The Top 5 Rarest Item Blocks in Minecraft 1.18

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In Minecraft, there are many different types of blocks that make up the world. While some blocks, like cobblestone and dirt, are easy to find, others are rare and can only be found in certain places. In this article, we will introduce the Top 5 rarest item blocks in Minecraft 1.18. These blocks are valuable for a variety of reasons, so if you see them, you should collect them immediately!

1. Dragon Egg

The dragon egg is a rare and elusive creature. Found only after you’ve defeated the Ender Dragon for good measure, its arrival in your world guarantees an opportunity at long life – but not if there are other players around! To mine this precious rock deposit? Well we’ll just have to break it out of course; TNT won’t work here because these guys seem telepathic (and teleport!). mining requires quite some skill as well since getting near enough can be tricky business: 31x15x31 filled square kilometers might do nicely though

2. Bone Block

Bone blocks are not often found in the Overworld, but they can be seen at various sites. For example there is usually one located near soul sand valley biomes or on top of mountains throughout spawn chunks . These bones offer a variety for how players use them- from making furniture with their sturdy construction to converting it intocooked food that grows plants instantaneously when placed down by hand (or horse).

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3. Sponges

The sponge is a rare block that can only be found in ocean relics, inside Sponge Rooms or as an Elder Guardian drop. It needs to absorb water from 65 blocks before it will dry out and become ineffective at absorbing more liquid– but if you want your base underwater! Getting lots of these special guys might help with construction on the home-of-your choice because they’re so useful for keeping everything damp where ever there’s flooring above sea level
A great way make any room feel like part wet spa while also providing protection against anything taller than ourselves coming through Doorways…

4. Ancient Debris

The main source of Netherite in the Minecraft world is Ancient Debris. It can be found at y level 15-21 and mined with a diamond pickaxe, but it’s immune to explosions caused by players or naturally occurring events like fire charges when placed on top; instead these items will simply turn into dust without doing anything else harmful!

5. Emerald

Minecraft players love to trade their valuable Emeralds for rare items and useful ingredients. One of the most sought after resources in Minecraft is indeed emerald, which can be mined only at high levels with hard work! When 9 pieces are combined together using this block as an ingredient; you will have enough space (1 square meter) on your inventory page or display case just like any other item would do – but without having all those pesky tanks taking up precious room inside one’s house .


Collecting all the items in Minecraft 1.18 is a task that requires careful planning and strategic thinking, as one misstep can mean an entire inventory worth of lost gems or armor pieces forever! Luckily we’ve compiled this list with five rarest item blocks for your convenience–so you’ll never be at sea trying desperately figure out what went wrong again when things get tough.”

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