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SK’s Launcher is the best Minecraft launcher you will ever use. Why? Because it’s small, easy to use, and clean. It has all of the features of the official launcher, but with one-click mod installation and an easy to use re-ordering system. Plus, it’s really clean – no ads or bloatware here!


– One-click mod installation
– Easy to use re-ordering system
– Be able to mod your Minecraft games with ease!
– Have a clean, easy to use launcher that just works.


Open the “Addons” window, click “Install…”, and select the .zip or .jar that you have downloaded.

  • This works for most mods, but if a mod doesn’t work, please post about it here.
  • You may need to still extract files to your Minecraft folder for some mods.
  • Be sure to put mods that are depended on by others (like ModLoader) near the top of the list.
  • If a mod uses an installer, try the version without an uninstaller.

It is possible to add files to minecraft.jar (the old way of installing mods) in addition to setting up addons in the launcher, but minecraft.jar mods will always be overridden by any addons in the launcher (as far as the .class files go).

Technical Information:

  • Mods are loaded on the classpath directly from the original .jar or .zip. All mod archive files are placed in addons/<jar name>/ within the Minecraft folder.
  • For .zips where the .class files are placed in some sub-directory of the .zip, the files will be moved up (including any resources in adjacent folders) to be at root.
  • Package sealing and package certificate checks have all been disabled.
  • The launcher primarily works through a custom classloader that disables various class loading mechanics and uses some compatibility code to get ModLoader mods to load. This means that minecraft.jar is never modified.
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SK’s Launcher Download Links:

Jar (For Windows, MAC, Linux)

ZIP (For Windows)


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