defend the player if attacked and will follow anyone holding meat. To tame a trusted wolf, simply give it twenty bones.

Wolves can be replicated and fed with any type of meat. They have a fondness for picking up meat items from the ground and consuming them.

Orders Manual

Once tamed, the wolf has three manual control settings: Sit, Follow, and Free. You can easily switch between these settings by right-clicking.

Targets and Hostiles

Wolves are natural predators of sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, and rabbits. They will also attack skeletons and foxes on sight. If a wolf is alone, it will attempt to silently approach its prey before pouncing. However, if other wolves are nearby, they will swiftly join forces to eliminate the target together.

Unlike other tamed animals, tamed wolves will continue to actively hunt prey even after being tamed.


Wild wolves have a natural fear of non-sneaking players and llamas, causing them to flee when they are in close proximity.


When untamed or not set to “Free,” wolves will seek shelter and rest during the day.

Meet training

Wolves are social creatures and have a natural inclination to gather and form packs in the wild. Playful young wolves often engage in chasing and leaping over each other, while adult wolves simply find comfort in the companionship of their pack members.


If a wolf is alone, it will howl periodically in search of a pack. If another wolf responds to its call, it will navigate towards the general vicinity of the responding wolf’s location.

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All Bark, All Bite Mod (1.20.2, 1.19.4) – Download 

Game Ver 1.19.2 (Forge Version)download


Game Ver 1.19.4 (Forge Version)download


Game Ver 1.20.2 (Forge Version)download


In Conclusion

The All Bark, All Bite Mod for Minecraft version 1.20.2 and 1.19.4 is a game-changer for those seeking to add a touch of canine chaos to their gameplay experience. With its wide array of features and customizable options, this mod provides players with the ability to unleash a new level of excitement and challenge in their virtual world.

Whether it’s training loyal attack dogs, exploring the wilderness with a pack of wolves, or battling fierce werewolves, the mod offers endless possibilities for both casual and hardcore players alike. So, if you’re ready for a thrilling adventure filled with barks and bites, look no further than the All Bark, All Bite Mod for Minecraft.


  • Author of the mod: the-infamous-1
  • Minecraft versions: 1.20.2 – 1.19.4
  • API: Forge
  • Date of update: 27/10/2023
  • Original link: Curseforge
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