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Advanced  FiskHeroes is a mod for Minecraft that adds various superhero characters and their respective abilities into the game. It was created by FiskFille, and it allows players to become their favorite superheroes or supervillains, with a wide range of powers and abilities. The mod is constantly being updated and expanded with new features and characters.

Advanced FiskHeroes Mod

Advanced FiskHeroes Mod

đź“Ą How to install:

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Advanced FiskHeroes Mod Screenshots:

Advanced FiskHeroes Mod Advanced FiskHeroes Mod Advanced FiskHeroes Mod Advanced FiskHeroes Mod Advanced FiskHeroes Mod Advanced FiskHeroes Mod

How to Download:

First off, Download the FiskHeroes mod here, place it in your mods folder, start Minecraft, stop Minecraft once it has started, and then do as follows:

Follow these steps exactly:

Do not Unzip the Advanced FiskHeroes folder, place it directly into the following location:

Appdata > Roaming > .minecraft > fiskheroes

The display above shows exactly where you need to place Advanced FiskHeroes for it to work!

Do not unzip the folder, you must keep it zipped!

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