Origins Elementals Mod 1.16.5

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Origins Elementals Mod 1.16.5 works in a similar way to Origins Classes mod, go check that out.

The different Origins all have a different impact on the vanilla gameplay. If you don’t like these at all, you can also pick the “Human” origin while playing with friends on a server.

Origins Elementals Mod

How to install:

How to Use Forge to Install Minecraft Mods (Client Side)

How To Install The Fabric Mod Loader After Downloading It

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Fire Elemental

These HOTheaded flame elementals roam the land in search of new fights.

Fire makes me Strong!

When you’re on fire, you are stonger, faster, and have more health. As an addition, you’re immune to all types of fire damage.

One with the Flame

You’re able to swim and see through Lava.

Water Elemental

Mystifying and elusive, these Water Elementals both live in the deepest depths of the ocean and the reef.

Aqua Affinity

You can break blocks underwater as you can do on land.

Swim Speed

You swim faster.

Like Water

You don’t sink automatically.


Tridents with Impaling do more damage to you.

Water Breathing

You can breathe underwater as well as on land.

Air Elemental

They can rarely be seen flying above the clouds by gaping mountaineers.

Air Swim

You can swim in the air like water.


You have Elytra. This creates some pretty good combos with air swim.


You exhaust more quickly.

Fresh Air

You can only sleep above Y=86

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Earth Elemental

Sometimes confused for rocks when miners see them deep underground.

Rock Hard

You have 2 more hearts.

Night Vision

Your eyes have adapted to the dark.

No Starving

Why, in all of heaven, earth, and hell, would a rock starve?

Nature Elemental

They like to hide in the forest, playing tricks on wandering travelers.

Floppy Plant

You’re pretty weak, considering you’re pretty much a plant. -2 Hearts


Sneaking gives you ability to blend in with nature (Invisibility)


You’re saturated by being exposed to the sun.

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